How To Use Unleavened In A Sentence

  • But what we really noticed was the bombardment of aromas that almost overwhelmed us; recently brewed strong syrupy coffee, freshly baked unleavened bread and something else, something delicious.
  • Pastry doughs, and those for shortbread-type biscuits and cakes, use soft flour, with a high proportion of shortening, and are usually unleavened, giving a crisp, friable result.
  • In the highly baked, unleavened rye crispbreads of Scandinavia the faintly bitter natural flavour of rye comes through pleasantly.
  • A staple of the Afghan diet is a flat, unleavened bread cooked in clay ovens.
  • Now the feast of unleavened bread drew nigh, which is called the passover. Luke 22.
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  • Did the early Christian church continue to observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread?
  • Eat nothing made with yeast . Wherever you live, you must eat unleavened bread.
  • unleavened bread is often simply flour mixed with water
  • Two types of unleavened Lebanese bread are khub, which resembles pita bread, and marqouq, which is paper-thin.
  • A lamb had and roasted together with unleavened bread, bitter herbs and other items.
  • Seven days thou shalt eat unleavened bread, and in the seventh day shall be a feast to The Lord.
  • In 1053 this latter sent a letter to Bishop John of Tranum in Apulia, complaining of certain Latin customs, especially fasting on Saturday and the use of azyme (unleavened) bread for the The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 10: Mass Music-Newman
  • As the Jews were celebrating the feast of unleavened bread, which we call the Passover, it was customary for the priests to open the temple-gates just after midnight. Antiquities of the Jews
  • The smell of cooking meat is everywhere, as skewers, made to order, are thrown onto the searing plates to be cooked to perfection, while unleavened breads do their thing alongside.
  • Staple foods in Eritrea include kitcha, which is thin and unleavened and prepared from wheaten flour.
  • Perhaps one of the most unique tributes to that time is the practice of only eating unleavened bread, called matzo, for all eight days. WCAX - Local News
  • This "pascha" must therefore have been the pagan "pascha," for the Jewish Pascha always came before the days of unleavened bread. myblessedhome
  • The menu rotates daily, with three curry dishes as well as vegetarian fare, and what Indian course is complete without naan and other unleavened breads, hot from the oven?
  • One is dazzled by the beauty of an orchestration which is light and pliant, and capable of expressing delicate shades of feeling; and this struck me the more after the solid massiveness of Mahler's orchestration, which is like heavy unleavened bread. Musicians of To-Day
  • A staple of the Afghan diet is a flat, unleavened bread cooked in clay ovens.
  • MAtse a. The unleavened bread used during the celebration of Passover.
  • A typical meal would be rice or khichri (rice cooked with lentils and spices) or paratha (an unleavened bread made from wheat flour and fried in oil).
  • Church doctrine holds that Communion wafers, like the bread served at the Last Supper, must have at least some unleavened wheat.
  • Kao Sung-nien's fat but firm face was like an unleavened millet-flour steamed bread. "Voracious time" (Edax vetustas) could not make a dent on it. There was not a single tooth mark or crease .
  • Unleavened breads made with white and wheat flour are eaten with many meals; these include the robust naan, claybaked roti, and paratha.
  • Unleavened bread or matzo is eaten to remember the Exodus when the Israelites fled Egypt with their dough to which they had not yet added yeast.
  • Holding that kind of work up out of pique is really and truly outrageous and deserves to be described as such unleavened by strained efforts to hit both sides. Matthew Yglesias » Fair and Balanced
  • In the Old Testament the feast of Pentecost (from the Greek word for “fiftieth”) was one of the three great pilgrimage festivals of Israel, a celebration of the spring harvest that took place fifty days after the offering of first fruits at Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Pentecost Sunday: The Church made manifest
  • Two dietary staples from earlier times are damper, an unleavened type of bread that is cooked over a fire, and billy tea, a strong, robust hot drink that is brewed in an open pot.
  • Such items as stew, unleavened bread, and fried foods are common, whereas leavened breads and broiled foods, are not.
  • It was eaten as porridge and made into unleavened bread and malted for beer.
  • Shops opened, selling bags of spices and nuts, and at least one bakery was producing fresh, unleavened bread in a wood-fired oven.
  • Chapter 22 1. Now the feast of unleavened bread drew nigh, which is called the Passover. Villaraigosa And Nunez Cut And Run - Video Report
  • Extended families typically gather to retell the story of the exodus and eat unleavened bread called matzoh. The Seattle Times
  • A well-known example of this sort of ceremony is the Hebrew _pesah_ (the old lamb ceremony, later combined with the agricultural festival of unleavened bread, at the time of the first harvest, the two together then constituting the passover); here the doorposts and lintel of every house were sprinkled with the blood of a slain lamb by the master of the house, [291] and the hostile spirits hovering in the air were thus prevented from entering. Introduction to the History of Religions Handbooks on the History of Religions, Volume IV
  • Ragi flour is made into the leavened pancakes called dosa and the thinner, unleavened roti.
  • Flour is made into unleavened bread called roti.
  • The word 'pizza', meaning a food item, is obviously identical to 'pitta' - flat unleavened Greek bread. LA PIZZA.
  • Grains are ground into flour and made into unleavened bread (flat bread, without any ingredients to make it rise), which is baked in mud ovens.
  • In drier parts of India, their staple diet consists of various unleavened breads, pulses, and vegetables.
  • The plant is althaea officinalis - it may have had a connection with the plant in a dim and distant English past, but these days it has none. matzah - aka matzo unleavened bread, basically a dry biscuit. undefined
  • They lived only on chapattis, a flat unleavened bread, for 15 years.
  • At the Passover meal Jesus shared with his disciples this night, the pure unleavened bread was broken into quarter portions, and one portion, called the afikomen, was hidden away in a cloth and laid aside. Maundy Thursday: Mass and Priesthood
  • Why does the Orthodox church use leavened bread and most Protestant fellowships use unleavened bread?
  • They could provide forlorn pullets, certainly from the same farmyard with the lean kine of Egypt, and to these they could add, what was much better left unadded, a villainous species of unleavened bread, a sort of hoecake, not at all improved -- precisely like the run of travelers -- by leaving home and wandering in the Orient. Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 15, No. 87, March, 1875
  • For one thing, it was unleavened bread, as yeast wasn't added to dough until the Egyptians accidentally dropped a few pieces into the mixture.
  • In Argentina we do pork, chicken and fish accompanied by salad, potato salad, tomatoes, unleavened bread and beer and wine.
  • unleavened bread
  • The meal does not end until every person has had a piece of matzo, which is made of unleavened flour. The Frederick News-Post : Local News
  • Mixed with a little water and left to ferment on a flat stone in the sun and then baked this would make a chewy, unleavened bread. AT THE STROKE OF TWELVE
  • I made zucchini stuffed with ground matzos (unleavened breads) and a cake with ground matzos, nuts, fruit and chocolate.
  • Hot and cold dishes are served with side dishes of tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, sulguni (a cheese), and puri (unleavened bread baked in an open brick oven).
  • It is eaten in the form of flat, unleavened bread called chapatis or roti, together with spiced lentils and vegetables in season.
  • Imagine having to feed your entire family; children, parents, yourself, maybe eight or nine people, on a few slices of unleavened bread.
  • Apostle Paul also makes clear, saying: Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us, and That ye may be unleavened, not having any leaven (for he calls leaven wickedness), but that ye may be a new dough. A Source Book for Ancient Church History
  • A variety of unleavened breads like naans, rotis, and parathas are also widely eaten.
  • Listen, for comparison, to an unleavened society: a low as of the udderful cow past milking hour! Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith
  • In certain dioceses in the Eastern united States, according to CNN this morning, they have cancelled the traditional Eucharistic Sacraments of partaking of the body and blood of Christ by passing around wine and unleavened bread as parishiners may contract swine flu from such intimate contact with the priest and all I can say is: Talk is Cheap
  • Breakfast is a light meal consisting of fresh unleavened bread, tea, and perhaps butter, white (feta-style) cheese, and jam.
  • It is marked by the eating of matzah, unleavened bread, and by the celebration of an elaborate Seder on the first two nights (in Israel, on the first night only).
  • Such unorthodox tactics incur the anger of Billy's traditionalist colleagues, most notably Philip Seymour Hoffman's head coach – a performance of mostly unleavened grumpiness, this, just as Robin Wright as Billy's estranged wife is simply supportive, and Kerris Dorsey as his 12-year-old daughter purely precocious. Moneyball – review
  • Her name means happiness, but she is a widow with five children who makes ends meet by washing clothes for the neighbourhood and preparing injera, the unleavened bread prepared today as it was 1000 years ago.
  • The Jews Jesus was speaking to would have viewed leavened bread as profane; it was unleavened bread that was sacred.
  • A most villainous kind of bannock of unleavened mealie-meal and crushed oats, calculated to try the strongest teeth and trouble the toughest digestion, "Gold Pen" might have added. The Dop Doctor
  • Unleavened bread, called matzo, became a primary symbol of the Passover holiday, which marks the birth of Jews as a people. - News
  • Her name means happiness, but she is a widow with five children who makes ends meet by washing clothes for the neighbourhood and preparing injera, the unleavened bread prepared today as it was 1000 years ago.
  • ‘Keep dreaming,’ he laughed, wincing and taking a bite of the unleavened bread drizzled with honey.
  • The standard diet of the Marathas consists of flat, unleavened bread with pulses and vegetables.
  • A variety of unleavened breads like naans, rotis, and parathas are also widely eaten.

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