Prepositions after "upload"

upload to, on, by, onto or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases upload to is used

And it will be filmed and immediately uploaded to YouTube.

Over the next few days content will be uploaded to all pages.

The factory patches can be uploaded to the unit as follows; 4.

The video was uploaded to YouTube and earned more than 11 million views within one week.

If I stopped every day to upload my history I would have no new content to upload to Facebook.

Assuming you have both the ACF plugin and Flexslider plugin uploaded to their respective places we.

Post script: As I post this I see that Facebook has revealed that 3,000 photos a second are uploaded to its service.

How will they know if I am at the opening ceremony, take a snap on my phone and instantly upload to a social media site.

From there, you can email them, post them to Facebook, send via messaging, upload to Dropbox -- whatever works best for you.

Footage of the conversation on a park bench has been uploaded to YouTube, where it has been seen by 160,000 people around the globe.

In 15% of cases upload on is used

Call the shooting video man threatened will uploaded on the Internet.

Udacity videos are uploaded on youtube and they lag when I am on 256 Kbps.

The final syllabus for the new combined test has been uploaded on its website: www.

The incident came to light after an amateur video of the incident was uploaded on YouTube.

GD is used by Frontpage Slideshow to handle resizing for the images you upload on your slideshows.

The picture was uploaded on the 11th on a community portal site which contains a picture of Lee Seunggi in a comfortable outfit with a headphone.

A couple years ago, thousands of different videos of the Tokyo earthquake were uploaded on the internet and millions of people went online to view these videos.

Further information on the conference venue, on details of accommodation and travel, and on the social activities will be soon uploaded on the conference webpage http: //www.

They do the race partly to support a good cause, but also to take a bunch of cool photos to upload on Facebook, Tweet about the event, and get as many hashtags trending as possible.

A playlist of 18 videos uploaded on debate on human rights violations in Sri Lanka for everyone's benefit, to find out truths of war in different perspectives (user name:NoEalamInSL).

In 10% of cases upload by is used

Hentai sex roommate vol 2 upload by unoxxx.

When I take a look at a collection of images like those uploaded by Chennai bodybuilder V.

Clicking these tiny portraits will bring up real-life pics of the area uploaded by locals or visitors.

While platforms like YouTube maintain that they can not be held responsible for the content uploaded by its users.

You can also search by your friend name so that you can see the photos uploaded by them and their name had tagged in.

The videos, captured via the store's CCTV cameras, were uploaded by his wife, 19-year-old Amanda Fong, on her Facebook page.

More than 30% of the most watched news stories on YouTube are uploaded by individuals that are not associated with a news agency.

Snoring Dormouse A video of a snoring dormouse, taken in Leatherhead and uploaded by Surrey Wildlife Trust (SWT) mammal officer Dave Williams, became an internet sensation.

In 6% of cases upload onto is used

Each year new river resources are developed and uploaded onto this site.

Ten hours of video are being uploaded onto YouTube every minute of every day.

The images will be uploaded onto the Barclays Football Facebook site, **29;1757;TOOLONG, where fans will be asked to identify themselves to be eligible for the VIP prize draw.

Dozens of journalists were waiting for them, having followed their progress through the hundreds of blogs and video diary entries he had uploaded onto his website throughout the journey.

In 4% of cases upload in is used

Be sure to upload in ASCII mode or the.

You will have access to several ebooks and study materials uploaded in EBOOKS.

The kind of connectivity provided by the web means a video uploaded in California can lead to riots in Cairo.

I want a fast uploading because I like to use Twitter uploading in not-so-important -situation such as draft-uploading and so on -- situations that usually do not last that long.

In 3% of cases upload for is used

No, of course I don't want people's personal details uploaded for public abuse.

Make sure before you engage their services that they are able to do everything from the first shoot to the finally uploading for you.

As well as e-mail discussions before the conference (or an entire conference conducted virtually ), early drafts can be uploaded for other participants to peruse (see e.

In 3% of cases upload from is used

I will try to upload from gallery here next time so that there is some form of referrence in the initial OP.

DISCLAIMER: All the videos on the site are uploaded from different video sites in the world and embedded into ours.

In 3% of cases upload into is used

Vernor Vinge -- People who like him plan on being uploaded into their laptops.

What formats of music files can I upload into my One True Media account? The following are our supported music file formats: MP3 (.

This loop then provides instant usage behavioral data of the users, which in turn contributed to the continuous customization of the content uploaded into the Amadeyr Cloud.

In 2% of cases upload at is used

This means data is downloaded and uploaded at 3G speeds, which averages at 2.

In 2% of cases upload via is used

Note When I submitted a external CSS sheets, uploaded via is the engine as such, in the blog section like the author ma kes a.

Any suggestions? As for your sub-di-rec-tory install issues, You can down-load the ver-sion on this page and upload via FTP to fix that.

In 1% of cases upload without is used

At least a library did purchase a book once, and its distribution is more limited than something uploaded without an author's permission on a website.

In 1% of cases upload under is used

Recommend The video has gone viral, its just been uploaded under different youtube accounts.

In 1% of cases upload about is used

I have seen the video you uploaded about Sydney ashamed last night.

In 1% of cases upload ahead is used

During normal operations, the entire plan for a Martian day is uploaded ahead of time, along with plenty of checks and verifications to make sure the rover doesn't get in trouble.

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