How To Use Engels In A Sentence

  • Engels sees this process of the endless movement of crowds as emblematic of the dissolution of humankind into a race of monads, of individuals reduced to selfish atoms in a world of atoms.
  • From his home in London on August 7, 1862, Karl Marx wrote a letter to Frederick Engels which perspicaciously summed up the situation.
  • From their historical perspective Marx and Engels could be forgiven for arguing that late-nineteenth-century Britain had a repressive capitalist state.
  • In German Ideology, Marx and Engels point out that occasionality unveils the passivism of subject.
  • Of course, God made in the previous activity, do not exclude the possibility that some people are deified by Marx and Engels to deify himself.
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  • - Me. earlier today. hur säger man "sant" på engelska? comments?? pojken Diary Entry
  • Above the headboard is a painting of a dead child (Frida was unable to bear children) and at the foot of the bed a photo assemblage of Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Engels and Mao (both Riveras flirted with communism). The Frida Kahlo Museum
  • The name CCD was invented by vanEngelsdorp and his colleagues at Penn State. Please Lord, not the bees
  • Representerar du ett svenskt företag som önskar att kommunicera med en engelsktalande publik? The Local - Sweden's news in English
  • Marx and Engels wrote rather extensively on this in their condemnation of Malthus' theories, which they showed to be both unhistorical and unsupported by facts. Deep Phobic Memory
  • When Marx and Engels turned their attention to the cataclysmic upheaval in India, they saw it in relation to similar developments taking place in other parts of the world.
  • Ik ben benieuwd hoe je ‘klinkt’ in het Nederlands, hoewel ik toch denk dat ik je liever in het Engels lees … In elk geval gefeliciteerd met je boek (in welke taal dan ook)! Een leven, een liefde, een weblog
  • The pair, with Engels, continued to agonize over a clear definition of what they meant by the term communism and over a statement of principles—a mission statement—for a communist party. Emancipation
  • The point is not to just to sidestep the nativist critique but to sublate it, in the manner in which Engels understood sublating Hegel in his critique of Ludwig Feuerbach; to take into consideration that which is relevant, effective and forceful in the critique but at the same time to break away from its preoccupation with origins and authenticity. SUBLATE.
  • How much this added to the growing tension between Marx and Hess is not clear, but as the search for a definition intensified, Hess was being driven further and further away from Marx by Engels. Emancipation
  • The biography is based on Marx's correspondence with Engels over 40 years.
  • Such views do not differ essentially from the arguments used by anarchists during the time of Marx and Engels.
  • Yet Cromwell was guilty, as Engels notes, of "barbarities" in Ireland on a horrific scale. Kasama
  • Engels school. [applause] At Engels we have 24,000 prevocational students. NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF MEDICAL SCIENCE STUDENTS
  • From Engels to Geras, a persistent antinomy emerges in which naturalism and social constructionism battle it out, each de-emphasising those aspects of Marx's work highlighted by the other.
  • Such a movement has far more in common with the vision of Marx and Engels than the exploitative postcapitalist regime that rules the USSR and has been replicated in its client states. What the Doctor Ordered
  • Stalin, worthy continuator of Marx-Engels-Lenin, correctly observed that “Leninism is Marxism in the era of imperialism and proletarian revolution.” Archive 2006-06-01
  • I want to go back to Marx and Engels, and argue that socialism was impossible before capitalism.
  • The language is apparently boilerplate from the publisher, and appears on (among other things) The Wind in the Willows, The Federalist Papers, Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil (good idea, there, especially as to “interpersonal relations,” though have views really changed so much since then?), and Marx & Engels’ Manifesto of the Communist Party. The Volokh Conspiracy » Quite a Warning Label
  • Denis van Engelsdorp, Pennsylvania State Apiarist, USA recounted such experiences in American beekeeping history. The honeybee crisis: paradoxical findings deepen the CCD mystery
  • Jeg er den lykkelige ejer af en familie, og det er vist nærmere den end nogle fÃ¥ ikke-engelsk-elskende danske bloggere, der fÃ¥r forrang i denne omgang. WordPress 2.0 Release on December 26
  • Marx and Engels did not foresee the twentieth-century transformation of capitalism as a social, economic and political system.
  • Philosophy ',' History Of Communist Party ', and majority of works by Lenin, Marx, Engels, so .... sorry, hanshiro the antlion, that I am not very proud of it! Think Progress
  • Engels s thought on Marxist theoretical education is of critical characteristic, which reflects on its criticism to capitalism, to ideology and self-criticism.
  • Following Marx and Engels, Lenin argued that capitalism was an objective system for the exploitation of the working class.
  • But the fact that the idea largely originated with Marx and Engels themselves has been hidden from public awareness with almost total success.
  • The portrayals of factory life would make even the most fervent capitalists turn to Marx and Engels.
  • To define ideology as"false consciousness"was not an accidental error made by Engels as said by some scholars, but the consistent idea possessed by both Marx and Engels self.
  • Marx and Engels distinguished their scientific socialism from what they termed the utopian socialism of some other socialist trends. - Articles related to EXCLUSIVE - Europe gets first glimpse of solar, windfarm plans
  • Marx wrote back to say that Engels'praise had greatly encouraged him.
  • Engelsma also rejected the charge in a listener's question that the Protestant Reformed person seeks to determine whether a person is regenerate before reaching out to them.
  • She grew up as a member of this oppressed proletariat that Marx and Engels wrote about.
  • Marx's and Engels's views about slavery should also be modified in the light of more recent work.
  • He was without kith or kin, a lonely old man, embittered and pessimistic, fighting vermin the while and looking at Garibaldi, Engels, and Dan Burns gazing down at him from the blood-bespattered walls. DAN CULLEN, DOCKER
  • Elaborating on Engels's assertion that the ultimate aim of a communist party is to "surpass the entire State, and thus democracy too (" surpass "- Überwinden in German, is also translated as" overcome "), Lenin wrote: Political Affairs Magazine
  • It incorporates information about pre-literate society into the wider theoretical edifice which Engels and Marx had been building all their lives.
  • In the article in question, Engels outlines briefly the history of the German party.
  • For Marx and Engels the working class had nothing to lose but their chains of false consciousness.
  • The conditions in the sweatshops of south east Asia are reminiscent of the way in which Engels described conditions in the north of England in the 1840s.
  • Marx and Engels gave birth to communism
  • This sense of internationalism can be traced right back to when Karl Marx and Frederick Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto in the 1840s.
  • Friedrich Engels, who fancied himself a champion of the workingman, regarded the Irish immigrant to Great Britain as having a "crudity" that "places him little above the savage. The Right Coast
  • Ik ben benieuwd hoe je ‘klinkt’ in het Nederlands, hoewel ik toch denk dat ik je liever in het Engels lees … In elk geval gefeliciteerd met je boek (in welke taal dan ook)! Een leven, een liefde, een weblog
  • With his insistence that Marxism emerged from the Enlightenment by a process of "sublation" or "aufheben," Steiner is suggesting that Marx and Engels rejected the conception of equality that had been developed in the course of the Enlightenment, advanced in the English Revolution and made a principle of the bourgeois revolution in America and France. undefined
  • Ik val altijd als een blok voor interessante Britse, Schotse, Ierse, Celtic of andere 'eilandse' engelse accenten. request to all my girlfriends
  • There are both the inevitable contact and the hypostatic differences between the theory of harmonious society of Marx and Engels and utopian socialism.
  • he launched into a long history of the birth of communism, giving credit punctiliously to the work of Marx and Engels
  • Dessutom sög förra inlägget som jag skrev ett bra tag sen O. O.engelskan var hemsk och när jag läser det nu hittar jag massor med stavfel. maccadole Diary Entry
  • Marx's collaborator Frederick Engels argued that women's oppression was as old as class society.
  • He expressed himself in favour of ideological purity, strictly in accordance with Marx, Engels, and Lenin, and for purging members who deviate.
  • This greater variety than that envisaged by Morgan or Engels does certainly modify the picture.
  • De Engelse versie bestel ik dan toch ook nog wel hoor. Een leven, een liefde, een weblog
  • But Marx and Engels always protested that Marxism was not economic determinism, and Plekhanov wrote a book on the whole question which dealt specifically with that very argument. The Real Answer to Communism
  • Since Marx and Engels never met or corresponded with George, the opportunity for a sustained colloquy between them never arose.

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