How To Use Evasively In A Sentence

  • I can't possibly comment on that," Paul said evasively.
  • Never having been confronted with this question before, the usually voluble scientist answers evasively, and it temporarily sinks her mission as Earth's representative to other worlds.
  • Then again Jack had a reason to drive evasively; even if he hadn't detected a tail, which was likely.
  • The South that she wrote about — the South of snuff-dipping poor whites, evasively sweet-talking Negroes, and sunken-eyed back woods prophets — was undergoing a dizzying transformation even as she (a contemporary and qualified admirer of Martin Luther King, Jr.) was writing about it on an electric typewriter. Flannery O'Connor's Gifts
  • I can't possibly comment on that," Paul said evasively.
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  • His eyes wander evasively, he plays with his cigar and glances round a supposed movie studio that is nothing more than a shoddy mock-up.
  • As the two parts of the title imply, it contrasts the recent Axelrodian hagiography of Obama as the biracial transcender with the man's own evasively written but ultimately quite clear autobiography. Steve Sailer's iSteve Blog
  • He didn't want to disagree with his prominent employer and customer and answered evasively.
  • her husband seemed to know many of the people who were named, but he replied evasively when asked who they were
  • requests for character references are all too often answered evasively
  • Edward evasively answered that he would attend to their wishes at the meeting of parliament, and they were obliged to be content for the present; but they were exceedingly angry that, at the coronation, Piers appeared more splendidly and richly attired than the King himself, and bearing on a cushion the crown of St. Edward, while the Earl of Lancaster carried curtana, the sword of mercy, and his brother Henry the rod with the dove. Cameos from English History, from Rollo to Edward II

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