Prepositions after "uninformed"

uninformed about, of, on, by or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases uninformed about is used

I've always felt very uninformed about it, though.

Basic things, I know, but ones I was uninformed about.

You seem somewhat uninformed about how the EU operates.

Either these people are totally uninformed about us or do a good job pretending.

Your question reveals the extent to which you are uninformed about music history.

SEO gurus who are simply uninformed about the technology have propagated this myth.

They are not only uninformed about Christianity but are equally uninformed about the teachings of Freemasonry.

There is nobody whose relative(s) passed away and who is left uninformed about the relatives he leaves behind.

His ignorance is not a state of being uninformed about 9/11 or unaware about the implications of those issues.

If you blather about something you're opinionated but uninformed about, you won't come off as very intelligent.

In 10% of cases uninformed of is used

A must read for those of us who still remain uninformed of the loss of.

Only the most uninformed of those in denial deny that CO2 is a greenhouse gas.

Some sex addicts are uninformed of their addiction, when others are inside denial.

But we had better get back to it and start informing others who are uninformed of whats happening.

When we have an electorate that is largely uninformed of the issues and consequences; then, the facts and solutions go missing.

It's no good poo poo-ing an opinion because one is uninformed of the conventional ways of expressing and discussing such matters.

As a result, member states and senior staff at headquarters and in Colombo remained blissfully uninformed of the situation's gravity.

If the designer is uninformed of what you are actually looking for, you'll never be able to create a unique and attractive logo for your blog.

Its makes them feel so important and sadly for our country, they are important because our elections are decided by the most uninformed of us.

In 9% of cases uninformed on is used

Zakaria is completely uninformed on this issue.

We are wishy-washy and uninformed on most topics.

You are still uninformed on the nature of video games.

Even if they're not you are totally uninformed on the current state of diesel emissions.

I'd sorry, but you are completely uninformed on the issue and you have NOT done your homework.

It would be an interesting study to see which party was the most uninformed on current political events.

If by chance there is any motivation behind your comment that assumes I am somehow uninformed on the situation around N.

Not only that it turned out to be totally uninformed on a vital technology issue, it also proved itself dumb and forgetful.

I suggest you look into breeding and what is involved, because it is clear from your post you are currently uninformed on the topic.

As an outsider looking in on the England squad I might be a little uninformed on a few points but feel that it holds a few weaknesses.

In 6% of cases uninformed by is used

His work life, however, remained uninformed by the new information.

Thus debate is gagged, and here continues gloriously in Parliament, uninformed by facts.

This article and Kahan's aricle in Nature seem badly uninformed by epistemology of science.

This strikes me as the fluffiest form of faux-Confucianism, uninformed by serious engagement with Chinese history or philosophy.

I feel so uninformed by our leaders and our mainstream media that it as if I had fallen asleep for a few years and woke up in the Kansas.

For families - puzzled, troubled and uninformed by their own society - they offer a sensible alternative to regarding sons and daughters as sinful or mad.

My perspective, which I'll admit up front is completely uninformed by the video I have yet to watch, is that if you're asking those questions you already know the answer.

Two days before 9/11, I wrote about the tragedy in Congo and how Americans were woefully uninformed by their networks that had scaled back foreign news coverage drastically.

Simon Cowell, who was responsible in the first place for ejecting Cole from the Judge's bench is yet uninformed by Barlow of the process following which The Girls Aloud star is set to return.

In 4% of cases uninformed as is used

It is common for the public to be left uninformed as to the outcome of investigations.

Yet we are left uninformed as to what that reality outside of the dome might look like.

Of course only by people as ignorant and uninformed as the people we are dealing with here.

The tender diet or Love longer includes immoderate uninformed as well as full of health meals.

We don't need someone as stupid and uninformed as a Canadian romney who thinks that you can open a airplane window at 37,000 feet.

Posted by ecorets almost 2 years Ago Did it come up? Posted by Joe Szilagyi almost 2 years Ago so what? so the mayor is again oblivious to reality and uninformed as to what is going on around him.

In 4% of cases uninformed in is used

Perhaps I was ignorant and uninformed in an age without TV or internet.

The real problem is the diehard political supporters and the uninformed in Ja.

Anonymous and Oreillys audience is the most uninformed in the history of television.

It might be a little naive or uninformed in some parts, but I can hardly make an argument for bias.

As opposed to being uninformed in the products you are marketing, try to use the products yourself.

As opposed to becoming uninformed in the goods you're marketing and advertising, try and use the products yourself.

And when you ' re really stuck for valid argument you bring in the immigrants so typical of the ignorant racist and uninformed in our society.

At times it becomes slightly difficult to read for those who are uninformed in psychological terms and procedures, but by the end it all becomes clear.

In 2% of cases uninformed regarding is used

Anonymous Obviously you are uninformed regarding the running of a campaign.

If your lawyer appears uninformed regarding personality disorders, you might ask for a consultation with another lawyer or a mental health professional.

The Chinese are completely uninformed regarding the billions of USD worth of soft loans (1% - 2%, payable 10 years after receipt) or outright aid that the Japanese has provided China.

In 2% of cases uninformed to is used

Too bad someone so uninformed to the real truth.

Basically he's saying he prefers the ignorant rantings of the uninformed to the evidence develoepd by professionals and experts.

In 2% of cases uninformed with is used

Don't be fooled by the vested interests duping the uninformed with self-serving hyperbole.

Our current political climate has the people that know what's possible and what isn't filling the uninformed with nonsense designed to promote themselves above all.

However, in the absence of a total boycott (which I accept could be equally powerful) anything other than will leave the uninformed with at best questions or at worst incorrect conclusions.

In 1% of cases uninformed among is used

Anuja's approach, presentation, and the way she addressed the audience appealed even to the uninformed among us, says my wife.

In 1% of cases uninformed at is used

I am not sure what I thought happened at that point! I think we are all so uninformed at times.

In 1% of cases uninformed during is used

Their leadership was uninformed during the 1980s especially when Gorbachov took over in the ex-USSR in 1985.

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