Jane Goodall

  1. English zoologist noted for her studies of chimpanzees in the wild (born in 1934)
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How To Use Jane Goodall In A Sentence

  • Obama, Clinton, Jane Goodall, Pelosi have all sent in wishes as well as everyday folks from around the world. Matthew Yglesias » War on Christmas Just Got More Fierce
  • He observes, "A new generation of researchers, like Jane Goodall in primatology, have used the 'experience-near,' empathic approach to scientific investigation, to elicit new discoveries and insights about the nature of nature that would have been impossible to imagine using the traditional disinterested, value-neutral, scientific method. Dr. Larry Dossey: Spiritual Living: Why We Need Empathic Science
  • Flo was one of the most sexually attractive female chimps in a troop studied by Jane Goodall.
  • When primatologist Jane Goodall first observed chimpanzees ‘fishing’ for ants and the larger, bulbous-headed red termites at Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park, she was astounded.
  • In opposition to this proposed move, renowned primatologist Jane Goodall noted, Most of these chimpanzees are older and have already been subjected to years of invasive research ... Marc Bekoff: The Federal Animal Welfare Act: Are Animals Really Better Off?
  • Yep, just like Jane Goodall, here's my mom trapesing around the jungle to observe the gorillas.
  • Jane Goodall is a world-renowned pioneer of the study of chimpanzee behavior and prolific author of books and articles.
  • Earlier prize winners include the biologist Edward O. Wilson, the primatologist Jane Goodall and conservation biologist Paul Ehrlich.
  • The Jane Goodall Institute is fighting very hard for legislation that will prohibit people from owning other primates as pets.
  • It's been successful in chimpanzees, but that species naturally leaves behind a perfect sample, a "wadge" a word coined by Dr. Jane Goodall of uneaten food. Mountain Gorillas: Discovery Channel: April 2008
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