1. without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers
    a thoroughgoing villain
    utter nonsense
    a perfect idiot
    what a sodding mess
    pure folly
    the unadulterated truth
    stark staring mad
    a consummate fool
    gross negligence
    an arrant fool
    a complete coward
    a double-dyed villain
    a thorough nuisance
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How To Use double-dyed In A Sentence

  • But like the double-dyed mutt I must be, I couldn't find anything. Hercule Poirot's Casebook
  • About a month ago, around my birthday, I used my "birthday discount" join the "Insider's Club" and you, too, will save like me! at Loehmanns and one of my purchases was a Romeo & Juliet Couture double-dyed or tie-died "wifebeater". Fashion
  • Have to leave it to the last minute -- double-dyed criminals they may be but we can't have a couple of men go down in a sinking ship. SAN ANDREAS
  • Like the sadistic Victorian flogger telling his victim that ‘this hurts me more than it hurts you’, Moll is - if we follow this line of explanation - a double-dyed hypocrite.
  • “Then, sir,” said the baronet, giving me back my letter, “you must be a double-dyed villain.” Tales of all countries
  • She had a great idea that people who had extensive grounds themselves cared very little for the extensive grounds of any body else; but it was not worth while to attack an error so double-dyed, and therefore only said in reply, Emma
  • But my fingers itched to get at the Portugoose — that double-dyed traitor to his race. Prester John
  • In what part of Hellas, tell me, sir, do Hellenes keep a truce with traitors, double-dyed deserters, and tyrants? Hellenica
  • a double-dyed villain
  • I can see me convincing Sir Henry Hardinge of that!" says I. "Of all the double-dyed Yankee fakers - Flashman And The Mountain Of Light
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