How To Use Kingdom of saudi arabia In A Sentence

  • This is the flag of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The Saudi monarchy doesn't pass from father to son but rather along a line of brothers born to the former King Abdulaziz Al Saud, also known as ibn Saud, who founded the modern kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1934.‬‬ Saudi King Names Prince Salman Defense Minister
  • According to the National Security Agency to collect some of the files described bin Laden's family came from large and influential, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's rulers are closely related.
  • 16th Mar 1991 Netherlands Belgium, Ecuador, India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Italy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lesotho, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Sweden, United States of America.
  • Saudi Telecom's Al-Jawal Mobile service is the largest GSM provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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