Prepositions after "unprecedented"

unprecedented in, for, at, with or since?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 77% of cases unprecedented in is used

Unprecedented in Australian history.

I find it unprecedented in his poetry.

This is unprecedented in my working life.

That long term of support for a device is unprecedented in the mobile industry.

This storm was small but unprecedented in terms of it's direction and location.

And the rate of change is unprecedented in the history of technology and media.

Articulated this way, R2P had an extraordinarily rapid take-up, almost unprecedented in the history of ideas.

If the size and speed of the Dell XPS 12's processor was unprecedented in this form factor, so is the screen.

What we witnessed at Vidyaloka Vidyalaya was, perhaps, unprecedented in the modern history of Lankan schools.

The fall in the US ratio is clearly unprecedented in the post-WWII period: only the Great Depression compares.

In 11% of cases unprecedented for is used

It would be unprecedented for him to step aside.

It's really unprecedented for the last 100 years.

Showing things in advance is not unprecedented for JJ.

The fundamental dynamics of this year's conference are unprecedented for Dave.

It is unprecedented for Manchester United to find themselves in this situation.

Harper's year is unprecedented for a player who was a teenager the entire season.

It was UNPRECEDENTED for that ONE LINE to have been OMITTED in a filing, And it has not been reported on, AT ALL.

The level of examination endured by the watchdog is, however, unprecedented for a body of its importance and size.

The decision to allow the citizens to remain anonymous if they wish is unprecedented for an assembly of this nature.

In 2% of cases unprecedented at is used

The screen resolution is an unprecedented at 2,048x1,536 pixels.

The faculty vote of no confidence may be unprecedented at UVa, officials say.

Holding a minute's silence is not unprecedented at Olympic Games opening ceremonies.

The average price that customers are choosing to pay for this bundle is unprecedented at over $14.

He presided over the mass exodus of her people, to North America that was unprecedented at the time.

The Fed promptly went into an enormous binge of buying government securities, unprecedented at the time.

It is also not unprecedented at all for candidates to get decent vote shares after dropping out of a race.

Among provisions of The Law of Personal Status (TLPS) 1956 unprecedented at the time were those banning polygamy and extra-judicial divorce.

The crowd of sympathisers was unprecedented at the scene while relatives of some of the passengers were wailing even as they tried to console one another.

Then, in a step unprecedented at Cedars-Sinai, he was moved directly from the recovery room to a regular patient room, skipping intensive care completely.

In 1% of cases unprecedented about is used

I asked Howskepticalment what was unprecedented about Sandy.

I'd welcome a definition of what is unprecedented about Sandy.

PHIL: There's something unprecedented about this whole seeker-sensitive movement.

I found that the climate is always changing and there is nothing unprecedented about what is happening now.

There's nothing unprecedented about Israel notifying the United States before it launches a military attack.

ThereTs nothing unprecedented about this; itTs exactly what the US (through NATO) did with many non-nuclear European States.

In 1% of cases unprecedented among is used

Such a decline is unprecedented among advanced countries.

White's anxiety, however, is not unprecedented among professional athletes.

Exports could reach 40% of GDP in 2005, also unprecedented among large economies.

The extent of reverse sexual dimorphism in some moa is unprecedented among birds and terrestrial mammals with males smaller and different in shape than females.

In 1% of cases unprecedented as is used

The publication will be unprecedented as regards in-depth English language information on the game in Portugal.

They were also unprecedented as the American public was able to discuss and debate policies more vigorously than ever before.

The Pageant, one of this year's most exciting events, is unprecedented as the largest flotilla to be assembled on the river in modern times.

This is not unprecedented as the order of merit had been breached in judicial appointments in the state even before governor Aregbesola assumed power.

Circle plans to achieve 311 million in projected savings over the ten-year life of the franchise, which is unprecedented as a percentage of annual turnover in the NHS.

This certainly is not unprecedented as a similar motion was tabled seeking the ouster of a Chief Justice prior to this, even though what was sought was not accomplished on that occasion.

In 1% of cases unprecedented by is used

This is unprecedented by any other previous administration.

The Yamal megaproject is unprecedented by the level of sophistication.

You haven't won a debate about unprecedented by acting like people who can't fathom facts.

I know this isn't unprecedented by any means, but I really like when big studio films are released this way.

The WUWT presentation tries to make the argument that ' global warming ' is unprecedented by using a local curve.

What's most frustrating is other services have had local syncing + web syncing for years, so the tech to do so is not unprecedented by any means.

One would be that this was unprecedented by Ferrari; we've seen the pit lane start tactic for several out-of-position drivers over the years in order to improve the car.

I shall return presently to President Mills, who, despite claiming to have unprecedented achievements, does not wish to do the unprecedented by participating in debates.

It is a run of success quite possibly unprecedented by any British team, male or female, in any sport, and it makes Edwards arguably the nation's most prolific leader of all.

Strict adherence to internal quality standards has also resulted in the guest satisfaction score going up by five points, which Smith says is unprecedented by international standards.

In 1% of cases unprecedented during is used

Economic growth was unprecedented during this time.

The speed of this increase is unprecedented during at least the past 20,000 years.

The benefits of the HIPC were unprecedented during the Kuffour regime from (2001-2008).

Studies of sediments under recently lost ice shelves suggest ice shelf loss in some regions is unprecedented during this time scale.

His eruption in the relative calm of a pre-match press conference was unprecedented during his time in east Manchester and it is difficult not to conclude that there is a deeper frustration.

In 1% of cases unprecedented on is used

I agree, hiwever that commenting on the PM's rear end was fairly unprecedented on that particular tv show.

This was unprecedented on the web at that time, and led to an explosion of open multimedia content-posting sites.

The Hamas rocket attacks into Israel were an ongoing phenomenon at a scale that was not unprecedented on both occasions.

Additionally, other research has shown that the current loss of Arctic ice is unprecedented on a millennial time scale (e.

There are so many intelligent responses here -- almost unprecedented on my ghost town of a blog -- that I don't know where to begin.

The author list for the paper includes an acknowledgement of more than 57,000 Foldit players, which may be unprecedented on a scientific publication.

He said the extent of this shift towards community based management especially in the region is unprecedented on a global scale and the interest is growing.

In 1% of cases unprecedented over is used

The ice core data shows that this recent rise is unprecedented over the past several thousand years.

The results suggest the duration and magnitude of the current decline in sea ice may be unprecedented over this period.

I know we are supposed to have a warm and fuzzy feeling after last year's royal visit but this is an unprecedented over reaction.

Horrific crimes were committed on a scale unprecedented over a period of about thirty-six hours that is beyond human imagination.

Measurements from older ice cores (discussed below) confirm that both the magnitude and rate of the recent increase are almost certainly unprecedented over the last 800,000 years.

However, they confirmed the principal results of the original hockey stick - that the warming trend and temperatures over the last few decades are unprecedented over at least the last 600 years.

In 1% of cases unprecedented since is used

Changes that were unprecedented since 1886 when telecommunications was first introduced in Nigeria.

In 1% of cases unprecedented with is used

Solar flares are unprecedented with M and X class flares to the extent that NASA changed the scale.

When the yellowfin tuna were not showing the reef fishing was unprecedented with wahoo over 35 kg, giant trevally up to 50 kg, dogtooth tuna over 50 kg etc etc.

In 1% of cases unprecedented within is used

What happened next was unprecedented within the tight-knit republican community of South Armagh.

Macaulay also wrote, The cruelties of the sepoys have inflamed the nation to a degree unprecedented within my memory.

Unprecedented within the last 2000 years that is -- it was about 5 degrees warmer during the LIG, which warming clearly did not cause the Greenland ice sheet to reach a tipping point.

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