How To Use Entrapment In A Sentence

  • I refer to a judge who's put himself at grave risk of blackmail, entrapment, compromise and hypocrisy.
  • So, at breakfast, @ he plays with her sense of entrapment, he is provocative and overbearing, confident in the outcome of their conflict. A DEATH IN THE FAMILY
  • However, 5% of patients with symptoms of PAD actually have popliteal entrapment syndrome or popliteal adventitial cyst. Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • The air entrapment of the liquid metal flow in the shot sleeve during the slow shot phase is one of the factors resulting in this kind of defect.
  • To prepare clindamycin phosphate liposome, and to determine the entrapment efficiency and particle diameter of it.
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  • The tactics were branded as tantamount to entrapment by a television presenter when they were discussed on her programme.
  • The full differential diagnosis of PAD includes popliteal entrapment syndrome, popliteal adventitial cyst, or popliteal aneurysm, thromboangiitis obliterans, arteritis, and fibromuscular dysplasia. Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • Less common manifestations include cerebellar dysfunction, isolated dementia of the frontal lobe type, extrapyramidal signs, seizures, an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-like disorder, and entrapment neuropathy.
  • Everywhere, whatever the script and however different the set looked, a sense of entrapment prevailed, like a thick, dark cloud enwrapping the stage and spreading to the auditorium.
  • A demonstration of vulnerability can become, in the blink of an eye, an indulgence or exercise in self-regard and, soon after that, an entrapment in fraudulence.
  • Police conduct would not amount to improper entrapment where it did no more than present the defendant with an unexceptional opportunity to commit a crime.
  • Lassiter is the editor of the book Interrogations, Confessions, and Entrapment, and he has studied the psychology of interrogations for years, from the perspective of both law enforcement and the interrogee a suspect in questioning. Long Way Home
  • With rapt fascination I watched the ritualized escape attempt and re-entrapment of the hero every week.
  • Pleasure soon turns into the pain of postlapsarian knowledge, fury at her entrapment, and hatred of her consort, Pluto. Passion and Precision
  • I´ve seen what people´s lives are actually like in unreconstructed tribal units, and the kind of brutality, unhappiness, narrowness, and spiritual impoverishment which is the human fate in such circumstances- and its a very hard fate to get out of, because a self-referential, collective self-hypnotic trance of entrapment within the tribal story is part of the landscape. Ladies and gentlemen, the Libertarian Party candidate for the President of the United States of America
  • Three fourths of the deaths were caused by entrapment in the bed structure leading to suffocation or strangulation.
  • His legacy reminds us that those who have grievances with the government can avoid entrapment by simply obeying the law while simultaneously working to establish justice.
  • OBJECTIVE To evaluate the quality of astragaloside liposome and determine its entrapment efficiency.
  • Their passage through the rock tunnel was quicker on the return trip for they were confident of their way and feared no pitfalls hidden in the gloomy darkness, and they were impelled by a sense of entrapment and a growing fear of entombment.
  • The car is a two-faced modern symbol: a shiny icon of our freedom and our entrapment.
  • Rather, through these physical embodiments of fecundity and vulnerability, entrapment and despair, she is uniquely able to comment about the female condition in a way which has lasting relevance to all humanity.
  • These gases managed to escape entrapment of charcoal filters.
  • Critics said he devised stings that amounted to illegal entrapment.
  • Every reader of a novel is borrowing, if not stealing, someone else's experience; and behind the pleasure of that borrowing there will hover, if we let it, a worry not so much about the fictionality of our lives as of their entrapment in déjà vu. Ian McEwan's 'Solar': The Fat Man's Vengeance (New York Review)
  • Daniel came hurrying along the passage, and thoughts of entrapment seemed all at once far-fetched. THE GOSPEL MAKERS
  • The risorius and the buccinator muscles assist in the retraction of the lips, as well as support entrapment of air within the oral cavity.
  • She soon became resentful of her entrapment within a working-class community where she never felt at home.
  • This time (due next week with #2) I am totally contemplating the buzzcut for myself just to avoid hair entrapment again. The Grabbing Hands, Grab All They Can | Her Bad Mother
  • Intravenous fluid loading before, during, and after rescue may protect against a catastrophic fall in blood pressure that can follow sudden release after prolonged entrapment.
  • I hope you didn't put them in the trash can, because that would be entrapment again.
  • He and his employers refute accusations that his style of investigation constitutes entrapment.
  • Underachievement often leads to unemployment and long-term disengagement, which is a vicious cycle and it is difficult to come out from such an entrapment. Tower Hamlets: Labour produces its intriguing new mayoral shortlist
  • The majority of these deaths resulted from suffocation or strangulation caused by entrapment of the child's head in various structures of the bed.
  • About a year ago, my military dreams began - intense visions of entrapment and escaping, of being marked in the eye with laser rays, etc.
  • We get a shot of Ben staring into his fish tank, a recurring symbol that emphasizes Ben's feelings of entrapment and aloneness.
  • Peripheral nerve entrapment syndromes have some clinical situations in common, so some common principles may be followed when deciding rehabilitation countermeasures.
  • In entrapment, swimmers can be pinned to the floor of the pool or otherwise trapped until they drown or suffer serious injuries, including disembowelment. Owning Up to a Boy's Death
  • Safety measures include metal detectors, closed circuit video, employee 'safe rooms' during emergencies, furniture arrangement to prevent entrapment of staff, and good lighting.
  • These rapidly became forays into entrapment of innocent people fingered by prison snitches trying to get their sentences reduced.
  • Result: The sword-like needle therapy is very effective to cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome of the waist and buttock.
  • Entrapment: ‘a subtle and surprisingly virile performance’.
  • This disorder occurs because of median nerve entrapment distal to the elbow.
  • Taking entrapment first, a defendant caught in a sting almost always claims to have been entrapped.
  • The criminal big-shot, viewed in the distorting mirror of the satirist, is a parody of the American dream of success, ironizing the business ethic by the illegality of his methods as well as by his ultimate defeat; the inevitable fall of the big-time gangster creates a sense of entrapment in an economically determined reality. Singing Soprano, While Dissin' the Bass: America's White Thug Love & Ethnically Acceptable Violence
  • Not only do the cables disappear behind the bodies of the sitters and skewer them to the walls, they also function as metaphors of entrapment and recall snares, chains, nets, lassoes and nooses.
  • Neurological complications often reflect skeletal deformity, and the use of callipers, crutches, and wheel-chairs predispose to the development of peripheral nerve entrapment.
  • Grounding Totem: This totem will no longer absorb multiple effects from Entrapment in a 10 second period.
  • Signs and symptoms may include diplopia, epistaxis, ecchymosis, crepitus, hypesthesia in the infraorbital nerve distribution, and restricted upward gaze secondary to inferior rectus entrapment.
  • His intent was not entrapment so much as enwrapment, so that Tarrant could not, at some future date, try to claim no knowledge of this. Haven
  • The feeling of entrapment grows as the roads close and the power goes out.
  • These entrapment images are supplemented by yet another cage metaphor, created on this occasion by the camera tracking the two men from behind the railings.
  • The book she becomes an emblem of her feeling of entrapment in her marriage.

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