Prepositions after "weep"

"weep for", "weep at" or "weep with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases weep for is used

I weep for this country Nigeria.

Women weeping for children and husbands.

You weep for Santiago, and you curse the Marines.

April 27, 2011 at 7:48 pm Hello I weep for my country.

You can weep for the spilled milk and miss the opportunity.

I am weeping for the suffering that will befall my Husayn.

We need to remember those murdered have families who will weep for them.

Nash's world, everyone's a victim and we should all weep for stranded jellyfish.

When she sees the beautiful Cupid asleep on her bed, she weeps for her lack of faith.

When they connect in all the right places at all the wrong times, heaven weeps for broken hearts.

In 15% of cases weep with is used

I am grieving and weeping with you.

When slathered on steamed rice, you just want to weep with pleasure.

I weep with the families of the deceased and pray that Karma take its full course.

As they come to realise what Jesus has done, they will all weep with sadness and joy (Zech 12:11-14).

I'll never be able to smell berry-laced tobacco again and not want to weep with the bigness and profundity and haphazardness of us all.

He said she was weeping with shock, but was not taken to hospital and instead was met by her boyfriend and taken to stay with her sister.

Evil Deeds Lead to Remorse That deed is not well done, which having done it, one repents, one weeps with a tearful face, on reaping its results.

While Obama is hugging, comforting and weeping with those who weep, Romney is handing out brown paper bags full of food, water and emergency provisions.

Many were seen weeping with their mobile phones to their ears this morning, either receiving calls about the President's death or monitoring one of the radio stations.

She became terrified and appalled - she hastened to him, feeling with her arms until she touched his knees, and then falling on the ground she embraced them, weeping with terror and excitement.

In 12% of cases weep at is used

They can all laugh raucously and rudely, but also weep at injustice.

In 9% of cases weep in is used

As a youth I used to weep in butcher's shops.

After the game, Williamson wept in the corner of the locker room.

Then, with another transition in voice and subject, allusions were made to the virgin who wept in the adjacent lodge.

Most feeble prize goes to soap star Helen Flanagan, who wept in terror at the prospect of traversing a ravine via a rickety jungle bridge complete with strategic gaps.

In 7% of cases weep over is used

Francois called Buck to him, threw his arms around him, wept over him.

The general, who may have been Commander of the Guards of the Imperial Mausoleum, is weeping over the fallen glories of the dynasty.

In 3% of cases weep after is used

We (Bani Hashim) were profusely weeping after the event of Aashuraa.

The kith and kin who lost their relatives in the 1971 JVP/state terrorism are still silently weeping after 40 years.

Anthony appears to have become close to her legal team, and she may stay with defence attorneys Jose Baez or Dorothy Sims, who wept after the not-guilty verdict was read out.

In 3% of cases weep like is used

He suspected foul play and went round asking for the whereabouts of Sita from birds and beasts, plants and trees, wailing and weeping like an ordinary man.

I don't cry much at films or TV, but when I saw how genuine and heartfelt Frasier's producer Roz's (Peri Gilpin) tears were and it had me weeping like a baby.

In 2% of cases weep during is used

The Philpotts were accused a fortnight after they wept during a press conference at which they begged for the public's help in nailing the arsonist.

In 2% of cases weep because is used

But why did he weep? He wept because of the deep concerns he has for the people of America.

In 1% of cases weep among is used

Ladies of the River weeping among bamboos, The White Girl mournful*** As Li Ping plays his harp In the centre of the Kingdom.

In 1% of cases weep along is used

Let me take you through the process so you can weep along with me and send me sympathy cards afterwards.

In 1% of cases weep through is used

As a breast cancer survivor, too, I sat and wept through this post.

In 1% of cases weep within is used

Poverty weeps within my doors forever As my spouse and my child.

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