How To Use Sea lettuce In A Sentence

  • Along the shore are ceiba and banana and ficus, and bright emerald clusters of sea lettuce (Chlorophyta), water hyacinth, giant mango trees, the fruit tree called poponjoche, and the bright-blossomed national flower, the Sacuanjocheink. Richard Bangs: Nic' of Time
  • A horse also died and its rider was rendered unconscious on a nearby beach covered in the same bright green sea lettuce. Times, Sunday Times
  • In Puget Sound, big blooms of sea lettuce often break down in Dumas Bay. This process of rotting uses up oxygen and kills marine life.
  • The green is the most like land plants and includes sea lettuce, which is used in salads and soups. Times, Sunday Times
  • The algae, known as sea lettuce, is edible and is said to boost health. The Sun

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