[ US /ˈdʒupətɝ, ˈdʒupɪtɝ/ ]
  1. the largest planet and the 5th from the sun; has many satellites and is one of the brightest objects in the night sky
  2. (Roman mythology) supreme god of Romans; counterpart of Greek Zeus
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How To Use Jupiter In A Sentence

  • Despite serious technical obstacles, space agency officials are considering whether to launch a Jupiter space probe powered entirely by sunlight.
  • The planet Jupiter may have no solid surface at all.
  • Jupiter takes about 12 years to complete its orbit but Zu was able to give a much more accurate value than that.
  • Let the columns be so placed as to leave a space, the width of an intercolumniation, all round between the walls and the rows of columns on the outside, thus forming a walk round the cella of the temple, as in the cases of the temple of Jupiter Stator by Hermodorus in the The Ten Books on Architecture
  • But Saturn came to the country, a homeless exile fleeing from his son Jupiter.
  • I have printed _nimbiferi_ in preference to _nubiferi_ because Jupiter is linked with _nimbi_ at two other passages. The Last Poems of Ovid
  • Kevlar also was used on the Galileo probe to Jupiter, which included a parachute made of Kevlar, and at the International Space Station, where a blanket made of Kevlar was used to wrap its inner walls to protect from micrometeorites.
  • Jupiter adds the luck that helps make an ambitious family reunion happen. The Sun
  • Jupiter has sixteen moons
  • The nine Muses called Pierides in Grecian Mythology were the daughters of Jupiter and Mnemosyne (Memory), supposed to preside over the liberal A History of Pantomime
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