How To Use Uncool In A Sentence

  • How did the most uncool face fluff become very cool indeed? Times, Sunday Times
  • In the meantime, says Ms Smith, driving distracted must become, like drunk driving, "totally uncool, socially unacceptable", especially among teenagers.
  • It suddenly becomes very uncool to wake up on the floor of a bar. Times, Sunday Times
  • Am I that old and out of touch, so entirely uncool and devoid of reasonable advice and emotional support?
  • It's uncool to have parents tagging along everywhere.
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  • It's not considered uncool or in some way shifty to be involved in politics, which is probably a healthy thing.
  • Now, that would be really uncool. Times, Sunday Times
  • I know I've made fun of you guys in the past, and I know that's totally uncool.
  • After getting several guns pulled out on me at the Grand Streetside by local gangstas and having managers that "partied" treat me uncool just because I was in a band with cops, I decided that I was better off making CDs that didn't sell that well as opposed to selling other people's that DID. Playback:stl Syndication
  • Keep everything low-key, and no PDA with this guy (you know, public displays of affection) because that would be way uncool.
  • So three of my friends joining the dark side is clearly deeply uncool. The Sun
  • Don't make your mythical comic book blog become a dump of uncool tragicomic absurde sex jokes. Fumetti Fun!
  • And at school I could raise my hand without fear of looking uncool. Times, Sunday Times
  • This is very uncool, very unhip work that I'm doing.
  • It's too uncool for school, unhipper than a groovy cat gone grody to the max. Archive 2009-03-01
  • What makes it funnier is that in attempting to think up something, like, really cool as a new name, they manage to maintain the original uncoolness of the tragically, chronically uncool original by having it sound exactly the same. Hey, Janet! Have You Got Syfy?
  • If you're recognised from an adult show people don't want to look uncool by staring. Times, Sunday Times
  • ‘Hitching’ or hitch-hiking were really quite uncool terms.
  • Is this supposed to hearken back to once-cool cultural touchstones like "breakdance" or to associate with the totally uncool "Dance Dance Revolution" craze? Archive 2007-01-01
  • She thinks me and her mum are deeply uncool. Times, Sunday Times
  • OK, so, to rephrase -- I was a draftnik when it was ESPECIALLY uncool to be one.
  • It was brilliantly, upliftingly uncool. Times, Sunday Times
  • Do not place the uncooled mixture in the fridge or freezer. Times, Sunday Times
  • I loved rock-and-roll music and dancing and went frequently, starting in eighth or ninth grade, even though I was fat, uncool, and hardly popular with the girls.
  • Chardonnay had been long regarded as the deeply uncool choice of footballers' wives. The Sun
  • When you confront a famous person you are considered really uncool. Times, Sunday Times
  • To be sure, teens often deny outright any possibility that their uncool parents could possibly influence them in any way, and particularly in regard to religion.
  • I was almost impressed, though I never let on - very uncool.
  • The final bibliography on other how-tos and books on comics is excellent, as are the reading lists along the way, even if Chinn's tastes run a little uncool.
  • McLintock! may be uncool but I'd much rather watch its cast brawling and mud-sliding across my screen than those Howard Hawks Rio El Dorado Lobo Geritol horse operas that all the auteurists hanging around the bingo hall find so "axiomatic," not to mention The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, which carries too much sand in its boots and drags considerable awful. the latest from
  • Some saw it as a throwback to uncool sitcoms of the past, others loved its broad humour and slapstick laughs. Times, Sunday Times
  • In short, they were really, really uncool. Times, Sunday Times
  • I thought, If this turd thinks the term VPL is cool, it must be incredibly uncool. Oh No She Didn’t
  • The lights are so strong they highlight skin blemishes and have been successful in moving on youths from troublespots who view pink as being “uncool.” Last Week In Science (22-29 March) « BAHAY TALINHAGA
  • It seems that not to be openly against war is totally uncool at the moment!
  • I was staggeringly uncool and required deep pore cleansing and dermabrasion. Review of "The Hilliker Curse," a memoir by James Ellroy
  • ‘My job is to make uncool things seem cool,’ he says, his foot up on a kitchen chair, like a rock star bestriding a monitor.
  • THE DEVICE formerly known as iPhone until some tragically uncool network hardware company frigged it all up. Cisco's suing us. Oh, I'm shaking.
  • It becomes uncool to pay tax rather than find ways round it. Times, Sunday Times
  • Even the youngish people around me seemed untowardly geeky and uncool, like their mothers had dressed them all.
  • Any fool can do something cool and look cool, but it takes skill to make something uncool cool again. Criss Jami 
  • And are the young people who avoid drugs really so uncool? Times, Sunday Times
  • pictures", and I think people have got very suspicious about "pictures" and have come to deem them very uncool and very uncontemporary. Netvouz - new bookmarks
  • Who cares about how cool I am or how uncool you are?
  • But at the end of the day you've got to hand it to kids: their world is black and white, cool and uncool.
  • We can hugely increase the number of words at our disposal by prefixing an un-: uncool, un-sorry, unyoung. Times, Sunday Times
  • So obsessed that he concealed his decidedly uncool secret from all but one or two of his aspiringly cool fellow Beats. Dean Sluyter: It's Official: Nobody's Cool. (Kerouac Posthumously Blows It)
  • I know it's completely uncool to blather on about one's partner.
  • I am either cool or uncool, it's so hard to tell when you're young.
  • Manufacturers tailor compact, uncooled cameras for airport screening applications by adding temperature compensators, analysis software, or self-calibration capabilities.
  • The more investigative types questioned whether the unibrow could be a result of inbreeding (unsubstantiated), while fashion designers and stylists weighed in on whether the unibrow was still heinously uncool (oh most certainly). Buzzine » Polygamy Fashion
  • Mexican houses, ..... unheated in Winter, uncooled in Summer, and uninsulated all the time. About Ajijic, food, music, people, and the "social life"
  • Nobody uses it - it sounds a little uncool, self-conscious and art-historical. Kris Wilton: Brainly And Statuesque: Interview With Choreography Legend Bill T. Jones
  • Most of these "Pulp Fiction" retreads are made by chronically uncool asshats who want to make up for all the wedgies they got in high school.
  • I was young and dumb, and anything old was just uncool.
  • Call me uncool, but I have been excited about this all week.
  • Today's preprocessed Nashville pop music with fiddles and steel guitars and twangy vocals, UNCOOL! Playing harsh with the field of music
  • Soon, it will seem uncool and very strange not to have augmented reality. Times, Sunday Times
  • There wasn't any way that I was going to be associated with an uncool person for fear that it would have rubbed off on me and then I'd be labelled the backstabbing bitch's boyfriend. unclebob Diary Entry
  • Of course, it would be uncool to be excited about being so cool.
  • What makes it funnier is that in attempting to think up something, like, really cool as a new name, they manage to maintain the original uncoolness of the tragically, chronically uncool original by having it sound exactly the same. Hey, Janet! Have You Got Syfy?
  • Nothing, and I mean nothing, he did could be construed as uncool.
  • Traditionally, the high-minded have scorned public drinking as a bit uncouth, while pop counter-culturalists have viewed it as a bit uncool.
  • I considered binge drinking deeply uncool. Times, Sunday Times
  • I mean, as self-serious and righteous and vaguely uncool as they are, at least the boomers are obsessed with stuff like politics and the Beatles.
  • It's just shockingly uncool and hopelessly out of date.
  • Have you seen his shorts? They are just so uncool!
  • In the school atmosphere, you really don't want to appear too uncool.
  • Soon, it will seem uncool and very strange not to have augmented reality. Times, Sunday Times
  • Soon, it will seem uncool and very strange not to have augmented reality. Times, Sunday Times
  • I think the younger generation have obtained from somewhere or other the impression that I am uncool.
  • Or would they rather emotionally identify with the uncool, harrumphing, self-righteous crowd, who just don't get it?
  • These days, he seems pretty uncool, frozen in the modern psyche as the fat Vegas entertainer, but it's the young, hungry, ecstatically inspired Elvis that deserves to be immortalised.
  • This is very uncool, very unhip work that I'm doing.
  • I agree that it's uncool to joke about Sheldon Brown being dead and reanimated by some houngan. Round and Round: Wheel in the Sky Keeps On Failing
  • So many things about this scene were just simply uncool.
  • She remembers being teased about her "highwater" pants as a kid, but she just can't accept her son's argument that without $100 sneakers, he might be bullied for having uncool shoes. Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn
  • When Iain turned up to meet me for the first time, he was wearing these odd, tweedy clothes and had long hair, which was very uncool for the era.
  • Trying to be cool is deeply uncool. The Times Literary Supplement
  • The cool, cerebral White House might logically conclude that Wednesday's decidedly uncool, uncerebral "tea bag" protests were intellectually and politically incoherent, and therefore not worth a second thought. Best of the Blogs

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