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How To Use degree Celsius In A Sentence

  • The well-visualized ice margin by ultrasound CT or MR is actually only the 0-degree Celsius line, or isotherm, which is not sufficiently lethal to cancer cells, but has unfortunately been confused with the actual treatment margin. The Earth Times Online Newspaper
  • In scientific terms, 1 calorie is a kilocalorie, which is the amount of energy required to raise 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius.
  • Water freeze at the temperature of 0 degree Celsius.
  • All the three months, the temperatures were minus 35 degree Celsius and below.
  • A temperature of 28 to 32 degree Celsius was maintained in the aquarium and the fish adapted to it.
  • It was one of the most miserable conditions that I have ever worked in, the peak of summer, 40 degree Celsius plus temperatures in a stinking room and an average of eleven hours of work, six days a week.
  • The water is one degree Celsius, but at least the normally polluted lake is clean enough to swim in today.
  • The latest sea-surface temperature charts indicate that the entire central and eastern Pacific Ocean, along the equatorial band, has a warm water anomaly approximating to about one degree Celsius.
  • Tiny dewdrops are falling like rain and its even biting in Dhaka where the temperature was around 11-14 degree Celsius.
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