Prepositions after "trample"

"trample on", "trample by" or "trample upon"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases trample on is used

Wouldn't want to trample on their precious rights as an individual.

In order to reach his goal, he is prepared to trample on his closest friends.

No man would dare to put me under his control because I would trample on him until he dies.

The government could easily provide contraception without trampling on religious freedom.

Clear evidence that Salmond's slavish New-Labour-like courting of the rich can end up trampling on the lives of Scots like they were just little more than an inconvenience.

But the issue should not be pushed too far, PAGE 8 certainly not to the point where we are in danger of trampling on the sacred right of the youngster to self-determination.

She knew how much he adored her, an adoration found one in a thousand and she just trampled on it, for some SEX, if she expected more from Rupert she should have broken up with Rob.

What the secessionist clan has done and continue to do is to flagrantly trample on these regions rights to self-determination, occupy their regions and force them to join their secession.

In 15% of cases trample upon is used

Individual liberties and rights were trampled upon.

We must push back against his contraception mandate that tramples upon religious liberty.

It would be a tragedy if it were trampled upon by a child hurtling through the darkening green.

He is overseeing every human activity on earth, taking note of where He is honoured and glorified or dishonoured and trampled upon.

A world of fear and treachery and torment, a world of trampling and being trampled upon, a world which will grow not less but more merciless as it refines itself.

They worry that because the Palestinian cause matters so deeply to so many Muslims, Israel's legitimate interests are trampled upon, in the unswerving desire to placate Muslim opinion.

In 14% of cases trample by is used

Gold-and-Purple was trampled by Blue-and-White.

The restored nation is still being trampled by the Gentiles.

Petersburg and Shakhtar Donetsk before being trampled by Manchester City in the Europa League.

His head was shaven and his leg was injured from a day he was trampled by a mob fleeing security gun fire.

Trampling by careless visitors, and overcollection of their food source can also have an impact on local populations.

My mum's friend's wife actually went to Spain to protest against the cruelty -- she saw a man nearly get trampled by a bull and ran to push him out of the way.

The Imam's body was trampled by his enemies ' horses, his head was severed, and even the tattered cloth with which he had hoped to preserve his modesty was snatched off him.

And do not allow me to be trampled by the devil, but guide me in justice and strengthen me in your courage, that I may praise and offer hymns to you, since you are blessed forever.

He suffered from severe physical abnormalities and attributed them to the fact that while in utero, his pregnant mother was trampled by an escaped elephant during a visit to a local fair.

In 7% of cases trample over is used

He again was seen dropping it down and trampling over it.

Any steps to prevent that will need to carefully avoid trampling over privacy issues.

You will trample over the evil army of poor souls who are being dictated to by Satan and they will be powerless against you.

In 3% of cases trample under is used

Her reputation was trampled under the feet of all men.

In 1% of cases trample with is used

Winston G 12/29/2010 - 1:05 PM Justice is TOO IMPORTANT a matter to be trampled with.

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