How To Use Externality In A Sentence

  • By reason of this freedom the form of its determinateness also is utterly free - the externality of space and time which is absolutely for itself and without subjectivity.
  • We may speak of mental processes as internal and of physical processes as external; but neither internality nor externality is applicable to mental processes as such.
  • Health care (and insurance) costs have been rising for two primary reasons – the tax exempt status of employer provided health benefits that encourages third-party payor systems which feed the tragedy of the commons dilemma, combined with the aging population that (given the foregoing externality) has little monetary incentive to individually curb health care consumption because the costs of the individual health care decisions are spread out among many similatly-situated persons. Matthew Yglesias » Constitutional Objections to Health Reform
  • Externality of human capital gives rise to government - dominant public investment and accumulation in human capital.
  • The au - thor looks with distinct disfavor on the baroque, its sensual mysticism, its externality, its verbalism in con - trast to the truly Dutch (and at the same time universal) art of Rembrandt. BAROQUE IN LITERATURE
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  • First, because of the public good (positive externality) nature of education, society at large loses from inferior standards of education.
  • This fracturing of the sovereign self signals the demise of that spectacular and unique persona and the displacement of regal externality by what Francis Barker has called ‘an interior subjectivity.’
  • Moreover, a theoretical link has been established between externality and the etiology of depression.
  • However, the negative externality of the over urbanization can counteract the effect of the investment.
  • It is desire that opens up the moment of externality, or the reaching beyond the limits of the subject.
  • The problem of environmental pollution roots in the characteristic of public goods and negative externality.
  • Pollution is considered as a form of negative externality in economic growth.
  • Furthermore, Bourdieu speaks of habitus, a social space and a disposition to act in certain ways, which is the result of the internalization of externality and the externalization of interiority.
  • And there is a particular kind of negative externality.
  • Specifically, the system is 'gamed' (by using entrenched wealth-power over the political system) to allow a highly hierarchical ruling-elite corporate/financial Empire to dump negative externality costs into the broader social/environment. OpEdNews - Diary: Flaws and Solutions to Capitalism -- Part 1
  • The efficient solution is rarely to have a zero quantity of the externality.
  • There is no negative externality there: they've knowingly taken the risk.
  • Because preventive services are quasi-public goods or of positive externality, the government should provide these services through subsidy or directly public supply.
  • And the externality of being coerced is a major uncompensated one. The Volokh Conspiracy » Does Hayek Belong in High School Economics Classes?

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