Prepositions after "transform"

"transform into", "transform by" or "transform from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases transform into is used

The vampires can transform into bats at will.

You morph and transform into this hard, angry thing.

Then, Nepal could not be transformed into a Christian state.

It might start off as a parenting blog but often transforms into something else.

The congeries of highrise blocks is transformed into teeth about to take a bite.

Once on the other side, the journey transformed into one of bliss and wonderment.

The do-it-yourself brash capitalism has been transformed into a sharing, caring, community-centred welfarism.

These two fellows record spontaneous unpredictable sound which is recorded and transformed into recorded pieces.

The incremental steps now have to be transformed into a complete and rounded strategy that locks in the politics.

Like Burgess St, Marriner St east would be transformed into a single shared space with no kerbs or road markings.

In 12% of cases transform from is used

It can only be transformed from one form to another, in this case from good to bad.

It had been transformed from a dirty old coal basket and was now clean, inside and out.

To see him transform from an aloof and quiet young man to a ruthless kingpin is remarkable.

He was transformed from a womaniser, alcohol abuser and a hard smoker to a serious child of God.

Tony observed Peter physically transform from an anxious and fearful body to one of peace and wonder.

The patient giggles again, transformed from a stone-faced zombie into a little girl with a secret joke.

Objects fade, the stain of time on the tattered form, they transform from functional objects to useless waste.

If a Manchester encoded signal is inverted in communication, it is transformed from one convention to the other.

Transform from being boring and regularly clothed, to sporting a vicious looking open mouthed Raptor with the Raptor Hoodie.

By combining this level of graphics, a plain photograph is transformed from just a photograph to an expression of personality.

In 11% of cases transform by is used

Then his face is transformed by a wide-mouthed grin.

But today I have been transformed by the Holy Spirit, and I.

I believe societies are transformed by artiste and creative people.

Both our flesh, and our spirit must be washed and transformed by baptism.

Banking is one area that is being transformed by mobile, but not the only one.

Our lives and are work are continually being positively transformed by mindful compassion and practice.

However, since those days, the city has been transformed by various regeneration projects and rejuvenation efforts.

Someone fished out his phone and we googled it, and read the real life stories of the women who have been transformed by this group.

He ate every last trace of fig and strawberry and grape and kiwi, transformed by her love blender into a warm and salty tropical fruit yoghurt.

Another source of information for your research, conferences or other gatherings held domestically or abroad, also probably will be much transformed by 2020.

In 5% of cases transform in is used

I found that Konkani was not yet transformed in that way.

Effective marketing techniques transform in a short time online.

The truth is that the handbag trend has transformed in a big way.

The art of the past has been transformed in this contemporary image world.

Pew concludes that Asian American religions are being transformed in the United States.

The social and political position of women was transformed in various aspects, despite predictable resistance.

Obviously, this is a touristic attraction as everything transforms in one big and exciting reason to celebrate until dawn.

I pray that God gives me the courage to move forward and that I am transformed in such a way that I live a life of no regrets.

This still developing nation is indeed being transformed in many ways, but the transformation has yet to reach most of the population.

However, these influences were absorbed and transformed in keeping with the felt needs and imperatives of Japanese culture as popularly understood.

In 5% of cases transform to is used

As we transform to wards that we have to over come our problems.

An xslt module that allows you to apply xsl transforms to the trees created by the XML.

AD later changed to AC (Action Congress) and later transformed to Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).

The saved benefits were using in capacity building of the organization as it later transformed to a bank.

In the past fifty years, much of the world has been economically transformed to a greater degree than in the previous thousand.

Snapshots of a reaction path which can be transformed to an animated (SVG) presentation available via the HTML version of this article.

The story is set in a modern background of a small town, but with its many twist and turns you will be transformed to a different world altogether.

Item scores for each dimension are coded, summed and transformed to a scale from 0 (worst possible health state measured by the questionnaire) to 100 (best possible health state).

Generally speaking, different fluorescent materials emit different kinds of light and the efficiency for UV light to be transformed to invisible light is approximately forty percent.

In 1% of cases transform as is used

The participants themselves testified that their lives had been transformed as a result of the trainings they had received.

Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

In 1% of cases transform between is used

It seems evident that designers can readily transform between these representation methods.

In 1% of cases transform of is used

Conceptually, this transformation is similar to the modulus of a 2-D Fourier transform of the spectrogram, localized at each acoustic frequency 18.

Modulation rate tuning computed in this way was similar to that computed from the modulation transfer function (MTF) (modulus of the 2-D Fourier transform of the fitted STRF 7).

In 1% of cases transform on is used

We asked him to sing something appropriate and when he sang the song from Jesus Christ, Superstar, he was just transformed on the camera monitor I had on the table in front of me.

In 1% of cases transform through is used

The victim is no longer the victimised as they are transformed through the action into an intermediary of cosmic justice.

In 1% of cases transform with is used

To the Tathagata, Transforming with Purity, I prostrate.

Once an industrial site, home of a crusher plant, the city side has been transformed with new homes.

Latterly, however, the situation has been transformed with the advent of meteorological satellites capable of continuous systematic monitoring of the dynamics of vegetation growth over large areas.

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