1. (biology) any hook-shaped process or part
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How To Use uncus In A Sentence

  • The sward consists of small grasses, Juncus niveus, Gnaphalium, Hypericum of Mollong, suffrutex incertus. Journals of Travels in Assam, Burma, Bhootan, Afghanistan and the Neighbouring Countries
  • The peat-bog is formed of Juncus effusus with Spagnum rugegense. Kahuzi-Biéga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • If I've had an uncustomary sort of marriage, that's my business, not yours. THE HARDIE INHERITANCE
  • Anteriorly it is continued into the notch of the uncus, where it forms a sharp bend and is then prolonged as a delicate band, the band of Giacomini, over the uncus, on the lateral surface of which it is lost. IX. Neurology. 4c. The Fore-brain or Prosencephalon
  • At I 313-16, Lucretius, discussing the invisible wearing away of substances, says 'stilicidi casus _lapidem_ cauat, uncus aratri/_ferreus_ occulte decrescit uomer in aruis,/strataque iam uolgi pedibus detrita uiarum/saxea conspicimus'. The Last Poems of Ovid
  • Areas with persistently high water tables generally have Sphagnum spp. as the predominant ground cover, with Eriophorum virginicum L., Juncus acuminatus Michx., and J. effusus as important emergents.
  • —The rhinencephalon comprises the olfactory lobe, the uncus, the subcallosal and supracallosal gyri, the fascia dentata hippocampi, the septum pellucidum, the fornix, and the hippocampus. IX. Neurology. 4c. The Fore-brain or Prosencephalon
  • As a result, some wonderful informal, unstructured, and uncustomary team-building occurs.
  • The seasonally flooded hollows are covered with sea clubrush Scirpus maritimus, bulrush Schoenoplectus lacustris, rushes Juncus sp. and crowfoot Ranunculus baudotii. Doñana National Park, Spain
  • `I've heard that people disappear in these prisons," he said with an uncustomary hint of relish. DREAMS OF INNOCENCE
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