How To Use Jessamine In A Sentence

  • In doing so I held it within a few inches of my eyes, and was conscious of a faint smell of the scent known as white jessamine.
  • The carriage looks so funny behind, there is a cake box with doughnuts and et ceteras tied on behind, wreathed with red peppers and just on the other side is a box with Mother's Grand duke jessamine, a cutting from my "Valeria" and several heliotrope and cactus cuttings and one little violet, all living finely. Diary, August 8, 1859-May 15, 1865.
  • Moreover in this garden were all manner of other fruits and sweet-scented herbs and plants and fragrant flowers, such as jessamine and henna and water-lilies407 and spikenard 408 and roses of every kind and plantain409 and myrtle and so forth; and indeed it was without compare, seeming as it were a piece of Paradise to whoso beheld it. The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night
  • Geraniums, cactus ', wax plants, cape and catalonian jessamines, and some others, are easily cultivated in a parlor. Domestic Cookery, Useful Receipts, and Hints to Young Housekeepers
  • There were also "jessamy" gloves -- namely, kid gloves perfumed with jessamine; a black velvet mask; a superb painted fan; a box of patches, another of violet powder, another of rouge, and a fourth of pomatum; one of the The Maidens' Lodge None of Self and All of Thee, (In the Reign of Queen Anne)
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  • * The Carolina -- not Virginia -- jessamine, gelsemium sempervirens (properly speaking not a jessamine at all) has yellow blossoms. The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Adjacent to the schoolroom was a large garden in the middle of which was a jessamine arbor. A Portrait of Old George Town
  • In doing so I held it within a few inches of my eyes, and was conscious of a faint smell of the scent known as white jessamine. The Seriously Deranged Writer and the Model Cars
  • They have also the sweet smell of the rose and the jessamine, which is a little flower, but the sweetest of all others; and there is not any flower to be found that is rare and exquisite in that country which is not in that wilderness, to delight the senses of those mortified hermits. Mexico and its Religion With Incidents of Travel in That Country During Parts of the Years 1851-52-53-54, and Historical Notices of Events Connected With Places Visited
  • Then he looked at the garden and saw that it was full of jessamine and gilly flowers and violets and roses and orange blossoms and all manner sweet-scented blooms and herbs. The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night
  • I used to tell you it was the jessamine; the jessamine is a simpleton, I tell you. Rita
  • My heart warms under snow; flowers with forsythia, japonica blooms, flowering quince, bridal wreath, blood root and violet; yellow running jasmine vine, cape jessamine and saucer magnolias: tulip-shaped, scenting lemon musk upon the air. Archive 2009-04-01
  • It faces to the south, so that the little court between the gables is a veritable sun-trap, wherein grow magnolia and jessamine; while roses, Dutch honeysuckle, clematis and wistaria cover the whole front of the house and almost hide the mullioned windows. The Drummer's Coat
  • It was almost enveloped in luxuriant wreaths of yellow jessamine, and garlanded with a magnificent lamarque rose, whose cream-colored buds and flowers contrasted beautifully with the dark, polished green of the finely-cut leaves. Dred; A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp. Vol. I
  • Carolin jessamine, gelsemium sempervirens, has many buds and this one opened on cue for the bloom day. Bloom Days January 2008 « Fairegarden
  • Round the body of the trees, planted some at their root, and some upon the different parts of the trunk, crept the withy, the snakeweed, the ivy, and the hop, and intermingled with them the jessamine and the honeysuckle, in the most unbounded profusion. Imogen A Pastoral Romance
  • When I went on board ship with the Bailo Jean Dona, I found another case given to me by him, containing two quintals of the best Mocha coffee, one hundred pounds of tobacco leaves, two large flagons filled, one with Zabandi tobacco, the other with camussa, and a magnificent pipe tube of jessamine wood, covered with gold filigrane, which I sold in Corfu for one hundred sequins. The memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  • The atmosphere of the wiharas and temples is rendered oppressive with the perfume of champac and jessamine, and the shrine of the deity, the pedestals of his image, and the steps leading to the temple are strewn thickly with blossoms of the nagaha and the lotus. Ceylon; an Account of the Island Physical, Historical, and Topographical with Notices of Its Natural History, Antiquities and Productions, Volume 1 (of 2)
  • First they were cleaned, the brass scoured with wood-ash until it shone pale gold, the silver made bright, the brushes and dusting-cloths washed, cupboards turned out, everything washed again in running water and dried sun; then prayers were said for the household tools, and marigold flowers and jessamine were put on the shelves. Housekeeping in India
  • My heart warms under snow; flowers with forsythia, japonica blooms, flowering quince, bridal wreath, blood root and violet; yellow running jasmine vine, cape jessamine and saucer magnolias: tulip-shaped, scenting lemon musk upon the air. Archive 2009-04-01
  • A couple of houses down is a smaller, though simply charming home with blooming Carolina jessamine along the porch. April Drive By Ootsing « Fairegarden
  • The babe dressed in the white garment that gave thee the jessamine is a fragrance of the fragrances of God, reared through His love, a sign of His signs and a breeze of His breezes. Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas
  • Here were the tropical plumage of the palm, the dark green masses of the live-oak, the glistening verdure of wild orange-groves; and from out the shadowy thickets hung the wreaths of the jessamine and the scarlet trumpets of the bignonia. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 12, No. 70, August, 1863
  • Jamaica, and Cuba, inhaled the gales wafted from the orangeries; but not for a moment would I compare either with the exquisite aromatic odors from a coffee plantation in full blow, when the hill-side -- covered over with regular rows of the tree-like shrub, with their millions of jessamine-like flowers -- showers down upon you, as you ride up between the plants, a perfume of the most delicately delicious description. The Commercial Products of the Vegetable Kingdom Considered in Their Various Uses to Man and in Their Relation to the Arts and Manufactures; Forming a Practical Treatise & Handbook of Reference for the Colonist, Manufacturer, Merchant, and Consumer, o
  • Tessa could see nothing wrong with the gasolier, but before she could say so, Jessamine stalked into the room and shot a glare at Will. Clockwork Angel
  • Such a tiger-lily on my table, and the pretty delicate achimenes, and the stephanotis climbing up the verandah, and a bignonia by its side, with honeysuckle all over the steps, and jessamine all over the two water-tanks at the angle of the verandah. Life of John Coleridge Patteson
  • In warm climates, Carolina jessamine is valued for early spring color - its brassy gold trumpets appear anywhere from February to April.
  • But more than this clouded his mind, he had been brought to say good-bye to Jessamine Buckner, who had scarcely seen him, and to give her a wolverene-skin, a hunting trophy. Lin McLean
  • From no point of view could the West look so lovely as from that lattice with the garland of jessamine round it, whose white stars and green leaves seemed now but grey pencil outlines - graceful in form, but colourless in tint - against the gold incarnadined of a summer evening - against the fire-tinged blue of an August sky, at eight o'clock p.m. Shirley, by Charlotte Bronte
  • You could do this with a vine such as Carolina jessamine or Confederate jasmine.

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