How To Use Emf In A Sentence

  • As I recall the detonation of a nuclear device in space would cause a massive EMF pulse (Electro-Magnetic force Pulse) that could trash electronics. Slashdot
  • Motivation aux boasting that gemfibrozil mg animals for histex hc rights regularly bon le parvaneh yasmin city. Big Wall Street Journal Poll Contains Comfort For Both Parties
  • For this scenario, you are most concerned with the trace file elements that are used in your EMF model for detecting database resource leaks.
  • Have we already found it and it is called an EMF Reader? Alexandra Holzer: It's Thanksgiving! Let's Toast to the "Ghost Roast"
  • Ferant confeftira confii - fi6nemfuam* qui dicunt nihi: Euge, euge. Breviarium ecclesiæ Rotomagensis
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  • The supreme court of appeal in Bloemfontein overturned that conviction last December and found him guilty of murder. Times, Sunday Times
  • The front fascia is completely removable - you simply pull it off, and the clips at each corner release, leaving you with clear access to the external drive bays, and their EMF covers.
  • This information aesthetics post has “a light that ‘blushes’ in response to the emotional pitch of a mobile phone. the lamp is activated by the Electromagnetic field (EMF) emitted from a mobile phone & continues blushing for 5 minutes after the call has ended, hereby prolonging the memory of the otherwise transient conversation”. ambient blushing light Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Blushing light
  • I also like to use what's called EMF detectors to register any type of electromagnetic disturbances that may be around me at the time when I am feeling the presence of a ghost. CNN Transcript Nov 24, 2007
  • Bloemfontein's live entertainment scene is a fun way to access local culture, as are restaurants that serve regional specialties like fragrant Free State grilled lamb and farmers 'sausage (called "boerewors").
  • For a variety of farther particulars, together with excellent iMPdikv relative to the plan and the caules of its fuccefs, we me obliged to refer to the pamphlet itfelf j which ought by aH means to be published in the common way, for a more general difjperfiori among thole who would intcrcft themfelvcs in its contents. The Monthly Review
  • Some concern has been raised about the possible health effects of electromagnetic field radiation, known as EMF, for people who drive in hybrid cars. Mythbuster: EMF levels in hybrids
  • With similar reproach ECB member Axel Weber said that the EMF was a distraction. Currency Trading News by DailyFX
  • You probably will not, as the most of your military experience, if you actually have any, likely dealt with being a gravy ladler on the wrong side of a chow line, or some other REMF job. Florida Python Cast & Blast
  • Bloemfontein was one of the few cities where the number of African women was nearly as high as men, and the Free State authorities demanded that women carry urban residential passes.
  • This meant a motor vehicle constituted an "instrumentality" of the offences of driving under the influence of liquor and could thus be forfeited to the state in terms of the Act. However, the Bloemfontein court also held a vehicle driven in these conditions was not liable to forfeiture in every case. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • Rhodan, the leader; Marshall, the esper, reader of minds; Okura the emfer, perceptor of electromagnetic frequency wavelengths. The Venus Trap
  • Should thefe men have fo much public virtue as to fuffer themfelves to be difa/med, he fears that, when re* turned to fecial life, they will catch the felfiih manners of others, and, The Monthly Review
  • Many of us realize and understand that spirits we encounter give off electrical impulses, this is why we so easily find them with EMF meters and such devices.
  • 'sg'o 2 - C P ear - A n d the court granted an information againft the juftice, declaring Rex & wlili. they fhould not have bailed the man themfelves. am Clark, efq. The law of a justice of peace and parish officer: containing all the acts of Parliament at large concerning them, and the cases determined on those acts in the Court of King's Bench. To which is added, a collection of precedents revised and settled by
  • Bloemfontein - Students who gathered for Saturday's intervarsity rugby match between the North-West University and the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein were greeted by an armoured Casspir and police members. News24 Top Stories
  • After advice from South African friends, we'd rented a "backie" a 4X4 in Bloemfontein and driven into the beautiful mountain kingdom where we were told giant potholes and boulder-ridden rural roads awaited us. The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed
  • White South Africans, which he described as the dominant class in terms of economic and education factors, were seen to be unwilling to change, he told a conference in Bloemfontein on anti-racism, anti-sexism and good practice in schools. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • This article introduce the principle and excellence of PEMFC and troop existing communicate electrical source equipment's deficiency in the future battle.
  • The one thing that they can be assured of is a hostile reception from the Afrikaner support base that still exists in Bloemfontein.
  • Dc motors feature a speed, which is proportional to the counter emf.
  • The BEMF Chamber Ensemble, too, played superbly, with some spectacular tootling on the sopranino recorder by Kathryn Montoya over Williams's uproarious "O ruddier than the cherry. The Seattle Times
  • Settings" target: self selector: @selector MenuItem * menuItem3 = [MenuItemFont itemFromString: @ full roast blend
  • He said the Afrikaans media and their intellectuals operated inside a "mielie driehoek" (mealie triangle) mentality which was only real between Potchefstroom, Bloemfontein and Pretoria. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • Again, note that the measurement process cancels the thermoelectric EMF term ( VEMF ).
  • Theoretically, the stemfinal *bʰ would devoice to *p in original *skerbʰ- once speakers of Indo-European no longer were consciously aware of the historical connection with *gʰrebʰ-, and this would especially occur after *s- came to be irregularly omitted and phonotactic "stop voicing harmony" pressures took over. PIE "look-alike stems" - *(s)kerp- vs. *gʰrebʰ-
  • But exclufive of this event, the alarmingnefs of which the French have endeavoured in vain to ex* tenuate, ftrong indications foon appeared in a vari - ety of inftances, how incredibly fhort of their ex - pectations thofe benefits would prove, which they were fo fanguine in promifing themfelves upon the emancipation of the Britifh Colonies from their dc» pendcnce on the parent ftate. History of the war with America, France, Spain, and Holland : commencing in 1775 and ending in 1783
  • Try to stay out of the way of the people in EMF, etc., who still believe enough to do good work there in spite of you. Dear George: A Reply
  • Today, he and Esta van Heerden, the head of the Extreme Biochemistry research group at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, have won the confidence of the people who run many of the mines of the Witwatersrand Basin, the most productive in the world. Space Odyssey: Scientists go to the extremes of the earth to divine the secrets of extraterrestrial life.
  • Method of field coupling circuits can consider above factors and calculate no - load EMF accurately.
  • But in order to give a religious fenftion to a fecial virtue, the duty of vifiting the fatherless and widow in their afHi£tion is in - feparably attached to the difficult and felf-denying injiinftion of keep - ing Ourfelves unfpotted from the woilfiU This adjunct is the more needful, as many are apt to make a kind of moral commutation, and. to allow themfelvcs fo much pleafure in exchange for fo much charity. Thoughts on the Importance of the Manners of the Great to General Society
  • A ballistocardiograph chair, designed to look like a normal office chair, was built and fitted with pressure sensitive EMFi-films.
  • A sensorless control strategy for a salient-pole PMSM using saliency tracking at low speed and back EMF at high speed is presented to obtain the rotor speed and position.
  • When magnetic flux leakage ( eMFL ) means is employed in nondestructive evaluation of gun muzzle, MFL signal containsnoises.
  • MessageWorkshop to reviseList of participantsCurrent program thrusts in Upland developmentDegradation of the uplandsNutrient cycles in upland farmsEstablishing an swcsystemFarm management practices that reinforce SWCTraditional soil and water conservation (SWC) technologiesOptions for contour farming: Land management practices for improved water conservationIn-row tillageMaking an A-frameControlling Cogon and TalahibUse of derris as botanical pesticideFire control in the uplandsCultural management of pest infestationOrganic fertilizer sources: BiofertilizersSelection of cover cropsBatao in the upland. Chapter 5
  • 'TIS a neceflary Precaution ufed in the Garden, to fet out the feveral Species of Plants, which are defigned for Seed, very carefully by themfelves; left the Fa - rina facunclansy or feminal* Duft, of any degenerated Plants in their Neighbour - hood, be fcattcred upon the Matrices of their BlofToms, and thereby degenerate the whole future Plantation. Christian husbandry: or, A companion for the Christian in his field and ...
  • If you don't get the chance to really freshen up with a shower then Femfresh has the answer.
  • You married on«i If each of you would, take this courfct haw manf Muft murdei - wives much better than themfelves For wrying but a little 'i O, Pifanlo! The Plays of William Shakspeare ...: With the Corrections and Illustrations ...
  • High doses of statins have been known to cause muscle damage for some time, and the risk of muscle pain and rhabdomyolysis is increased considerably when simvastatin in particular is taken with some other drugs such as amiodarone (Cordarone and generic), cyclosporine (Neoral, Sandimmune and generic), danazol (Danocrine and generic), gemfibrozil (Lopid and generic), verapamil (Calan, Covera and generic) and diltiazem (Cardizem, Dilacor and generic)—which the FDA reminded consumers and doctors again as well. Muscle pain from taking Zocor or another statin? Check your dose
  • When you open a DB2 trace file, the EMF plug-ins visually render its content in a tree view.
  • TheMFR 15 model includes a synchronizer and a load and power factor controller via discrete outputs to combine protection and control into one unit.
  • As White wryly remarks, the Irish have been talking about revenge since they lost in Bloemfontein and Cape Town and should not need to be motivated more than they already are.
  • How can you choose between the ocean trout, jewfish, gemfish, barramundi, blue eye and flathead on the menu?
  • July 13, 2006, 4: 08 am learn internet texas hold em free says: learn internet texas hold emfree trod glimpses alterer cite Leland decrypted The Volokh Conspiracy » Indymedia server seizure:
  • 4 The term EMF has absolutely nothing at all to do with any of this. Lenny Flank, this is for you... - The Panda's Thumb
  • For I am a living fountain, and it is by an invifible pow - er that I am able to counfel, teach, dired, purify, and open their underftandings; but they have forfaken mc, that is one great evil; and the other is, they would not be without fomewhat; they have forfaken the Lord, and they would have fomewhat inftead of God; they have digged to themf elves broken ciflerns, that will hold no water. Scripture truths demonstrated, in thirty-two sermons; or, Declarations of Stephen Crisp
  • Play" target: self selector: @selector MenuItem * menuItem2 = [MenuItemFont itemFromString: @ full roast blend
  • Part deep ingurgitated, part yet ftruggling With their laft pantings melt themfelves a grave 70 The works of the English poets; with prefaces, biographical and critical
  • Emf of a battery is due to electrochemical redox reactions occuring between dissimilar metal electrodes, one of which becomes positively charged, the other of which becomes negatively charged. you can have an EMF building up a charge, and discharging the stored electrons, but you have no field of you are not doing any moving of the electrons Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions
  • South Africans wait near the stadium entrance a few hours before the Fifa Confederations Cup football match Spain vs South Africa on June 20, 2009 in Bloemfontein, South Africa.
  • The show celebrates the diverse experiences theatre has given Darryl over the years, from reciting lewd limericks in Bloemfontein to rocking and rolling in Buenos Aires.
  • West Coast North Island snapper, paua, gemfish and longfin eels are also below target levels. Radio New Zealand News Headlines
  • The first time I met Henk resulted in us causing trouble in Bloemfontein with some help from the locals and the regional mampoer. News24 Top Stories
  • The two Soweto giants were lying fourth and fifth respectively yesterday behind clubs such as Bloemfontein Celtic and Black Leopards despite their vast legion of supporters.
  • One Saturday lunchtime, garfish, gemfish, jewfish, skate, salmon and tuna are on the list.
  • In the waters of south-eastern Australia, including NSW, the decline in abundance of key species, including abalone, rock lobster and gemfish, had already been documented. EcoEarth.Info Environment RSS Newsfeed
  • He was also able to travel to Bloemfontein to compare the fossils with those of an early dinosaur in the National Museum.
  • One group received the drug gemfibrozil while another got a placebo. The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure
  • Shoe Polisher, Stamp Mate, Wet Towel, Animal Towel Emf Tester, Ceramic Heater Towels.
  • Bats and bees use the earth’s magnetic fields for navigation and EMF interferes with this, but crows simply do not like EMF and will caw loudly at a high EMF if this happens to you, test yourself with a gaussmeter. do you have body metal that may conduct more emf? What’s up with the crows? «
  • 'hatonismum Jumorem secutua negare non posnet, Aiyaf ab cterao ineaae Deo« taaqusm rationem SMSMiakm in eo aubsitteiitemf ubi aaieai lauwli - The General Repository and Review
  • 70 ItVCIDATIOK OF THB HIST0R7 Of pending between the nobles; and the D&« nifh nobility prided themfelves not a little upon their ancient right to fit as member$ of this Council. Authentic Elucidation of the History of Counts Struensee and Brandt
  • The warriors, who, on public occafions, dreffed themfelves in tlie moit wild and terriilc foi-ms were confidered as the be ft men. A complete history of Connecticut, civil and ecclesiastical, from the emigration of its first planters from England, in MDCXXX, to MDCCXIII
  • EMF exposures exist in the home and workplace as a result of electrical equipment and building wiring, and not only as a result of nearby power lines.
  • A sensorless control strategy for a salient-pole PMSM using saliency tracking at low speed and back EMF at high speed is presented to obtain the rotor speed and position.
  • But the new series started off strong, with fortepiano contributions from Andrew Willis and BEMF favorite Kristian Bezuidenhout. Archive 2009-06-01

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