How To Use Unblessed In A Sentence

  • Let me care for Hester in my own way so long as I do no sin and harm no one; and be you father to us, and bless us who else must go unblessed. The Kempton-Wace Letters
  • Computer disks and skimpy tight female clothing, the demonic symbols of unblessed sexuality and perverted science, Allah's fires rise up and crush the wickedness, a blazing cleansing heat.
  • So, we live in a perfect world: blessed people are happy and "unblessed" people are happily punished. Planet Atheism
  • The table holding huge containers of water collapsed with a huge crash, and some of the containers started pouring unblessed water onto the wooden floor and altars.
  • The Synod will not lift a claw to defend an unblessed planet.
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  • If a group believes that God has chosen their people, then outsiders are not only unblessed but also very different from that group.
  • The racist and elitist roots of gun control are never better depicted by Mayors Daley and Bloomberg strutting along with their security details while generally non-white and economically unblessed citizens make up the majority of the non-criminal bodycount. The Volokh Conspiracy » “He Grabbed a Rifle, Held It Up, and Looked Right at Me.”
  • “Celeste, you must have faith in me until I can further prove to you who I am, but it is not safe for you or your aunt that we tarry outside of an unblessed structure.” Surrender the Dark
  • a hovel unblessed with electricity or running water
  • A life among the Vis Sestani might be better than any baby of hers would have in a village—especially if, like Aubry, her next child was born of an unblessed bed. THE RIVER KINGS’ ROAD
  • Next day he pretends to perform an exorcism, but he cheats, using pig-Latin and unblessed water; and the elephant punishes him for it; or at any rate, for whatever reason, though usually a polite animal, it kicks him, though gently. The Elephant's Journey by José Saramago
  • Did she have any bad habits, tipple unblessed communion wine? THE LAST REPORT ON THE MIRACLES AT LITTLE NO HORSE: A NOVEL
  • Left unclaimed and unblessed, biotechnology is frightening.
  • The ranks of his men closed in orderly march and followed him, and the bruised and draggled survivors of Gwion's unblessed army took up their dead and straggled after, leaving the trampled and bloodied beach clear of all but the drovers and their cattle, and Cadwaladr alone, aloof from all men, stalking in a black, forbidding cloud of disgust and humiliation after his brother. His Disposition
  • In her second novel, the author has achieved an even more impressive goal, inspiring compassion for a character unblessed with Evelyn's immediate appeal… The Rest of Her Life by Laura Moriarty: Book summary

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