Prepositions after "volunteer"

volunteer for, in, at, with or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases volunteer for is used

Volunteer for committees or task forces.

Many young men volunteered for the trenches.

It was in 1971 that John volunteered for service in Zambia.

But I've had just two interviews, and I'd currently volunteering for my local MP.

On the outbreak of the war he volunteered for active service and now, alas, his end.

Volunteer for the nightmare (but very important) organisational transformation jobbie.

Volunteering for this Pueblo Science mission in the Philippines became an enriching educational and cultural.

At the age of 25, Ignacio enlisted in the colonial army and volunteered for service in Alta California in 1774.

Eighty Salvation Army people have volunteered for Red Cross work; the majority well trained as surgical nurses.

Good for you, volunteering for this experience Dehydration must have been a real concern during daylight hours.

In 23% of cases volunteer in is used

Volunteer in an orphanage or pre-school in Africa 4.

As a Peace Corps volunteer in Outer Mongolia from 1995 to 1996, Ms.

Include warm clothing for nights, especially if you volunteer in July and August.

We can change the behaviour and go as far as to volunteer in the community, seeking to help others.

For how long can I volunteer in Melon? You can volunteer for as long as you wish, we don't have a limit.

Vietnam Travels is a guide written by an expat who has lived + volunteered in Saigon for almost 3 years.

We ensure you are placed in safe environment and you will be very well looked after while volunteering in Kenya.

Is it safe to volunteer in Kenya? Any volunteer abroad safety tips? Kenya is one of the safest countries in Africa.

A person on H-4 can volunteer as long as there are other people volunteering in the company for similar kind of work.

She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Chile and Honduras before she began her career as a commercial banker in New York.

In 20% of cases volunteer at is used

I used to volunteer at a children's shelter.

I love that I get to volunteer at the school again.

More than 50 Teamsters are volunteering at that one location alone.

Wilson Menashi, who began volunteering at the aquarium weekly after retiring from the Arthur D.

This is clearly preferable for the scientific community, where attribution is volunteered at any rate.

I also volunteered at Fighting Words, where we helped guide young children in writing their own stories.

That's like discovering Mike Tyson sewing his own clothing line or Donald Trump volunteering at a soup kitchen.

But that's the journey Paul Smith made to be a volunteer at the Tenth Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF).

Whether you are volunteering at home or volunteering abroad you must ensure you are doing it with a reputable company.

I'd leaving for Thailandi in a couple of weeks where my activities will include volunteering at an elephant sanctuary.

In 12% of cases volunteer with is used

I volunteer with at-risk children.

I volunteered with children with autism for 1.

Now, I volunteer with the Royal Society for the Blind.

Security and hold up Your well being while volunteering with us is our priority.

My wife had already been doing some volunteering with the Blind Welfare Association.

Let's all go there and volunteer with a political party during their next election campaign.

When a senior brother was sought to be a stabilizing presence in The Gambia, he volunteered with customary enthusiasm.

I know that those who are privileged enough to volunteer with this organization also receive so much from each wish that is granted.

Not hit bad as Mj or NYC and only live 40 mins from nj line I wan na help volunteer with recovery if anybody can give me and link or updates.

I've registered to volunteer with Astoria Recovers, and although the pledge drive is over I'll be contributing to help keep WNYC up and running.

In 4% of cases volunteer as is used

I volunteer as a financial counselor and do find that many women are lazy when it comes to finances.

I also volunteer as a special constable: I just want to give something back to the community I grow up in.

She has worked in international communications in London, Germany, China and Australia and volunteered as a youth worker in Bolivia re-engaging youth off the street.

In 3% of cases volunteer on is used

The group now has two members who volunteer on a regular basis.

It could be taking a year out to volunteer on a wildlife conservation project in Africa or starting your own business.

Security We do not sell or share any personally identifiable information volunteered on the ASAP site to any third party without prior consent.

Curious to see such an uptick -- particularly since I'd a PCO and volunteered on the phone banks -- it seemed to all of us an odd change from what we calibrated.

Brave men and women who have volunteered on behalf of people like you to not only defend this land but also for fill our moral obligation as humans to help others around the world.

In 1% of cases volunteer to is used

Ileana only flashed her pearlies as RK volunteered to showcase it again.

When the crowds blocked the camera's view, the people volunteered to hoist the reporter up.

Many physicians volunteer to third world countries and they have participated in many relief efforts (Schwab, 1997).

In 1% of cases volunteer within is used

Volunteer within your community.

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