1. the female or generative principle; wife of Siva and a benevolent form of Devi
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How To Use Shakti In A Sentence

  • In the Vedas, the maintainer of all is called Vishnu, and his Shakti (the female energy), his female accomplice, is Lakshmi—also known in English as Lady Luck (from lak). Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar
  • Crudo may well be what you call Sharad Yadav or Shakti Kapoor but it is also the Italian word for 'raw'. Hindustan Times News Feeds 'Views'
  • Then, if one understands Brahma to be the transcendent aspect of divinity, the perception of Sarasvati as immanent accords well with Her being His shakti.
  • Nature is Her effulgent shakti, not inconscient prakriti or illusory maya. Tantra and Transcendentalism – Emerson and Aurobindo
  • Lenin er agei gathon korechilen gupton police sanghothan "Cheka" jader kaji chilo kole karkhanay communist birodhi khunje peyei take hotya kora. 1918 theke 1921 porjonto je grihojudhyo cholechilo lal fouj bonam sada foujer modhye sekhane prayojon chilo ak shaktishali lalfoujer-astro o khadyosambhare susajjito. fole Leniner netrityadhin Rush Communist paarty gothon korlo war communism. Kafila
  • While Shiva is Knowledge-Existence-Bliss Absolute, the Shakti is the manifestation of the Principle at immanent plane as the reality of the whole universe, both sentient and insentient.
  • Today, at Shiv Shakti, a health post is being opened; a pledge that the people intend to stay here.
  • With the new Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue South and 29th Street, and Eataly, a 50,000-square-foot Italian megastore, both opening this fall, this "un-neighborhood" — as Corcoran Group agent Shakti C'Ganti puts it — is experiencing a renaissance after years of being a no-man's land sandwiched between the Flatiron, Gramercy and Murray Hill districts. North of Madison Square Is Starting to Gel
  • Of all the religious practices and beliefs concerned with feminine divinities it is Shaktism which gives the Goddess a place of supreme importance.
  • In some quarters there has been some recrudescence of the _Shakti_ cultus, with its often obscene and horrible rites, and the unnatural depravity which was so marked a feature in the case of the band of young Brahmans who conspired to murder Mr. Jackson at Nasik represents a form of erotomania which is certainly much more common amongst Hindu political fanatics than amongst Hindus in general. Indian Unrest
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