Prepositions after "transfer"

transfer to, from, into, between or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases transfer to is used

Transfer to your hotel in town.

Transfer to Waikkal and check-in.

Transfer to a warmed plate and rub the.

In the evening, transfer to a typical Nepali restaurant for dinner and cultural show.

We also took some family photos and waited to be transferred to the maternity ward.

Of course, if it is books you want have one transferred to your preferred location.

After breakfast collect your staff and transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport via Arusha town for your connection flight.

Transfer to your hotel with the rest of the day at leisure to relax or do some last minute shopping with overnight.

In the step named Scanning Data, you will have to choose the items that you want to transfer to your Windows Phone.

This was an advantage for participants since airtime can be transferred to others and used as a kind of currency.

In 13% of cases transfer from is used

He had to transfer from Sevier Middle to Northwood Middle.

The company is running a transfer from GoDaddy to Namecheap.

A bonus can not be transferred from one account to another.

Porter, Juneau? s executive officer, transferred from the cruiser to Mansfield.

The capital of the Roman Empire transferred from Rome to Constantinople in 330AD.

Why it was transferred from BT without a chance to change at the time, escapes me.

They could be transferred from one state to another, possibly following the model of tradable emission permits.

Libero Kristen Moncks, who transferred from Medicine Hat College this year, had 16 digs in her home debut with TWU.

Both deposit and RCL payments are required when students transfer from an ESF primary school to an ESF secondary school.

As soon as the test is performed, the data is transferred from the lab equipment to the HIS for authorization purpose.

In 4% of cases transfer into is used

Seeing this, Das Ganu's pity was transferred into admiration.

Rollover amount The amount that is transferred into the RDSP.

All 10 can be effectively transferred into a business environment.

McCarren has now been able to get the tickets transferred into his name -- but not without some effort.

Periko Alonso's position and the role he played on the field was directly transferred into his youngest son.

The injury data were extracted, coded, and transferred into SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) version 11.

He then transferred into a dinghy which capsized in five feet of water; he and two NCOs had to wade ashore near Quend Plage.

Naturally, the tapes were all ' upside-down ' so had to be transferred into another bucket so they would be the right way up.

Meanwhile the thinking public are obliged to look on in despair as yet more of our money is transferred into private foreign hands.

However, teachers might not transfer into a new jurisdiction at the same salary level and will probably need to take some additional courses.

In 2% of cases transfer between is used

You can transfer between funds.

Only about 2% of our undergraduates have ever transferred between degrees.

How can I check the current exchange rate before I make a transfer between my U.

A charge not exceeding $250 for transferring between units, at the request of the tenant.

Everyday, new websites are made and billions of bytes of data are transferred between users.

Bits per second (bps ): The unit used to measure how fast data is transferred between two computers.

By then, all the flights of China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines will be performed at T1, shortening time for passengers transferring between planes.

Is there a limit to the amount I can transfer between my Royal Bank and RBC Bank accounts? Online transfers are limited to $25,000 (CAD or USD) per transaction.

This means a direct rail link to both TBS and Putra bus stations, all of which makes for a quicker, cheaper and more efficient way to transfer between terminals.

Why aren't all my accounts showing up in the drop down list? Only valid linked accounts with appropriate access levels will show in the drop down list when you are transferring between your accounts.

In 2% of cases transfer by is used

Others are expected be transferred by the end of the month.

Heat is transferred by conduction, convection and radiation.

On mid night you will be transferred by your safari vehicle to the base of Oldoinyo Lengai mountain.

All communications transferred by reptiles are done so by visual symbolic representations, each having specific meaning.

Transfer by road through the scenically beautiful Great Rift Valley down to Loldia House, nestling on the shores of Lake Naivasha.

Example: Former home has ceased to be usual place of residence An employee is transferred by his employer from Sydney to Newcastle.

One of the hallmarks in the general practice in Bangladesh judicial system is that criminal cases can not be transferred by trial courts.

Example: Former home continues to be usual place of residence An employee is transferred by his employer from Sydney to Newcastle to help install a new item of plant.

If we assume that the responsibility was transferred by inference when DDOT was split from DPW, then the list of such locations should be available from them, of course.

After Lunch at a nice sport, we continue down hill to Sin Chai Village where we spend an hour visiting this pretty Black H'mong village before transferring by car to Sapa.

In 2% of cases transfer in is used

Thanks Sandeep, Previous rejections will not impact H-1 transfer in this case.

You will then be transfered in your 4 X 4 cross country vehicles into the Mirabeau Hotel.

He replaces Vrushabarajendramurthy who has been transferred in the same capacity to Mandya district.

Properties can be transferred in two ways: inter vivos (in life) transfers and mortis causa (after death) transfers.

The stronger your systems, training and support, the better the concept will transfer in the form you want it to operate.

A 10MB music file, for example, would be transferred in 2 seconds, whilst a 1GB video file would take only around 3 minutes.

Share this quote Kaffee: Kaffee has just asked why Santiago hadn't packed despite being due to be transferred in a few hours after the time of his death.

In 1% of cases transfer at is used

Whilst in some societies, rings are transferred at the betrothal phase; in the UK this happens at the time of the wedding.

And then they'd transfer at the end of the first semester and Austen would get a single and Charlotte would move in with Emily and they'd watch Tim Burton.

Such hosting plans always come with clauses that restrict how much bandwidth you can transfer at a given moment, how much CPU usage you can use (which is arbitrarily decided ), and so forth.

In 1% of cases transfer for is used

Transfer for illegal purpose 84.

If you pass those courses, they automatically transfer for full credit when you enroll in one of.

A new wing was built in suburban Kew where new mothers and their babies were transferred for several days.

Much like the US grand jury, if a case is established then the matter would have been transferred for trial to the Crown Court.

Monitoring of the proportion of calls that were transferred for counselling was also undertaken by the telecentre service in those States using this service.

In 1% of cases transfer onto is used

Tenom was where we would transfer onto the rails for a short journey to our rafting start point.

I'd wondering how well books formatted for Kindle will transfer onto the Fire and how easily it will deal with images.

An interactive text is not -- or rather should not be -- just a book transferred onto a disk and read on a computer screen.

Fratton Station: Wounded troops from Normandy were transferred onto hospital trains here, to be moved to hospitals outside the city.

Thehouseofem picked up a piece to transfer onto her own plate, licked the oily residue off her fingers and was already delighted by the taste.

In 1% of cases transfer out is used

Several months later, he was transferred out of internal affairs.

Money can be deposited, withdrawn or transferred out of a HK bank account freely without paying any taxes, including withholding taxes.

Why don't you take them to court for defamation? I ask him about the billions he transferred out of Pakistan before the nuclear bomb detonation.

In 1% of cases transfer through is used

Securities can be transferred through electronic book entry.

Motion is easily Troy Polamalu Nike Jersey transferred through the mattress decreasing the quality of sleep for couples.

Dr Chuck Gerba, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, studied how diseases are transferred through the environment.

Blood is pouring out of the new hole, as I become rather agitated, seeing the precision and power that he can transfer through such a tiny needle.

The funds were transferred through Citibank Mexico and Citibank New York to private banking investment accounts in Citibank London and Citibank Switzerland.

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