How To Use United states military academy In A Sentence

  • United States Military Academy at West Point : Duty, Honor, country.
  • An unremaining glory: (being a supplement to they lie forgotten) a class album for the Class of June, 1861 (Custer's class) United States Military Academy ... material on the Class of May, 1861 by Mary Elizabeth Sergent 9/11 Blame It On Rio
  • As the word "cadet" is used in A.W. 2, 14, and 48 and defined in A.W. 1 as "a cadet of the United States Military Academy", such word has no application in the United States Air Force as presently constituted insofar as the administration of military justice is concerned and will be disregarded. EXECUTIVE ORDER 10026
  • The United States Naval Academy and United States Military Academy had the highest yields: 85.5 percent and 77.0 percent, respectively.
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