[ UK /ˌʌnɪntˈɛnʃənə‍li/ ]
[ US /ˌənɪnˈtɛnʃənəɫi, ˌənɪnˈtɛnʃnəɫi/ ]
  1. without intention; in an unintentional manner
    she hit him unintentionally
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How To Use unintentionally In A Sentence

  • Whether you overslept or had a flat tire, airlines often will waive such fees for passengers who unintentionally miss flights.
  • International Business Machines Corp. is one company that raised concerns about how it would be affected by the Dodd-Frank Act. It is among several large corporations that believe, without further clarification in rulemaking, they may be unintentionally caught up in the definition of a "major swaps participant" — essentially a non-dealer that regularly engages in swaps — despite their swaps being legitimate. Minimum Thresholds for Swaps Urged
  • No sooner does a government attempt to go beyond its political sphere than it exercises, even unintentionally, an insupportable tyranny.
  • Unintentionally or not, it even takes a dig at humans.
  • If the avenger of blood pursues him, they must not surrender the one accused, because he killed his neighbor unintentionally and without malice aforethought.
  • Bottom trawling (scraping large nets across the seabed) kills coral, stirs up sediment causing pollutants to migrate into seaweed and other fish feed, and scoops up large amounts of by-catch -- other sealife, like turtles and dolphins unintentionally caught and wasted. Cathy Erway: The Pescatore's Dilemma
  • I have never used the term tar baby, have now placed it on my official “do not use” list along with all sorts of other terms, and generally try to be very sensitive to how slurs can figuratively cut and bleed even when used unintentionally. Is Tony Snow, Press Secretary to the Pres. a Racist?
  • As I understand it it can all be sorted out, but you are — I suspect unintentionally and in good faith — offering a bit of a straw man due to your not distinguishing a few key concepts, such as prudentialism versus constitutional judgment, empathy for a legal injustice versus sympathy resulting in bias, and a judge versus a justice. The Volokh Conspiracy » Legal Ambiguity, Empathy, and the Role of Judicial Power:
  • The changes during the Nixon administration unintentionally paved the way for the uneven rise of globalisation.
  • We felt the umpires would get to a position where they'd check all their decisions; we could unintentionally deskill umpires over time. Technology Catches Up With Cricket
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