How To Use Jenner In A Sentence

  • Jenner waited only four years before declaring that the vaccine that he named vaccinia provided immunity from smallpox for life.
  • Jenner enlisted Bloomfield, whose father and nephews had died from smallpox, in his public relations campaign to popularise the new treatment. Index of People
  • When Jenner introduced inoculation with "cowpox" for the purpose of establishing "immunity" in the vaccinated person, inoculation with smallpox itself was a very usual practice. More Science From an Easy Chair
  • A similar resistance was exhibited when Jenner introduced his great improvement, vaccination; yet a century ago it was the exception to see a face unpitted by smallpox -- now it is the exception to see one so disfigured. History of the Conflict between Religion and Science
  • Jenner's discovery was a touch-stone, to detect what proportion of selfishness alloyed the human heart.
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  • Jenner growled at her listeners, described some of the women who rang in as ‘stupid’ and criticised producers for vetting her calls.
  • Following Jenner's method of producing immunity by means of living, weakened causes of infection, Pasteur (1885) found a protection against lyssa, while Haffkine made experiments in 1895 to combat cholera with killed germs, and in 1897 similar experiments with the plague. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 10: Mass Music-Newman
  • Jenner is a profound thinker.
  • For 130 years or more after Jenner introduced a vaccine for smallpox this was the only vaccine in general use.
  • In November, 1789, Dr. Jenner inoculated his eldest child Edward, aged 18 months, with some swinepox virus, and as nothing untoward happened, he inoculated him again with swinepox on April 7, 1791. The Scientific Monthly, October-December 1915
  • Tako Kakuta and Ras Tschubai-Counting Pucky, these three make up the teleport team Wuriu Sengu-The mutant tele-spy sees through it all John Marshall-Chief of the Mutant Corps Lt. Jenner, Dr. Ranault and Dr. Sorowski-Technical 'supercargo' for the teleport team Lt. Groder-Special agent of Solar Intelligence Maj. Good Night, Mrs. Calabash
  • Edward Jenner didn 't invent preventive medicine by accumulating information; he did by reframing the question.
  • In 1789 there was an outbreak of swinepox and Jenner inoculated three people with pustules from this infection.
  • In 1798, the British physician Edward Jenner used a milkmaid's lymph containing cowpox virus to vaccinate a child.
  • For underwear, especially sports bras, visit Debenhams or Jenners; both have a good selection in stock.
  • No, you can't, because my surgeries worked, Wiig as Jenner says, referring to the facelift Jenner got before Kim walked down the aisle. NYDN Rss
  • They taught me about hepatitis, malaria, ringworm and how Edward Jenner discovered the cure to small pox while working with milkmaids.
  • As well as selling from their own shop, the Ramsays run a mail order business, sell wholesale all over the country and to department stores such as Jenners and Harrods.
  • This is good business for law firms," says Joseph Covington, who headed the Justice Department's FCPA efforts in the 1980s and is now codirector of white-collar defense at Jenner & Block. How Federal Crackdown on Bribery Hurts Business And Enriches Insiders
  • Vaccination of smallpox started in the late 18th century with Jenner's cowpox vaccine.
  • Floyd manager Pete Jenner left with him and they immediately went into the studio to launch his solo career.
  • No, you can't, because my surgeries worked, Wiig as Kris Jenner says, referring to the facelift Jenner got before Kim walked down the aisle. NYDN Rss
  • Jenners - an institution previously suspected of hiding its light under a bushel - has erected three enormous signs bearing its name, one of which is unmissable to anyone in Harvey Nicks looking at the castle.
  • At the end of the 1700s, Jenner realized that people who had contracted cowpox, or ‘vaccinia,’ didn't get smallpox.
  • Women who might one day be found taking tea at Jenners and the next posing starkers with a strategically-positioned bowl of fruit.
  • She may still be in nappies but that's no barrier to Maia Jenner knowing how to swing the poi.
  • In 1796, Jenner began to infect people first with the far more benign cowpox and then with smallpox.
  • Forty years ago, the Jenner Building had held one of the biggest CBW operations in the entire United States. VITALS
  • Floyd manager Pete Jenner left with him and they immediately went into the studio to launch his solo career.
  • Edward Jenner, a British physician, abandoned the quest for a cure and conquered the disease by finding a way to prevent it.
  • He is undoubtedly a ** sonorous dactylist'* — and to him I add Mr. Jenner, Proctor of the Commons, and Commissary of St. PauVs, who is a gentleman of indefatigable politeness in opening the Archives of a The Rolliad, in Two Parts: Probationary Odes for the Laureatship; and Political Eclogues and ...
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