How To Use Undercharge In A Sentence

  • This process does transfer ground rent from areas of overcharge to areas of undercharge.
  • In the midst of it, I interjected and offered to pay the sixteen bucks I'd been undercharged but someone - he may have been the guy who owned the place since he seemed to be doing the firing - said, ‘No, that's okay.’
  • In former years it was possible to argue that if a Vat undercharge resulted in no loss of Revenue (because the customer could have reclaimed the Vat), Revenue should not pursue the matter.
  • Trucking undercharge crisis hits industry shippers. (food industry): An article from: Food Processing by Lisa R. Van Wagner OpEdNews - Quicklink: Bad Seed: Gov't/Corporate Takeover of U.S. Food Supply? �� Journal of Whole Food and Nutrition
  • I have gone back into a restaurant on discovering I have been undercharged, and of course the staff have been outwardly grateful, if slightly bemused.
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  • When I got home, I noticed that I was undercharged.
  • Your letter mentions that checkers who undercharge are made to pay the undercharge and are also suspended from work.
  • One study provides strong proof that you can be both supercharged and undercharged. The Life You Want
  • I am not sure this does explain it, however, since many state law schools undercharge the market rate.
  • I'm not sure if it was through embarrassment or accident that she undercharged me by $5.
  • As someone who has undercharged her services in the past, I really admire Tammy. Tammy, the Mud Queen
  • Companies consistently undercharge for products despite spending millions or even billions of dollars to develop or acquire them.
  • In the original, Marie, a supermarket cashier, selectively undercharges her elderly customers whom she knows cannot afford to buy all they need.
  • The shop assistant has undercharged us.
  • Steve Ballmer's mantra has always been that Microsoft undercharged for the OS. Windows 7′s Price May Be A Barrier For Adoption | Lifehacker Australia
  • ‘The developer in both cases had paid the agreed contribution and as a result the undercharge is uncollectable,’ he said.
  • Clay, read how ishawooadescribed that round and think, high pressuer, could it have been an overcharge ... undercharge ... could the rifling been shot out at the chamber mouth .. all these can cause the indicators he listed, bullet set out alittle could not cause this "unless" there was an excessive gap at the chamber mouth. An Unequal Progress in Accuracy
  • These subsidiaries overcharge or undercharge one another until the profits look to be made in a low-tax or no tax country. Dan Smith: In the Public Interest: Deficit Reduction That Should Be Easy
  • He hooks up with a grocery store cashier who undercharges poor people and steals food from the store to help her aging friend, a veteran of the Resistance.
  • Hey Sarg, I was thinking along the same lines too, a undercharge can be just as bad as an overcharge. An Expert Gunsmith on Over-Pressure Rounds and Exploding Handguns
  • In another store lately the little old lady undercharged me when she forgot to ring up one of my items. Ruining It for the Rest of Us « Scavenging
  • It's obviously not in their interest to undercharge me, and it's not in their interest to overcharge me, either, since the burger business is a competitive one.
  • The sales assistant made a mistake and undercharged me by £2.
  • But when India's comptroller and auditor general reported in November, just a few days after Obama's visit, that mobile phone operators had been undercharged nearly $40 billion for allocations of 2G frequency bands in 2008, and leaked telephone conversations suggested the existence of an unsavory nexus among politicians, business and the media, the national mood really soured. India's mood darkens as corruption undermines nation's self-confidence
  • I still believe the damage was caused from an undercharge or wrong powder ... An Expert Gunsmith on Over-Pressure Rounds and Exploding Handguns
  • When I phoned, EDF explained that it had reversed the readings on the night and day meters and I had been undercharged since July 2008. EDF made shock demand for £491
  • He also makes sure to keep prices competitive, which means he doesn't overcharge for a service, but he doesn't undercharge either.
  • Our bill came to a more than reasonable £14.95, which we queried as we thought we had been undercharged, but no, I just can't add up.
  • Less than six month later, newly confirmed U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. asked a judge to throw out the case against Mr. Stevens after revelations that federal prosecutors had withheld evidence, including key details that supported the defendant's claim that he hadn't known that he was being undercharged for home renovations. Ted Stevens, 86; longtime GOP senator showered funds on Alaska
  • And more often than not, the mixup results in an overcharge, not an undercharge. Happy birthday to the barcode
  • Mr Crowe said many of the customers who were undercharged were less well-off and were already struggling to pay for their electricity using the pre-paid card system.
  • This process does transfer ground rent from areas of overcharge to areas of undercharge.

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