[ US /ˌjunəˈtɛɹiən/ ]
  1. adherent of Unitarianism
  1. of or relating to or characterizing Unitarianism
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How To Use Unitarian In A Sentence

  • Both allowed the very young a certain exemption from the adult rules of religious belief and behavior; spiritually speaking, for rationalist Unitarians and evangelicals, children were a different order of moral being than adults.
  • I found it especially heartbreaking to read these first-person accounts of the shootings at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville by LiveJournal users bekitty, writingjen, daughter of shooting victim John Worth, and her husband salvador-dalai via the UU LiveJournal group Chalice Circle. Philocrites: First-person accounts of Knoxville church shooting.
  • About 75% of wedding ceremonies in the Unitarian church in Dublin are booked by young Catholics and divorcees who want to marry in a church setting.
  • Meanwhile, living in Cambridge and knowing a very large number of Unitarian Universalists and various lefty folks, I can attest that not every liberal is "mannered," "self-critical," or "pensive. Philocrites: Beware 'Old Testament' comparisons.
  • Harvard - Unitarian culture found spiritual and intellectual confirmation in empirical proof, scientific progress, and material success.
  • So I think it is historically misleading to say that Channing and his peers were rallying to "unitarianism" when I think one can more successfully make the case that they were rallying to a liberal and broad-minded Christianity. Philocrites: Does Unitarianism require unitarianism?
  • While Woody Guthrie was a rambling, gambling, hard-travelling, hard-drinking guy who collected a handful of wives in his time and whose guitar "killed fascists", his travelling partner, Pete Seeger was a teetotalling Quaker Unitarian pacifist who married a Japanese girl during World War Two and did time briefly for refusing to name names to Joe McCarthy. "This Machine Surrounds Hate and Forces It To Surrender"
  • Some groups, views, such as the Mormons, JWs and unitarians (small u.), hold different views about what the "godhood" of Jesus is exactly, and therefore what "fully God" would mean. Blind Faith?
  • He suggests that Unitarian Universalism is not so much afflicted with its own orthodoxy or even "orthopraxy" a favorite neologism among seminarians, but that it is tilting heavily toward "orthopatheia", a fixation on feeling the right things. Philocrites: August 2003 Archives
  • New Liberalism, Communitarian and New Left criticize fierily the weak government theory of Neo-liberalism.
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