How To Use Evasiveness In A Sentence

  • Such evasiveness not only works to the advantage of religious conservatives but hampers attempts to articulate a coherent religious left agenda.
  • McCain isn't and never was George W. Bush, and Obama with all his equivocation and evasiveness is no John McCain. McCain admits mistake in using Petraeus picture for fundraising
  • Why else his evasiveness, the unlikely tale of the Abkhazi guerrillas, his setting a precise contemporary value on the ikon? SOMEWHERE EAST OF LIFE
  • What he boasts of in response to Mangen is precisely the "evasiveness" I was talking about. 'The Mystery of Consciousness': An Exchange
  • Despite Elena Kagan's impressive "evasiveness," observers have noted a loose and shifting commitment to the principle of free speech. Latest Articles
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  • evasiveness" of life are persons in whose own flesh the wedge-like granite of fate has lodged itself with crushing finality. The Complex Vision
  • She looked at him closely to see if his evasiveness was intentional.
  • the author's elusiveness may at times be construed as evasiveness
  • The previous papers were characterized by vagueness and evasiveness.
  • He has taken a lot of heat for this seeming evasiveness.
  • It was a dismal campaign characterised by public apathy and political evasiveness.
  • This sceptical dogma of "evasiveness" is generally found in alliance with some vague modern "religion" whose chief object is to strip the world of the dignity of its real tragedy and endow it with the indignity of some pretended assurance. The Complex Vision
  • And no vague talk about the "evasiveness" and "over-brimmingness" of life can alter one jot or tittle of its eternal outlines. The Complex Vision
  • I get more than a little tired of Hunter’s definition of "evasiveness" or "prevarication". Crowley and North [1991] « Climate Audit
  • They elevate the usual twisting evasiveness of politicians to new heights.
  • He suggests that such evasiveness often occurs because of concerns about giving away the plot.
  • In case of a normal life plan, one of causes of the evasiveness is the medical exam that people need to clear before qualifying for any life insurance. EzineArticles
  • And yet these are also the people whose evasiveness and unscrupulousness makes them the least likely to be affected by a geographically bounded anti-spam law.
  • His evasiveness gave grounds for the suspicion that he knew more than he was saying.
  • Iris' narrative is a long meditation on that fact but is complicated for the reader both by Iris' evasiveness about her own actions and motivations and by two other embedded stories within the general plot.
  • Incidentally, Lebanon, in turn, is in the sphere of embarrassment, with the policy of evasiveness that it adopts with regard to the Syrian issue at the Security Council. Raghida Dergham: Palestine at the United Nations: The Long Path of Wisdom

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