How To Use Karbala In A Sentence

  • Iranian army officer announced yesterday that the Iranian revolution guards formed 300 fighting groups under the name "Karbala", and 40 brigades under the name Ashura'a supported by Roads to Iraq
  • Around Karbala, Iraqi defenders pounded suspected military positions in the ancient town.
  • Karbala has been the scene of clashes between loyalists of Shia cleric al - Sadr and Iraqi forces.
  • At that time, millions of Shiite Muslim pilgrims converged in Karbala, southwest of Baghdad, to mark the religious saints Imam. 700 anniversary of Hussein's death ceremony.
  • When I woke up yesterday morning, my Inbox was flooded with news alerts from Karbala, Iskandariyah and Babil.
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  • After the Chup Tazia has been buried finally, and the entire area of Kazmain Karbala is a dust storm, the Azadars start beating their chests ferociously to the chant of Ya Husasin Al Wida Ya Hussain Al Wida, Ya Sakina Ya Abbas and I am in pain and barefeet, the night before I walked on hot embers known as the Aag Ka Matam at Kazmain and prior to that at Dinud Daulahs Karbala .. 2006 October « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1
  • In it, the Shia imams who followed him after the massacre in Karbala instruct their followers to begin the address by calling Hussein the "inheritor" and "heir" of Adam, New Statesman
  • We conducted a night move to skirt the city and get through the Karbala Gap.
  • At least 40 people have been killed and more than 140 wounded by bombs apparently been aimed at Shia pilgrims on the final day of a religious ceremony in the Iraqi city of Karbala.
  • The fervor of the ceremonies was visible on the faces of hundreds of young men in the city of Yazd, dressed in black and beating themselves on the chest to mark the death of Hussein at Karbala in 670 AD. Shi'ites Commemorate Ashura Across Middle East
  • KARBALA/BAGHDAD: At least 40 people were killed and 68 injured in two bomb attacks Monday in the Shia holy city of Karbala as large crowds gathered for a religious ceremony, witnesses and doctors said. The Times of India
  • She grew up with me both as my family's housemaid as well as my childhood friend. 20 years after our separation, Radya is a widow, a mother of 6, and an internally displaced person who joined the Women for Women International program in Karbala, Iraq. Zainab Salbi: A Long Overdue Reunion
  • PRT members based in Karbala and Babil provinces said the Iraqi government's controversial decision to ban more than 400 candidates from participating in the election because of purported ties to Saddam Hussein's outlawed Baath Party may motivate some disaffected Shiite voters to head to the polls. U.S. official: Election of 'enormous' importance to Iraq

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