How To Use Union flag In A Sentence

  • It can be flown in all shapes and sizes, there is no right way up, as there is with the Union flag; you can stick it in an office window and they can't touch you for it.
  • A trumpeter from the force played the Last Post and two flag bearers carried the Union flag and the ceremonial flag.
  • A trumpeter from the force played the Last Post and two flag bearers carried the Union flag and the ceremonial flag.
  • According to the plan, this Europe Naval force is composed of an aircraft carrier combat team, is hanging the European Union flag.
  • A slow drumbeat accompanied them as the groups of six coffin bearers and one escort, all from the units of the dead men, lined up to await the coffins, each draped in the Union Flag.
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  • The Union Flag occupies the upper, hoist quarter of an otherwise red flag and the Arms are within the red field.
  • His coffin was draped in a Union flag and was carried by six soldiers from his artillery battery.
  • Our proposal would remove a layer of bureaucracy and make it easier for anyone who wants to fly the European Union flag to do so from any location where there is a flagstaff.
  • Our neighbour's daughter took her grandmother to the school fete in matching salwar kameez, waving union flags. Times, Sunday Times
  • I have seen just one Union Flag, and although The Edge on Soho Square has bunting it looks more like it's been borrowed from a school fête than put up for the jubilee.
  • A half-mast Union Flag fluttered gently in the spring wind behind them.
  • The union flag was everywhere and all the Commonwealth flags were out.
  • Patriotism: a word devalued by a million halfwits waving plastic Union Flags, who bought a Piccadilly tourist-shop notion of what their country represented. Be My Enemy
  • They are flags, one of which is a Union Flag, while the other bears the royal crown, regimental badge, motto, and battle honours.
  • As Confederate and Union flags fluttered in the breeze the Ghostriders honed their shooting and axe-throwing skills before settling down to traditional cowboy fare outside their authentic tents.
  • As the death toll grew, there were poignant scenes at Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire as five coffins draped with the union flag arrived at RAF Lyneham and were met by sombre crowds on the town's streets.
  • So, in his classic Triumph Stag with a Union flag painted on the bonnet, Bellamy gets to meet his giggling northern fan club, cheeky-chappy plasterer, a Pakistani community leader ... John Terry’s sacking as England captain tells us something interesting...
  • They had draped the railings in Union Flags and pictures of the Queen Mother, and themselves in fleeces, sleeping bags and even lengths of tinfoil to keep out the cold.
  • The point is brilliantly grasped in Bob Crowley's design, which offers a side-on view of a porticoed verandah with rotting pillars and a peeling ceiling inscribed with the Union flag.
  • In one of the photographs the shop's facade is decked out in bunting, with a Union Flag flying.
  • William and Ffion enter Downing Street to tumultuous Tory applause and waving of union flags.
  • Everyone watched in silence as the Stars and Stripes and the Union flag were lowered to half-mast.
  • Paintings are inspired by mock-Tudor suburbia, with Woods refiguring monochrome timbering as geometric abstractions in union flag patterns. This week's new exhibitions
  • A detachment of British police carrying a Union flag also paid their respects. The Sun
  • Draped in the union flag, he took what must be the slowest lap of honour in history.
  • The school flag was lowered from a flagpole and replaced by a Union Flag before the 250 pupils gathered with staff to observe the two minutes' silence.
  • Not every Frenchman will welcome the sight of such a leviathan trailing Union flags to the gates of Paris. ANTI-ICE
  • The Australian flag of course features the British union flag in the canton, a flag which signifies, intrinsically, the union of the English, Irish and Scottish nations.
  • To hang a Union Flag up correctly the thick white stripe should be at the top of the flag nearest the flagpole and otherwise at the top on the left.
  • The need for a union flag is unclear. Times, Sunday Times

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