daughter cell

  1. a cell formed by the division or budding of another cell
    anthrax grows by dividing into two daughter cells that are generally identical
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How To Use daughter cell In A Sentence

  • When such a polarized cell divides, the two daughter cells receive different chemical allocations.
  • Once the reproductive phase has been completed, the daughter cells differentiate as biflagellate cells, escape from the mother-cell wall, and swim away.
  • Overlaid onto these signals that promote orchestrated cell division are checkpoints that ensure appropriate mitotic spindle formation, a lack of DNA damage, kinetochore attachment, and that each daughter cell has the appropriate complement of DNA. Elites TV
  • Moreover, we found that daughter cells can clear themselves of damage by a polarisome - and tropomyosin-dependent polarized flow of aggregates into the mother cell compartment. Research Blogging - All Topics - English
  • Such a division is described as dexiotropic if the clockwise daughter cell (in animal pole view) is the closer to the animal pole; in a laeotropic division the counterclockwise cell is closer to the animal pole. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • When the cell divides, each daughter cell gets one of the chains. The Harper Dictionary of Science in Everyday Language
  • Each daughter cell must receive an exact copy of each and every chromosome.
  • Though the egg's chromosomes are divided equally between the two new cells, as before, almost all the cytoplasm is concentrated in one daughter cell, that which contains the sperm's nucleus. Assessing Causality
  • When such a polarized cell divides, the two daughter cells receive different chemical allocations.
  • Says Nogales, ‘That the rings remain attached to the microtubule end as it depolymerizes, is a most ingenious mechanism to move chromosome to the two daughter cells during anaphase, without even requiring energy.’
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