Prepositions after "troublesome"

"troublesome for" or "troublesome to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases troublesome for is used

But this is troublesome for me.

All are troublesome for the US.

This could be troublesome for United.

Certain strings of nucleotides are troublesome for synthesizers and sequencers (e.

Youngsters manage not to mention have fun with that will get troublesome for attire.

I don't want to switch helpers frequently, troublesome for me and bad for my kiddies.

The Wolves trailed 2-1 heading into the third period, a period that has been troublesome for them this season.

The voiced fricative v sound is troublesome for many Spanish speakers because of its similarity to the b sound.

The show will also be all-ages which is pretty great for the kids but potentially troublesome for everyone else.

This is especially troublesome for peersons using dial-up connections, which are inherently sluggish to begin with.

In 22% of cases troublesome to is used

He was also troublesome to Zayd.

They are much more troublesome to me.

This is from troublesome to super convenient.

Indeed, the very openness that makes some people marvel is troublesome to others.

It's very troublesome to people because they have their set image of the president.

This was troublesome to the British who thought that they might have to give up India.

But the night was as troublesome to him as the day; wherefore, instead of sleeping, he spent it in sighs and tears.

Still, however, the agreement is troublesome to those worried about the ongoing nuclear weapons aspirations of India.

More troublesome to a Christian is the final *SPOILER* revelation of what Lulu experienced when she died: nothingness.

Might be good in the case of people who would pay a tax of FX is troublesome to the tax return yourself to the company and ask.

In 15% of cases troublesome in is used

Books are troublesome in that regard.

The Jews are very troublesome in Poland.

This situation is troublesome in the extreme.

We need to admire the true situation and face something troublesome in our lives.

This is one of the examples of the approach that I find troublesome in the article.

Sexing an animal can be troublesome in itself, whether or not it's relevant or useful.

As such, many have speculated as to what makes this hormone so troublesome in terms of estrogenic side effects.

A fabulous utility in a smartphone, as I've waxed lyrical before, albeit a bit troublesome in an urban environment.

It is a morpheme, a part of a word -- and one which is particularly troublesome in the complex multilingual environment which is Europe.

Tension-type headache takes a highly variable course, often beginning during the teenage years and becoming most troublesome in the 30s.

In 5% of cases troublesome of is used

They are, however, the most troublesome of invertebrates to preserve.

The commonest and most troublesome of these are the middle ear infections.

These again show that the troublesome of bringing European laws into British Isles.

Most troublesome of all, the achievement gap is increasing between high- and low-performing students.

Most troublesome of all, these are two buildings that, in essence, represent everything that the UK is.

This is the most accepted and troublesome of all characteristics, watch out for those who will surely belittle your ideas.

Roosting Birds Sparrows, starlings, and pigeons are the most troublesome of the birds commonly found in the urban environment.

Among the most troublesome of the invaders were the White Huns, who had conquered much of the northwestern section of Gupta territory by 500 CE.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is considered the most controversial and troublesome of educational and child medical issues of our day.

Unfortunately, any attempt to understand the flow of life leads into the realm of the most troublesome of the three infinities -- the infinitely complex.

In 2% of cases troublesome as is used

This makes eating a bit troublesome as the flies will just be around you.

Doing this to make a fabulous PPI reclaim are often troublesome as well as difficult to find out.

Driving into the park itself could be troublesome as the rangers would need local guides to bring you there.

Now, this becomes sort of troublesome as the person that was actually being harassed (being me) was kicked and not the harasser.

Whenever possible, just try to do things that are less taxing when your arthritis symptoms are particularly troublesome as a way of alleviating your guilt.

Couch grass and other species of Cynodon are common in East Africa, and some species are occasionally troublesome as a weed of arable land and perennial crops.

However opening in a shopping centre is much less troublesome as the mall already had building approval and the council has no control over who its tenants are.

It was normal for me to have the post workout muscle soreness, but I found it troublesome as the nature of my job requires me to walk a lot, especially after leg day.

In 2% of cases troublesome at is used

Short acting agents such as diclofenac, naproxen or ibuprofen are useful if symptoms are troublesome at specific times of day.

They are clearly unworkable and, by Bennett's own admission, they will be only selectively enforced, based on who WINZ staff decide are the most troublesome at risk clients.

According to Ogutcu, Turkey's role as an energy transit country may help it to improve its relations with Russia, which have been quite troublesome at certain times in the past.

In 2% of cases troublesome on is used

This is troublesome on two fronts.

This can prove to be costly and troublesome on the road.

It is characterised by small, very itchy pustules within the scalp, often most troublesome on the frontal hairline.

If bouncer says you had to much drink, were troublesome on a previous visit or something else, you can not do much.

Problems that are highly troublesome on a daily basis Urinary problems of bacterial origin are quite incapacitating in everyday life.

In 2% of cases troublesome with is used

There isn't really anything troublesome with following the Buddha's teaching.

I tried eating yoghurt in tiny amounts, but found it troublesome with all the numbness.

This problem can be especially troublesome with obsolete processors and small-sized dynamic memory chips.

As a rule, physical urticarias tend to improve and become less troublesome with time (often going, or being much less troublesome after 2-5 years).

Your story involves the following: you went to the doctor, discussed something troublesome with him, and found out that you had no need to be concerned at all.

Sometimes there was a buzzing or scratching sound in the instruments which came from static electricity and which is something that is always more or less troublesome with wireless telegraphy.

In 1% of cases troublesome about is used

There's a lot that's troublesome about that assertion, though.

In 1% of cases troublesome after is used

As a rule, physical urticarias tend to improve and become less troublesome with time (often going, or being much less troublesome after 2-5 years).

In 1% of cases troublesome because is used

There is no protection against employer retaliation for workers who are deemed troublesome because of their union activity.

In 1% of cases troublesome by is used

Do not think that your HR department will feel that you are just being troublesome by asking many questions.

With mild allergic rhinitis, there is no impairment of sleep, daily activities, leisure or sport; and the symptoms are not considered troublesome by the patient.

In 1% of cases troublesome due is used

But the journey back to hometown must be quite troublesome due to inevitable traffic congestion on highways caused as many people would be driving back also around the same time.

There's no reason we can't try out some of the stuff, (although the washing machine might be troublesome due to a lack of room at home, and the stairs) - and certainly change the packaging.

In 1% of cases troublesome during is used

That's what I've been trying to persuade myself whenever something has been troublesome during the pregnancy.

The drive passes through New Haven and/or Hartford, Connecticut, both of which can be troublesome during rush hour.

These feathers are often quite troublesome during the processing of live poultry into poultry meat as they are very difficult to remove.

She was, however, appreciative of the counterterrorism cooperation between both countries moving forward after having remained troublesome during the previous year.

She was, however, appreciative of the counterterrorism cooperation between the two countries moving forward after having remained troublesome during the previous year.

In 1% of cases troublesome from is used

Religion is especially troublesome from an education standpoint.

In 1% of cases troublesome inside is used

There is something troublesome inside Sony.

It says much about the youngster that he has slotted into the troublesome inside centre position with so little fuss.

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