How To Use Ear-like In A Sentence

  • The bawdy bruiser they call Yogi, whose bear-like qualities extend beyond his physique, is almost embarrassed by the suggestion that beneath his comedic exterior lurks a consummate professional.
  • The billfish are a family of large to 13 ft/ 4 m and 2,000 lb/900 kg, active predators of the open oceans, with a spear-like projection from their upper jaw and dense, meaty, nearly boneless flesh that has been sought after for thousands of years. On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen
  • Mixed within the brand's vintage flannel shirts and outwear-like cardigans are exclusive store collaborations from Crockett J.Crew's Uptown Men
  • Among creatures were luminous jellyfish and gelatinous creatures known as finned octopods, or "Dumbos" because they flap ear-like fins and look like the cartoon flying elephant. Pravda.Ru
  • Clean, with a cool pear-like wash, and yet bursting with citric energy and acidity this wine will inspire you to at least phone a local gym.
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  • He would have been shrugged off as just another unlucky cancer victim had not his widow been determined to find out what the tiny spear-like fibres in his lungs were.
  • Dumpling is one kind of ear-like flour food with vegetable or meat in it.
  • When Peggy left him he became almost Lear-like in his quest for love.
  • Helmeted, armed with long, spear-like boards, the surfers looked like gladiators going out to engage in mortal combat.
  • Freestanding bulbs, showing those spear-like buds or unopened flowers, can be set into water, potting soil or clean aquarium gravel.
  • Scientists were intrigued to discover a spear-like object within the upper spine and skull of the mummy.
  • Abruptly there was an edge with no land, just a dense peninsula of spear-like reeds bursting into the water.
  • Leaves are of every shape possible for a leaf to be: round, heart shaped, long and thin, spear-like, hairy, prickly.
  • The pomelo, or the ‘Chinese Grapefruit,’ is an uncommon member of the citrus family, distinguished by its sheer size and pale, pear-like appearance, and has the presence of a fat, cross-legged Buddha.
  • He dispatches enemies with a sword, a battleaxe, or a spear-like native weapon called a taiaha.
  • At first, we bunkered behind fallen tree trunks and heaved spear-like sticks until a birthday party ended in blood and stitches.
  • Each member would also carry a Pike (a spear-like weapon used at the time, with great effect against cavalry)
  • However, it insensibly seemed to give the lie to his imputation; for his spirits rose to a more elevated pitch of mirth and good-fellowship; he sung, or rather roared, the Early Horn, so as to alarm the whole neighbourhood, and began to slabber his companions with a most bear-like affection. The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom
  • She had strange, stab-like wounds, which fitted a home-made, spear-like object found at the scene.
  • It prompted a lively discussion with The Boy, during the course of which I discovered that not only do the French have two different words for owl, but that one has tufty, ear-like appendages (the hibou, pictured), while the other (the chouette) does not. toys
  • Helmeted, armed with long, spear-like boards, the surfers looked like gladiators going out to engage in mortal combat.
  • Phormium tenax and its descendants have upright, spear-like straps (height 2-2.5m, spread 1.2m). Times, Sunday Times
  • It swims by flapping its ear-like fins like the cartoon elephant.
  • Also, they think Tar, our bear-like german shepherd, is the cutest thing that ever lived. My Dead Texan | clusterflock
  • A huge, bear-like man with a shock of silver hair, he was standing halfway down the room surrounded by an admiring group. THE GOSPEL MAKERS
  • They took up their long, pointed spear-like javelins and hurled them across the playing field.
  • Terns can be recognised by their characteristic black heads and red spear-like bills.
  • I yawned constantly, and yet could not sleep; I hugged myself imagining it was Harry's bear-like hug - such a brilliant hugger, often lifting me off my feet to stretch my backbone.

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