How To Use Oncologist In A Sentence

  • She was experiencing significant distress due to hot flashes and was referred by her oncologist for hypnotherapy.
  • A degree in radiobiology can be a stepping stone to a career as a radiation oncologist, or a researcher in cancer treatment, nuclear safety, genetic engineering, and other fields.
  • The patient in this case study underwent ablative surgery consisting of a radical hemipelvectomy carried out by an orthopaedic oncologist.
  • The patient was evaluated by the surgical oncologist who considered the mass to be unresectable.
  • Although your regular doctor may continue to be your personal physician, most often he or she will temporarily turn your treatment over to an oncologist or hematologist for active treatment.
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  • Colleagues were sceptical, his oncologists incredulous.
  • The medical oncologist and radiotherapist should arrange the appropriate delivery of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • If successful, a commercially available drug could be part of the oncologist's armoury inside five years.
  • We did Chi Gong, went in for peritoneal taps every 10 days (extracting from his stomach cavity 5 to 6 liters of ascites fluid buildup each time), meditated, kept a healer busy 20 to 30 hours a week, interviewed oncologists looking for specific chemotropic agents to knock out his tumors, took saunas, and maintained a very positive state of mind. Dal LaMagna: My Friend, Derek Lamb
  • It would be an excellent addition to the libraries of hematologists, oncologists, and hematopathologists.
  • Patients get rituximab through infusion into a vein ( IV ) at the oncologist's office or clinic.
  • If your provider or gynecologist suspects you have an underlying ovarian tumor, the most appropriate approach is for you to be referred to a gynecologic oncologist, a doctor who specializes in cancers of the female organs. Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause
  • Without that data, oncologists can't properly evaluate the results.
  • In our clinic, consultants regrade the referral letters on receipt using the British Association of Surgical Oncologists guidelines.
  • Our interest converged on p53 like no other molecule," recalls oncologist Richard Elledge of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. The Cancer Killer
  • These flat-facers or nearly so are known officially as brachycephalic dogs, says Ann Hohenhaus, veterinarian and staff oncologist at the Animal Medical Center. Pet Talk: Pets need protection from the heat too
  • Consultant oncologist Dr David Fennelly, who is a member of the Irish Cancer Society's Medical Committee, said anastrozole was a valuable addition to existing drugs for the treatment of breast cancer.
  • As an oncologist, I find this highly-plausible; the purpose of mammography is to identify tumors in early stage and spare women morbidity and mortality associated from advanced disease. Dr. Elaine Schattner: Holes in the Evidence on the Value of Screening Mammograms
  • On behalf of the children and their families we call not only for the provision of more linear accelerators but also for the clinical oncologists, radiographers, and physicists to operate them.
  • Indeed the oncologist recommended I take convalescent leave during this period.
  • Josep Dalmau, a neuro-oncologist at Penn, and his colleagues had published studies describing anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, a rare reaction seen in young women to a common ovarian tumor called a teratoma, which is typically harmless. Doctor's diagnosis drew laughs, but it saved woman's life
  • The book was written for practicing and teaching pathologists, but it should also be appealing to radiologists, medical and surgical oncologists, and radiotherapists.
  • No member of the panel, though, was an oncologist, which is another issue that a lot of people brought up. CNN Transcript Nov 19, 2009
  • It feels very urgent when it's a chemo drug, said Dr. Beth Riley, a medical oncologist and hematologist at the Brown Cancer Center. A life and death wait for cancer medications in short supply
  • In general, chemotherapy is viewed as ineffective, and therefore rarely recommended except by medical oncologists.
  • It is therefore important that generalists consider referring such patients to an oncologist.
  • And community hematologists / oncologists do much more than just follow the advice of tertiary care center specialists.
  • They had one son, a paediatric oncologist who became head of the department of child health at the University of Queensland.
  • Thus began a flurry of visits to oncologists, neurosurgeons, and other specialists.
  • Her oncologist was uncensorious, but cautious. Times, Sunday Times
  • They caught my cervical cancer in the early stages and I was referred to an oncologist who worked with PP patients. ABC News: Top Stories
  • And there was a natural collaborator: Mary Cole, a Manchester oncologist and radiotherapist with a particular interest in breast cancer. The Emperor of All Maladies
  • I have accumulated two oncologists, one surgeon, one orthopedist, one neurologist, one psychotherapist, one homeopathist and tons of nurses, technicians and aides. Share The Care
  • This text will be of interest primarily to veterinary ophthalmologists, ophthalmic pathologists, and ocular oncologists.
  • This is very interesting post and timely in that my wife's lung cancer is being treated and our oncologist is a believer in QTwist Quality-Adjusted Time Without Symptoms of Disease or Toxicity of Treatment. Why Discussing "Outcomes" is Meaningless
  • Im: 20 to 30 gout and lasix and clonidine up to 4 oncologists a day. 2, 3, 4 in general, once a day allegra approved selection for an modal densidad should hyaluronate cautious, mostly budding at the mindful audience of the lurking range, bein the youngerbroader legit of decreased hepatic, renal, or trichomonacidal function, and of empty resemblence or overall sabotage therapy. Wii-volution
  • John Soper: N.E.D. is a rock 'n' roll band comprised of 6 gynecologic oncologists from around the country. Mike Ragogna: Just A Juggalo: Chatting with Insane Clown Posse, Plus Audio Fidelity's Marshall Blonstein and N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease)
  • Phillipa, in practice mostly a hematologist but also an oncologist by training, should have been called when Harry was admitted. Between Expectations
  • Oncologists, and doctors in general, find it very difficult to give any type of specific time frames to dying pts and for this type of specificity, an exact number of days, is impossible. 6-Year-Old Girl with Brain Cancer Hid Love Notes for Her Parents to Find After Her Death » E-Mail
  • This is not a common trait in oncologists, or other doctors who deal with death on a daily basis.
  • All cancer screening should be performed in consultation with a pediatric oncologist, and radiology studies should be reviewed by a radiologist with pediatric expertise. Beckwith-Weidemann Syndrome
  • Oncologists don't always disclose to patients that cognitive impairment is a potential side effect of chemotherapy. Idelle Davidson: How Chemotherapy Changes the Way You Think
  • The Houston oncologists said they would continue using the drug bleomycin, the one that could damage his lungs. LANCE ARMSTRONG
  • Operate linear accelerators, cobalt 60, X-ray and other radiation therapy equipment to administer radiation treatment prescribed by radiation oncologists.
  • Chemotherapy for advanced colorectal cancer should be prescribed by experienced oncologists familiar with the toxicity profile of the drug regimens used.
  • I always knew that the oncologist was a weak-kneed little girl with a self-serving streak. A wholehearted "Yes!"
  • Oncologists have long thought that cancer treatments tend to be more effective at certain times of day.
  • In those cases, oncologists are experimenting with therapies that do not rely on p53 to kill cancer cells -- such as taxol for breast cancer. The Cancer Killer
  • It's unlikely that your oncologist or radiologist would tell you at this point that there are other options.
  • Dr Lindeman, who is also a medical oncologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, said this finding helped to explain why the effects of 'chemoprevention' - a treatment aimed at breast cancer prevention continued long after anti-estrogen tablets have been stopped. - latest science and technology news stories
  • She had even been referred by the oncologist for an experimental trial of chemotherapy.
  • My wife received post-operative chemotherapy from these medical oncologists, seven months after having that metastatic tumour surgically excised.
  • The pancreatic cancer study got particularly close attention from oncologists because the disease is virtually untreatable and can kill within months.
  • Indeed the oncologist recommended I take convalescent leave during this period.
  • After having consulted with several equine veterinarians and a human oncologist, the decision was reluctantly made to euthanize the horse.
  • With all the important advances in genomic sequencing, one can sometimes forget that molecular oncologists have been busy for decades to uncover what happens at the molecular level in oncogenesis.
  • She was experiencing significant distress due to hot flashes and was referred by her oncologist for hypnotherapy.
  • Two-thirds of ovarian cancers are first operated on by general gynecologists or surgeons, even though outcomes are better when the job is done by specialists called gynecologic oncologists, according to scientific literature. Test to Help Determine If Ovarian Masses Are Cancer
  • To prepare the patient for his image-guided radiotherapy, a gastrointestinal surgical oncologist implanted radio-opaque clips into the tumor bed during surgery.
  • The 50 - year - old neuro - oncologist's specialty is brain tumors.
  • Knowing what changes to the genome make cells cancerous can help oncologists defeat the tumor with tailor-made chemotherapy.
  • I recently accompanied a relative to hospital to see a consultant oncologist.
  • Surveys of oncologists' choices of treatment for emesis caused by chemotherapy came to divergent results.
  • The task of informing patients was delegated to consultant gynaecologists or oncologists.
  • Bill Wachsman , a hematologist oncologist at the University of California, San Diego, and his colleagues have developed a Scotch-tape-like adhesive to remove dead cells from the skin for a sample of the genes that are active in skin cells in that region. Researchers Create Better Ways to Spot Cancer Cells
  • If a lesion is suspected, more detailed imaging should be performed using a CT or MRI scan and the patient should be promptly referred to a pediatric oncologist for further management. WT1-Related Wilms Tumor (WT) Syndromes
  • I asked my oncologist for a tube of cream which deadens the skin so you don't feel the puncture.
  • The blood test measures circulating levels of the HER - 2 / neu oncoprotein to help oncologists treat patients with metastatic breast cancer.
  • So while I was awaiting test results and being referred to an oncologist another scary word to me, I continued to run. Runners
  • She remembers little of the conversation after hearing the word "oncologist. NYT > Home Page
  • I call my oncologist after cancer, you work with your oncologist as primary physician, for like, 3 years and say Doc, my feet! god damn. Archive 2005-02-01
  • The result was me holding a patient's chart in two benumbed hands while burning with humiliation at the note attached to the front: ‘Patient has decided to change oncologists.’
  • That started back around month 2 of chemotherapy, and my oncologist had prescribed some mild sedatives to help in this regard.
  • The 67-year-old radiation oncologist was narrowly elected last year in a district that includes Huntsville and Decatur.
  • Colleagues were sceptical, his oncologists incredulous.
  • My wife received post-operative chemotherapy from these medical oncologists, seven months after having that metastatic tumour surgically excised.

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