1. of or pertaining to or characteristic of the city of Oxford, England, or its inhabitants
    his Oxonian neighbors
    Oxonian bookstores
  2. of or pertaining to or characteristic of Oxford University
    Oxonian education
  1. a native or resident of Oxford
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How To Use Oxonian In A Sentence

  • his Oxonian neighbors
  • Oxonian bookstores
  • Nor was he enraptured by "the small change of Oxford evenings", and he was startled by the erratic inebriety of such celebrated Oxonians as Richard Cobb, although he shared Cobb's disdain for the uncritical Francophilia of so many of their colleagues. Tony Judt obituary
  • “The funny mistress of five or six accents,” Jane regaled them all with the story of her dinner party, successively taking the part of a lecherous old Oxonian who was trying to pinch her bottom, a drunk Ceylonese official, and a dry old colonial widow with a lorgnette. A Covert Affair
  • Oxonian education
  • The young Oxonian, on the contrary, had led out one of his maiden aunts, on whom the rogue played a thousand little knaveries with impunity: he was full of practical jokes, and his delight was to tease his aunts and cousins; yet, like all madcap youngsters, he was a universal favorite among the women. The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon
  • Mr Kolakowski showed little interest in the Oxford tradition of analytical philosophy; like his great Oxonian philosophical contemporary, Isaiah Berlin, he formulated no grand scheme of ideas.
  • The effete middle class Oxonian dullards despise him as much for being a working class man with big ideas about himself, who insists on speaking in complete sentences and making sense, as for his politics.
  • an elocutionary Oxonian delivery
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