Prepositions after "winding"

"winding up" or "winding of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases winding up is used

Suits stayed on winding up order.

Commencement of winding up by Court.

Creditor's voluntary winding up 297.

The only amount I put in was the 450,000 winding up order (source: The Scotsman today).

Don't worry about threatening legal action or even whispering about a winding up order.

If the directors do so, the winding up will proceed as a members ' voluntary winding up.

The learned Judge found the Company being dishonest having taken dishonest plea to resist the winding up proceeding.

What is the difference between striking off and winding up in BVI? A: Striking off is not a formal way of winding up.

These payments will only be made upon conclusion of the winding up process which can take a substantial period of time.

In 16% of cases winding of is used

Also, the winding of Toroid is harder than others core.

The first layer was usually reinforced with a winding of rope or cord.

Occasionally, the rhythmic winding of one of the anglers stopped suddenly.

But a interstage and output transformer mostly has 2 winding of primary and secondary only.

I chose one with a tapered centre to cause the winding of the bow strings to follow to each side.

His original experiment had involved a powerful electromagnet, created by the winding of the primary coil.

After new carbon contacts had been organized at the other end of the city, the winding of new spools was a one-hour- job.

If a time-varying voltage is applied to the primary winding of turns, a current will flow in it producing a magnetomotive force (MMF).

As he listened to the winding of the spring, the young soldier saw one fragmentary image after another rise up before him and fade away.

The red line shown in one of the strands of the triple helix represents the alpha helical winding of the peptide backbone of that peptide chain.

In 5% of cases winding down is used

It is simply seen as a winding down period.

The timer resets and we hear a winding down sound.

NYSC orientation begins with an induction and ends with a winding down parade ceremony.

I would like to refer to Sunday as the winding down day, after all the excitement of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

At the winding down ceremony, NYSC corps members will be given posting letters to their places of primary assignment.

INCREASE! Where as Obama wants to use the money we ' save ' from the winding down the 2 wars to go to infrastructure.

Jill and Old Lad also had a winding down role to perform with their main task being that of an orderly closure of the CL book.

The more the topic is interesting, the more they will drink and the more the relaxation, the more the winding down -- the ultimate reason many women drink.

Last season saw the winding down Lightning legend and my favourite insane British goalie Barry Hollyhead and more ice time for Alex Mettam in key situations between the pipes for Milton Keynes.

In 2% of cases winding on is used

Choke A choke is a single winding on a core.

It was just big enough to slide over the winding on the E string.

The Long Corridor is over 700 meters long winding on the Kunming Lake.

I was definitely one of them wanting to get up and bust out some winding on the runway.

In 1% of cases winding along is used

If you get car-sick though, it is preferable of train since it doesn't have to do all the winding along the bumpy roads.

Crossing The Great Otway National Park The roads continued to be very winding along with twists and turns which are a characteristic of Indian mountain roads.

In 1% of cases winding at is used

Notice the winding at the top of the picture.

I found I couldn't slide on a replacement sleeve from an old spare because the winding at the peg end was too thick.

In 1% of cases winding from is used

You come upon Koukourarata (Port Levy) quite suddenly -- after you've curled your way up the winding from from Purau Bay.

In 1% of cases winding through is used

Paul's winding through the end of the limestone mountain, eventually flowing into the South China Sea.

In 1% of cases winding to is used

Then connect each winding to a bridge rectifier.

The ocean beach is 150m away and many take the option of walking their kites to the beach and ' up ' winding to the lagoon or alternatively ' Down ' winding home at days end.

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