How To Use Quai d'orsay In A Sentence

  • On the Left Bank, the 63 follows Quai d'Orsay along the Seine, passing the Pont Alexandre III, Les Invalides, home of Napoleon's tomb; and the Assemble Nationale before turning onto Boulevard St. Germain to the medieval church and legendary cafes at St. Germain des Près -- the Deux Magots, the Flore, the Lipp -- and the Bonaparte. Denise Dennis: See, Stroll and Savor Paris in Spring
  • On the 25th the German Ambassador proceeds to the Quai d'Orsay, to notify in comminatory terms that Berlin sides with Vienna; panic in the different Bourses; recall of the Austrian Ambassador from Belgrade, notwithstanding the almost complete acceptance of the draconian conditions he presented twenty-four hours before. The Diary of a French Army Chaplain
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