Prepositions after "translate"

"translate into" or "translate to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases translate into is used

Translate into English for your readers.

It does not translate into ' win or lose '.

They translate into all other games as well.

This will translate into new opportunities for jobs and growth in both countries.

Even if it has an effect on rats that doesn't mean it will translate into humans.

More playoff teams translates into additional revenue for all the bean counters.

This often translates into increased productivity, better workplace relationships and improved customer service.

His plays have been translated into every major language, and are performed more often than any other playwright.

Despite the number of visitors and streams, Hulu's success doesn't translate into big business - at least not yet.

And that translates into 15 to 20 personal-care products, or more, used every day, most of them from the neck up.

In 23% of cases translate to is used

This translated to a waste of $1.

That translates to very frightened.

This global connected TV total translates to 21.

Mutah Al-Nisa translates to? pleasure of the women? and this needs no explanation.

Does speed appear to translate to an advantage in any particular sector? If we plot.

Revenues from the ads and games on Facebook's desktop App don't yet translate to phones.

It's not yet known whether Qnexa's effects on heart disease risks will translate to a lower risk of heart disease.

Even if she continues working after her maternity leave, having a child does translate to higher expenses incurred.

Physically, he's long, athletic and explosive, three qualities that translate to effective off-ball rim protection.

Having the text in your magazine translated to different languages would not be enough to get your message across.

In 6% of cases translate by is used

Translated by AbulQasim Publishing House, 1997.

Translated by Nathalie Thorne ?? Anonymous 16:27 09.

Qad often can not be translated by a separate word in English.

Please note: Degree transcripts must be officially translated by a certified translator.

I would like to buy the book by Artusi translated by Phillips so I looked in the Internet.

Translated by the Power of God God can give people special help when they need it for a righteous cause.

It was also translated by Caxton himself, from Jean de Vignay's French translation of Jacobus de Cessolis's Latin original.

Although people who do it are acting from good motives, the damage they cause could be very serious (Translated by Xiaoyu Guan).

In 6% of cases translate from is used

Translated from Fulcanelli 1964: 312.

From Sigismund Bacstrom (allegedly translated from Chaldean).

However I've become quite good at translating from Emmish to English.

This abridged version of Breivik's interview is translated from Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende.

For the first few months I was translating from English to Spanish in my head when I spoke and listened.

Translation? S i! Melanie Taylor Hererra's fiction translated from the Spanish by Christina Vega Westhoff.

Translated from Urdu by Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan Truthfulness One of the natural qualities of man is truthfulness.

As I've found to be true with other thrillers translated from Japanese, the writing style is straightforward but uninspired.

In 3% of cases translate in is used

OTC is translated in the cytosol, and then enters mitochondria.

Currency crises in industrialised countries do not translate in this way.

Energy saving means saving of electricity; which in the long run translates in saving money.

Read out, translate in your mother tongue, or ask the child to read out some words - whatever.

That has translated in them buying far fewer US Treasury bonds and USD with their hard currencies.

Mr Tey is also in the process of writing his second book, which will be translated in Chinese and published by Amazon.

The locations of both Menouthesias and Rhapta have confounded scholars since the Periplus was first translated in 1912.

Fifthly, trade shocks also translate into financial turmoil in developing countries because of balance-of-payments problems, and because foreign exchange is a big part of the GDP.

I'd rather have a strong image, a strong concept in a poem that can be translated in many different ways without some poor soul stressed that the spirit has been captured, but not the form.

In 2% of cases translate as is used

The term Haudenosaunee is a variant of a western Iroquoian dialect that is generally translated as the People of the Longhouse.

Alferez was a rank sometimes translated as an ensign but it was between a noncommissioned and commissioned officer rank and so may be more akin to today's rank of Warrant Officer.

In 2% of cases translate for is used

One in particular was fully in harmony with what you translated for us.

I have to translate for Lisa whenever we're around my side of the family.

It makes it much easier when the person translating for you understands and embodies the concepts you're teaching.

Abel also did quite a bit of translating for me during the time I spent teaching the children about the Brosis values.

Could you send me a few phrases that are in english and urdu? Or should I come up with a short list that you could translate for me.

We approached him and this guy did not speak any English, but the man sitting next to him spoke great English and said he would translate for us.

In 1% of cases translate between is used

Finally, it should be noted that translating between estimates that rely on the various definitions using time-to-death ratios 13 is relatively straightforward.

In 1% of cases translate on is used

It was not by accident that it was translated on YouTube into Arabic.

What do you mean by news and entreviews? Coz drama related stuff is usuallu translated on kpop websites and such.

Ugandan officials said the DRC is yet to raise financing for marking the borders, whose description on paper by the colonial governments was never translated on the ground.

In 1% of cases translate through is used

First, Swedish law is kind of being translated through the UK right now.

Do you? That's why I made the comment that Swedish law is being translated through a British lens into the United States.

Many luxury brands tend to take a slightly arrogant and exclusive stance to communicating with their following, and this clearly translates through social media.

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