How To Use Secularist In A Sentence

  • Perhaps, if one extrapolates from Obama's sibylline statement: Mitt Romney gives the impression of being too much of a secularist and not enough a Christian or too much the supporter of a cult? Denis Lacorne: Secularists Or Christian? The Religious Lives Of American Political Candidates In The Public Sphere
  • These developments occurred as tens of thousands of Turks demonstrated in Manisa in support of Turkey's secularist tradition and against the perceived increase of Islamic influence that would follow from Gul's election. Archive 2007-05-01
  • Surely, in an ideal world, all the religious would be secularists and all the atheists would be tolerant of the religious?
  • And leading secularist Mohamed ElBaradei, the former UN nuclear watchdog chief turned dissident and presidential candidate, condemned what he called a "savage" attempt to disperse the sit-in. | Top Stories
  • But the move has raised hackles among some secularists in a country whose modern founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, was a renowned drinker of raki , the national anisette spirit. Alcohol Hits Nerve In Turkey
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  • The leader of Turkey 's main secularist opposition is tearing up the rule book of the party that Ataturk built, as he tries to build a credible alternative to the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkish Party Recasts Image
  • The sixth and final step for recovering secularists is to understand that this country was never very secular anyway. Kicking the Secularist Habit
  • The country is being torn to pieces by conflict between fundamentalists and secularists.
  • JESUS LOVES FAGS because it's true and it gets in the face of everybody--the fundamentalists, the evangelicals, the strict secularists, the atheists, the public schools, and some gay people who don't realize yet that Jesus loves them. "The homosexual agenda has been carefully crafted and packaged to change the way Americans think about homosexuality."
  • See Stella70 above before making any claims that secularist ideas promote anarchical moral nihilism. Law can be influenced by religion | Jonathan Chaplin
  • By relying on a dated epistemology, itself the product of the very kind of secularist "belief system" he claims has no place in the justification of law, Laws has obscured the proper relationship between religion and law. Law can be influenced by religion | Jonathan Chaplin
  • From 1993 on, the policy became to decry Tibetan Buddhism as itself "splittist," demonize the Dalai Lama, drive sincere Buddhist practitioners out of their monasteries, and create a new generation of Communist, secularist, "Chinese," Tibetans. China Is Attempting to Wipe Out Buddhism
  • He rose from solicitor's clerk and part-time secularist lecturer to become one of the most formidable public speakers and unofficial legal advocates in Victorian Britain.
  • ‘I told you, we have had an overdose of these pseudos whom you so fondly call secularists.’
  • I believe all secularists, all progressives and socialists should fight these attacks.
  • Jefferson is usually identified with the enlightened secularists who sought to protect a secular vision of life from the tyranny of the churches.
  • Nehru eulogized him and lionized him as a great secularist and anti-feudal.
  • One may as well say something on the order of, “if secularist ideologues can reform, putting the murderous hecatombs of the 20th century behind them and live more pluralistically, embody more genuine forms of tolerance, then perhaps Islam can as well.” The Volokh Conspiracy » Conversion from Islam:
  • The Islamists in the Brotherhood do not support the military as much as they want to undermine the revolutionary groups, liberals, and secularist parties that they oppose.
  • Ironically, secularists might benefit the most if the sangh parivar returned to its radical roots. Gods In The Classroom
  • Other European nations came to blows with the Church over secularist legislation.
  • Every time there's an event that brings forth a manifestation of religious belief by large numbers of people, some militant secularist or other will give out an opinion that would be jejune coming from an intelligent sixth-former.
  • This obliviousness by American secularists is what has contributed greatly to the rise of religious fundamentalism in the U.S., and the destruction of seperation of church and state. sharia
  • He was a poet, essayist, novelist, and playwright, the son of a secularist tailor.
  • Secularist rationalism and the growth of constructive atheism have created a spiritual vacuum obvious to religious believers.
  • I call upon all secularist forces and freedom-lovers to stand up and protest against the setting up of these tribunals in Canada.
  • But to suggest that Christmas has been changed by radical secularists is just simply not accurate. Amazingly, Christmas Comes Anyway « Unambiguously Ambidextrous
  • Will you have to fall back on a secularist position, saying that there is no religious way of legitimating the American regime?
  • I would classify myself as both a humanist and a secularist.
  • His exploits might have brought tears to many secularists looking desperately to reaffirm their faith in a pluralist society.
  • The true secularist's distrust of the 'order of prophecy' can turn his indifference towards religion into actual disdain and contempt.
  • No. The debate of whether to work with theists and mdoerate christians, or view them as "part of the problem" has been a strong theme in secularist groups for a very long time, and continue to present day. British Centre for Science Education, Humanism's Trojan Horse
  • She's a "secularist," blaming 'the stupid' on religion. America The Stupid
  • Turkey has been a hotbed of debate between Islam and secularism recently with the election of President Abdullah Gül, whose first bid was blocked by the Constitutional court in secularist concern for his views on Islam and the fact his wife wears the hijab. 2008 February 03 « Unambiguously Ambidextrous
  • The faith of secularists is hidden behind you put your God in gaps (false for the reasons given) and I put materialism into my gaps. A Materialist Red Herring
  • Religion in the former sense is a cement for communal harmony, and not otherwise as some modernists and secularists believe.
  • It seems to me more likely, that this is a genuine act of repentance by the Pope of behalf of his Church; in light of their recent buffoonery, manic secularists will probably remain unappeased. 2010 April « Anglican Samizdat
  • Liberals find it necessary to deny recurring suspicions that they are antinomians, moral relativists, and secularists set on removing religious values from the public square.
  • The model of the church schools, much derided by the fashionable secularists, is a vital aspect of that diversity.
  • The secularists there have not underestimated religion, they have just made the mistake of believing they could control everything with the army.
  • India has always existed for humanity and not for herself", Aurobindo contended at Uttarpara, "and it is for humanity and not for herself that she must be great".26 The inversion of the humanistic aspiration in Hinduism and Islam alike to a parody called communalism is the signal achievement of our secularist historians, not of Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo carried this message of the spirit from Bombay to Bengal, from Baruipur to Kishoreganj
  • And if you would allow wearing of crosses, but ban burkas … Or, maybe support the banning of both (as is the inclination (if not the legal situation …?) in secularist France …? Anglican Diocese of Montreal supports the burka « Anglican Samizdat
  • And the current president of the United States, whom it might not be altogether inaccurate to describe as the Galahad of the SNL and Stewart generations, has made exactly one speech about Muslim garb — defining the wearing of the hijab as a human right and indirectly attacking those French secularists who have their misgivings about it. Cheap Laughs
  • The faith of secularists is hidden behind you put your God in gaps (false for the reasons given) and I put materialism into my gaps. A Materialist Red Herring
  • Most secularists and humanists believe strongly in freedom of religion and belief as long as religion remains a private matter.
  • But any moderate secularist, including many Catholics, can only look with dismay at the ultraconservative bent of the Spanish Church and its political allies on the right.
  • The new favored term is ‘the pro-family movement,’ but that's so overtly propagandistic - secularists are anti-family?
  • The most remarkable alteration in secularist thinking over the past century has been its abandonment of natural law in favor of dismissing “reason” as a human construct. Lenten Weblog
  • He was a secularist dictator, not a fundamentalist.
  • He was a fine essayist; an educationist who founded a university; an opponent of the terrorism that then plagued Bengal; a secularist amid religious divisions; an agricultural improver and ecologist; a critical nationalist. Rabindranath Tagore was a global phenomenon, so why is he so neglected? | Ian Jack
  • The difficulty is that, just as the religious right believes wholeheartedly that it is the one true way, secularists are adamant about their beliefs and intolerant of those who do not share them.
  • The long conservative debate with liberals and secularists gave the movement more than a tinge of rationalism and empiricism.
  • On the steep road snaking past my view a lone rider on a horse with a flag for the CHP secularist party clops by, a fancy folksy gimmick cooked up to show that they are the true party of ordinary folk. Turkey: A Day In The Life
  • For liberal secularists committed to the separation of church and state, this was a big victory.
  • Secularists don't want to be told that they are all sinners.
  • In theology, a kind of secularist religion is emerging in the work of Michael Hampson (God Without God) and John Shelby Spong (Jesus for the Non-Religious). Bruce Ledewitz: The Future of Secularism in American Politics
  • Since the end of the First World War, strong secularist tendencies have been evident.
  • This is a general phenomenon in the whole secularist press: instead of a thorough analysis and a lively debate worthy of the importance and unicity of the report, the page is turned as quickly as possible.
  • Read all this and decide if these are only biased rantings of pseudo-secularists, as the mini sardars and their leaders will have us believe, or is there more to it?
  • Seems to me the the motto of the secularist is "the only good Christian is a silent one. Sound Politics: Oy Vey! That "War On Christmas!"
  • And after the revolution in 1958, the Sunni military regime followed Arab Nationalist and secularist policies, and thus had more contradiction with the Shi'as.
  • And it is no longer the province of secularists and the left, but is increasingly fanned by religionists and the right.
  • Our words and actions will support secularists in their principled stand against fundamentalists.
  • The Islamists in the Brotherhood do not support the military as much as they want to undermine the revolutionary groups, liberals, and secularist parties that they oppose.
  • This perspective has taken issue with the secularist position.
  • Doing away with these books is top on the secularist agenda.
  • They feel that saying our founding fathers were secularists is a revision of history; and that teaching secular values in our schools is essentially breaching the separation of church and state, because to teach it is to deny their children their beliefs in God and Christ. inkblurt · More ‘isms!!
  • The model of the church schools, much derided by the fashionable secularists, is a vital aspect of that diversity.
  • I have my theological beefs with Mormonism, of course, but my experience is that people with some approximation of traditional religious faith have discovered that we have much more in common with one another than we do with the militant secularists, which is why evangelicals, Catholics, religious Jews, and the last of the remaining old-line Protestants have found so many opportunities for cooperation. LOSING OUR RELIGION

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