How To Use Enhancer In A Sentence

  • Create Flavours has developed a new natural tomato enhancer, which is said to be ideally suited to supporting essential tomato notes in a range of food products. FoodNavigator RSS
  • Functional analysis of the gene revealed the presence of an 'enhancer', a stretch of DNA where regulatory proteins can bind to help ratchet up expression levels, surrounding one of the variants identified in this initial screen. innovations-report
  • In the enhancer-blocking assay, candidate elements are tested for their ability to prevent enhancer-promoter interaction when interposed between an enhancer and a promoter.
  • Basic Food makes a flavor enhancer called hydrolyzed vegetable protein, or HVP. Basic Food Sold Additive After Salmonella Found, FDA Says
  • OBJECTIVE: Screening penetration enhancers on albuterol sulfate through buccal mucosa.
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  • My favorite beauty enhancer is to get my eyebrows tweezed or waxed regularly.
  • The combination of all these ingredients makes for a very tasty and refreshing after dinner treat; the plant enzymes, lime paste, and mild stimulant from the betel nut acts as a digestion enhancer and breath freshener. Boing Boing: January 9, 2005 - January 15, 2005 Archives
  • It is a powerful antidote to despair in bad times and an enhancer of pleasure in good times.
  • Or any nootropic cognitive enhancer, to be honest? Times, Sunday Times
  • Another soil enhancer we use at Arrows is called greensand, which is a mineral additive that provides potassium tomatoes and peppers are heavy potassium feeders and improves drainage. THE ARROWS COOKBOOK
  • Great managers are enlargers and enhancers, not punishers and straighteners.
  • June 08, 2009 at 11: 54 PM though technically not a copying enhancer, when i need to copy many files i turn to syncback. again, not for everyday use, but if you run into that scenario once a month or so, it certainly does the job (runs in the background, provides a log of errors, etc) drsoumunblocked Five Best Alternative File Copiers | Lifehacker Australia
  • Heavy magazine readers are twice as likely than the average to see advertising as an 'enhancer' to the magazine experience Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • Because of their caffeine content, coffee, tea and cocoa were used as awareness enhancers in some older religions.
  • But wherever one may fall on the question of performance enhancers, there continues to be an unasked question: where do the owners fit into the anabolic agonistes? Bad Sports
  • As other members of the CNC family of bZip transcription factors, Nrf2 forms a heterodimer with its obligatory partner Maf, thereby binding to a cis-acting enhancer sequence known as the antioxidant response element (ARE), also referred to as the electrophile response element (EpRE) with a core nucleotide sequence of PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • Octane booster, Octane enhancers, A819 is non-metal Octane improver and has proven to be a highly effective Octane improver in supply sweet paprika sweet paprika, asta80-180 blockboard blockboard, smooth surface, eco-friendly glue, falcata core, E1 glue aluminum sulphate Random feeds from
  • For growers of fruit, cereals and vegetables this provides new market opportunities, but they will have to be able to guarantee good crop yields without the phosphate-based growth enhancers used currently.
  • Processed foods, such as junk foods and fast foods, contain synthetic additives - preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilizers and flavor-enhancers.
  • Tianeptine, which is a serotonin reuptake enhancer, actually decreases the level of the chemical. Times, Sunday Times
  • Prescriptions were written for a variety of antiretrovirals, antibiotics, antidepressants, and appetite enhancers.
  • Its sodium salt is the food flavour enhancer monosodium glutamate ( MSG ).
  • Yes, Macchio wore a prosthetic rear enhancer, aka Butt Booster, to turn his shapeless backside into a salsa-ready rump. Top headlines
  • In the eukaryotic genome, SP1 binding sites are well-known enhancer elements in genes with ubiquitous, yet inducible gene expression.
  • The silver frame, black Enhancer and black fillet work in unison to balance with the colors in the art and add drama to the completed design.
  • Cheese products contain tryptophan - a mood enhancer - and calcium which is needed to make melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep. The Sun
  • The amino acid arginine is an immune system enhancer and powerful growth hormone stimulant.
  • Is it proof that while Italy and Holland have had major problems with performance enhancers this part of the world is now cheat-free?
  • Sweetness increases palatability – sugar, molasses, etc. can be used as natural flavor enhancers.
  • Alcohol gladdens my heart in a way that no other mood enhancer ever has. Times, Sunday Times
  • Mutin M, Woo SK, Kwon HM, Tappaz ML (2004) Transcription factor tonicity-responsive enhancer-binding protein (TonEBP) which transactivates osmoprotective genes is expressed and upregulated following acute systemic hypertonicity in neurons in brain. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • Adding to the blueness were the multi-hued licks of Union Station, especially Ron Block's banjo and Douglas' dobro, an eloquent enhancer of emotions. rss feed
  • High Risk Behaviors (van der Kolk) Adrenaline is highly addictive to the brain and may be a powerful mood enhancer and mood alterer. Dr. Tian Dayton: Adult Children of Alcoholics ACoAs: Qualities and Traits
  • Performance enhancer: A sensor worn behind the ear of an athlete can measure posture, stride length, step frequency, and acceleration using a triaxial accelerometer and activity-recognition software. Improving Athletic Performance | Impact Lab
  • You have to use a separate VCR and DVD recorder setup with a video "clarifier", "enhancer", "stabilizer" or full frame digital Time Base Corrector in between. Forum
  • Although a mutation in the transcription factor myocyte-specific enhancer factor 2 (dmef2) also blocks the initiation of fusion, this is likely due to defects in myoblast differentiation PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • Have you ever installed any third party "enhancer" hacks that do anything to the Dock? Discussions: Message List - root
  • Processed foods, such as junk foods and fast foods, contain synthetic additives - preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilizers and flavor enhancers.
  • While performance enhancers can build a body to Herculean standards, they do not necessarily strengthen the heart within that body.
  • Water as a choreography enhancer is the new smoke machine. Mexican troupe's trite take on female sexuality
  • In short, they are, in different ways, mood-enhancers. Times, Sunday Times
  • In the medical profession the wonder drugs that bring back memory or improve it for anything between two and six years are called cognitive enhancers.
  • That only leaves the readily available cognitive enhancers caffeine and nicotine.
  • The company is to launch a new Ayurvedic range that includes a whole range of products for treating cough and cold, memory enhancers, blood purifiers and digestives.
  • It is a powerful antidote to despair in bad times and an enhancer of pleasure in good times.
  • There have been no reports of people getting sick from eating foods with the ingredient, a flavor enhancer called hydrolyzed vegetable protein, or HVP. Products Recalled Over Salmonella
  • I don't like to use artificial flavour enhancers in my cooking.
  • More seriously, this chemical is also a penetration enhancer, meaning that it increases the absorption of cosmeceutical ingredients through the skin. Samuel S. Epstein: Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkling Skin Care Products: Cosmeceuticals
  • New TB adjuvants (enhancers of the immune response) have been studied.
  • Then the integer-spin-drive wake of a passing scout ship assigned to trail the passing starcruiser disrupted Faulk's hyperon multiplet enhancer.
  • Further, the curriculum development role had four main versions: curriculum manager; curriculum consultant; curriculum enhancer; curriculum facilitator.
  • Do generalists differ from specialists in the prescription of cognitive enhancers?
  • It is a lot cheaper than the goofy practices in the US, like rolfing (which just plain hurts), aroma therapy, shark cartilage diets, herbal cancer cures, bits-of-animals-not-to-be-mentioned libido enhancers and, believe it or not, equine chiropractors. A newbie Gabacho in Mexico
  • These upgrades are major quality-of-life enhancers for the likes of me.
  • Of course, height enhancers could speak out against heightism, while still relieving short children of the burden of growing up short.
  • Shiny Shiny reports on the Boob Enhancer which is a small device with an LCD that evidently massages and "relaxes" one's breasts by improving circulation. Boob Enhancer
  • The topical formulation has special enhancers that significantly increase the rate of penetration into the scalp.
  • While performance enhancers can build a body to Herculean standards, they do not necessarily strengthen the heart within that body.
  • He was serious, too, claiming that society must distinguish between known menaces like heroin and cocaine, and alleged performance enhancers.
  • Personally, I believe that players who are caught using any type of performance enhancer should be dealt with more harshly than they are by most leagues.
  • Cinnamon is an excellent flavour enhancer.
  • Songs work best as mood-enhancers in two ways: when they are about escapism and forgetting it all, and when they provide cathartic misery. Times, Sunday Times
  • My vocal is naturally sibilant, but I risked the enhancer anyway, and applied some de-essing in software as usual. Grittier Vocal? « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog
  • Power enhancers such as nitrous-oxide injection and supercharging are analogous to increasing displacement because they increase the amount of oxygen and fuel that are available for combustion in each cycle.
  • But here's the question: If it tastes great and is apparently still being manufactured, why doesn't it hold the post position in American culture, at the very pinnacle of the chocolate milk enhancer/emulsifier category pyramid? Burnishing the Bosco Brand
  • Artificial additives such as colourings, sweeteners and flavour enhancers aren't permitted in baby foods.
  • The challenge was to develop applications in communications and entertainment or productivity enhancers which showed a combination of innovativeness, quality and usability.
  • Often, they have a happy face they use as a mask — and alcohol is a mood-enhancer. The Sun
  • This is not down to any mood enhancers. Times, Sunday Times
  • Salt is a common flavour enhancer.
  • Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer (£16, aveda. is especially good for giving natural, defined curls and keeping frizz under control. Kiss and make-up: frizz-free curls
  • The tragedy is that these are doomed to failure because they are in no way, enhancers of resources.
  • HVP is a ubiquitous flavor enhancer that exists only in processed foods. Food-borne illness: Failure of Capitalism
  • In the case of sugar, which is picked up by receptors on the tongue, flavor enhancers bind to the receptors and lower their threshold for stimulation, creating the same taste with less sugar.
  • Brining is generally used as a preservative for meat and fowl; here it's used as a flavor enhancer.
  • The two enhancers increased pigment from pale orange to light red.
  • The specialist equipment has a host of features including seats with back support, wheelchair access, safety straps and visual enhancers.
  • Even the most effective memory enhancer can't undo the damage resulting from a careless lifestyle or uncontrolled medical conditions.
  • To be riding across Siberia to make the awarenss of diet supplements and pharmaceutic performance enhancers. Curlicues: The End of Straight-Ahead Cycling?
  • The ban of the remaining antibiotic performance enhancers in 2006 led to the exclusion of many substances, including salinomycin sodium (although it could remain in use as a coccidiostat). ThePigSite - Global Pig Industry News Feeds
  • I don't have any "enhancer" programs installed that I know of, but re-installing Leopard seems to be the Apple-recommended fix for this known problem. Discussions: Message List - root

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