Prepositions after "tweet"

tweet about, from, to, at or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases tweet about is used

While in Germany I would have been Tweeting about it like crazy.

Additionaly, the figure designer ASAI Masaki tweeted about his contribution.

Recently, the hit singer of Ara, Brymo, tweeted about waiting for a remix to his hit song.

This began on Wednesday when IDF began tweeting about its military operations at the Gaza Strip.

For example, if you're selling t-shirts for $15 that normally sell at stores for $30, tweet about it.

I don't follow anyone who tweets about nonsensical notions such as Harry being nominated for a Nobel.

They also tweet about some of the latest accolades their brand has received and contests they are holding.

Building schools doesn't build a pathway to empowerment anymore than tweeting about gender equality does.

For 3 extra entries each, simply follow me on Bloglovin, like my Facebook page, or Tweet about this giveaway.

Psychic Pat was in fact a bought stock photo! I quickly tweeted about this and from that I was pointed to the boards.

In 15% of cases tweet from is used

Karen McVeigh is tweeting from the court.

It is not acceptable to tweet from your mother-in-law's funeral.

If you've enabled posting with your location, they'll use Geolocation to identify where you're tweeting from.

Almost every single daily Facebook post or Tweet from Curiosity contains a photo of the Red Planet with a clever and friendly caption.

I'd pretty sure it's not just me whose indifference has turned to Olympic obsession and I'd feeling rather jealous of people with tickets and tweeting from the venues.

It is also a useful tool during the event to see who is there that you might like to network with -- simply search the hashtags to see who is present and tweeting from the event.

Whether tweeting from the comfort of your bed, or parked car, or desk: take part in welcoming some businesses who are relatively new to Twitter, gain some new followers, business connections.

Think about this way: if you tweet from New York City, odds are your European audience interaction will be less than if you were based in Paris and tweeting when everyone else was equally active.

In 9% of cases tweet to is used

Question: Is it poor etiquette/best to publicly tweet to a follower when they voice a concern or issue in their status.

Tweeting to LinkedIn when you weren't properly present there (which many were n't) made it a broadcast, not an opportunity for conversation.

Davido who is also known as ' ' Omo Baba Olowo ' ' which in english means (SON OF A RICHMAN) tweeted to fans hours ago that the abbreviation O.

The same reservation applies when I tweet to #sciencefiction since my first novel would be relegated to fantasy to most hard-core science fiction adherents.

By tweeting to them we might stir the government of Sri Lanka into action, but much more importantly we can keep Prageeth's search alive and make sure they, and.

In 7% of cases tweet at is used

There is also a lot of overlap in the words they tweet at similar frequencies, which we would expect, given that they speak the same language and share a considerable overlap in vocabulary.

In 6% of cases tweet on is used

Philip Jordan tweeted on Sunday night that as you get older, defeats get even harder to accept.

While Spies has stayed silent on his deliberations, the biggest hint that he gave came in a (now deleted) tweet on his Twitter feed, saying he would be going ' back where I belong '.

In 4% of cases tweet for is used

Meanwhile we have sports reporters (and even people tweeting for major bookmakers) saying ' odds on ' when they mean ' odds against ' (pet hate).

In 2% of cases tweet along is used

Tweet along with us with the hashtag #TextorNext and your tweets could.

In 2% of cases tweet during is used

Never at a loss to put on a show, Sutter was not only tweeting during the panel, but handing out swag to fans who correctly answered trivia questions.

In 1% of cases tweet without is used

You can easily whip it out as often as you want to tweet without getting crazy looks from the people around you.

In 1% of cases tweet with is used

So Dave can tweet with he fans.

I'll be live tweeting with the hashtag #pandadebate from 6-7pm tomorrow, and you can tweet me questions any time up to then.

In 1% of cases tweet since is used

One Twitter message I've been tweeting since morning and people have loved it.

In 1% of cases tweet like is used

This is the moron that refuses to attend the SOU speechs and tweets like a child on how he hates President Obama.

In 1% of cases tweet after is used

Tweet after tweet, line after line.

Mr Cameron even described as ' idiotic ' the Tory MP Aidan Burley, who incautiously tweeted after the show that it was ' leftie multicultural crap '.

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