Prepositions after "unattractive"

"unattractive to" or "unattractive for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases unattractive to is used

Hyper-bragadoccio is SO unattractive to me.

Find a way to make ' it ' unattractive to you.

Make it unattractive to cycle and people won't.

Isn't networking with people is usually unattractive to many who hate to provide.

It has a running track around it and is therefore unattractive to football clubs.

We get the moneys, and true tech work (dev and ops) is extremely unattractive to females.

In the long run, consumers will also suffer if the oil industry is unprofitable and unattractive to investors.

I think that's a mistake, and it makes sports unattractive to the majority of people, so they don't take part.

These are not attractive characteristics, and at this moment in time, you don't want to be unattractive to her.

Making herself look unattractive to men is the first of several mysterious threads that Cleave slowly winds in.

In 16% of cases unattractive for is used

You need to make your yard unattractive for the mynas.

That was what made this casino so unattractive for bac.

The active ingredients in repellents make the person unattractive for feeding.

Swaziland's uncertain political scene makes it unattractive for foreign investors.

Furthermore, the need for regular monitoring makes it unattractive for many patients.

The packaging you've introduced in US, most likely would be unattractive for Indonesians.

The costs of these systems has been on well over 100 000 SEK and has therefore been unattractive for a mass market.

But the operating climate has been as unattractive for small-scale miners as it has been favorable for large-scale miners.

As it's turning out, the lack of a direct connection to the ferry will likely make it unattractive for the yuppie commuters.

That shoddy arrangement probably acted as a disincentive to the IPPs, making it unattractive for them to commence operations.

In 10% of cases unattractive in is used

Unattractive in a patristics scholar.

Rather unattractive in the picture, but much.

The three options offered bondholders by the GOB are unattractive in the extreme.

But those attributes you list we generally find very, very unattractive in an adult.

It's not about bald being unattractive in the real world, it's def not a drawback, imo.

On the other hand, Nana Addo says he will make corruption unattractive in his government.

We should make government highly unattractive in terms of minimizing costs associated with it.

But it's equally unattractive in any place that values the importance of a single human being.

These trends have made insuring coastal properties unattractive in the past decade, Marlett said.

If he has all those good qualities but is unwilling to commit it makes him unattractive in a woman's eyes.

In 4% of cases unattractive by is used

I am not unattractive by any means and at 52 years old now.

Unfortunately, however, Greece's current business environment is considered unattractive by potential investors.

The nuclear option is rendered more unattractive by political and environmental concerns for safety, security and safeguards.

There are many people who are rich, but they become unattractive by considering their chummed nature something to be grasped.

In fact, some men who were considered very attractive by some women were also considered particularly unattractive by others.

In short, a serious effort to come to terms with Asia will reveal that it is a region with many aspects that are unattractive by Australian standards.

People compare themselves withothers in their society and a Brit faced with the minimum wage made unattractive by tax and NI prefers poverty on benefits to working poverty - perfectly rational.

In 3% of cases unattractive with is used

Overall he is not unattractive with his clothes on.

Lady Gaga is soooooo unattractive with that nose and those teeth.

I'd 19 and unattractive with the social skills of a shy 5 year old.

Western women are getting fatter and more unattractive with each passing year.

There is nothing unattractive with acts such as salaat, tawaf and the recitation of the Qur'an.

I love the ' Business Casual ' look for the way it combines unattractive with unprofessional while diminishing neither.

All mothers in law will look for fair skinned girls for their beloved sons, even if they happen to be unattractive with terrible personalities.

The coins are generally unattractive with very poor striking quality and generally dark surfaces which also tends to depress the prices in the marketplace.

Why make your content writing unattractive with obtrusive ads? The AdSense system allows you to strike a balance between your content and how your ads are displayed.

If you make the service unattractive with frequencies less than daily what do you expect? Canada does not consider rail to be part of the transportation mix anymore.

In 2% of cases unattractive about is used

We're showing everything that's unattractive about the Australian character.

And there's nothing unattractive about Ren e when she 's, uh, you know, filled out a bit.

And if you are feeling a little unattractive about your ever-expanding body, exercise can increase blood flow to your skin, giving you a healthy glow from head to toe.

Here are seven things women find unattractive about men: Some guys big themselves up so much that it would appear they're trying to prove to themselves that they're a good catch.

In 2% of cases unattractive as is used

ELLIE MAY is eighteen, and not unattractive as to figure.

In a lot of ways I'd glad I was considered unattractive as a kid -- there is an upside to ugly.

He seems to be suggesting that all parties have become equally unattractive as a result of successive decades of party politics.

Who knew? All of this is only shocking because all of these subjects, at the top and bottom of the table, seem as sexually unattractive as each other.

But if the money printing or other intervention that is being discussed occurred, then the NZD immediately becomes unattractive as a trading item (a good development).

While I genuinely enjoy his music, I can't help but notice that he seems maladjusted, dysfunctional, emotionally immature, and generally pretty unattractive as a potential beau.

There's very little chance of any growth around the existing station site in the near future and even if there was Moorhouse avenue is busy enough to make it unattractive as a terminus.

In 2% of cases unattractive because is used

Many feel desperately unattractive because of it.

Working on white farms is often unattractive because of the low wages as well as the behaviour of some farmers.

The first was to make similar acts unattractive because of public reproach and the second to entrench anti-corruption culture.

The police, teachers, nurses and other professionals whose professions where unattractive because of the meagre salaries they earned are now lucrative occupations.

In 2% of cases unattractive on is used

He was so physically unattractive on earth that it had made him shy.

Metal braces are ugly on kids and they were especially unattractive on me.

I admit that it can be unattractive on a girl, but for the most part it's fine.

For me, an untrimmed nether region is as unattractive on a female as hairy legs and underarms.

This intriguing plant is characterized by its rosette of long spiky pale green leaves that is not unattractive on the sill.

Think I am unattractive on my feet? Imagine me dropping to the ground with sheer disbelief and annoyance spread across my face.

Have you ever wondered exactly what men find unattractive on a date? A full and frank discussion of how to avoid making dating faux pas will be given,.

Many are genuinely terrified that they'll be overweight and unattractive on their wedding day or even worse won't be able to fit into their dream wedding gown.

Dark green will consider unattractive on women with brown eyes, and is greatest avoided except if put on as night make-up, or perhaps since eye liner rather than eyeshadow.

In 1% of cases unattractive at is used

That's unattractive at the smaller sales end of a spectrum.

Waiting a week or so for a stock that is unattractive at $50 to drop to a more reasonable $30 is a wiser decision.

The other option, debt market, is equally unattractive at the moment due to the uncertainty in the movement of interest rates.

If they're planning on giving up work in the very near future, the main way of buying an income for their later years (through an annuity) looks highly unattractive at the moment.

In 1% of cases unattractive due is used

More recently, however, business trusts have become even more unattractive due to changes to the Income Tax Act.

We are often seeing these funds forced into a corner of the world that is growing more and unattractive due to dwindling supply mechanics.

Many users may find MyDefrag unattractive due to its plain GUI and somewhat complicated way of accessing certain features (such as the log file and scheduling tasks).

In 1% of cases unattractive from is used

Banners are unattractive from a design standpoint and may actually make you lose business.

Thus although a modified Einsteinian view without this constraint would have seemed unattractive from Einsteins own perspective, it can not be excluded by proponents of opposing views.

In 1% of cases unattractive like is used

Yeah, love can kinda look unattractive like that.

I actually feel for him and no, I am not fat or unattractive like Ford.

In 1% of cases unattractive of is used

You really have no right at all to pretend that we think the abortion is a ' cure ', it's obnoxious, contemptuous and really very unattractive of you to do so.

Seemingly always in a relegation battle and just over ten years ago treading water in football's third tier, they would appear at first glance to be the most unattractive of options.

In 1% of cases unattractive under is used

That does not imply that Deutsche Bank finds its non-core activities unattractive in itself; the y became unattractive under the new regulation.

In 1% of cases unattractive without is used

New Hampshire showed that the Emperor Punditry has no clothes, and is unattractive without them.

And yes I can identify with this for I do today feel empty and unattractive without her who is my one true earthly companion.

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