Prepositions after "top"

top of, in, on, with or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 82% of cases top of is used

Tony Abbott is top of the list.

On top of which nobody likes it.

The bathrooms are top of the line.

The struggle for restoring political democracy had to be top of the agenda in March 1977.

Also managed to get a photograph of USS Intrepid which was visited after Top of the Rock.

Also I deleted the person that was on the top of that list with the insane number of -798.

These days, rigs costing $300,000 are not even top of the range! But you don't need to spend anything like that amount.

The Aussies are top of the standings, largely thanks to the 16-3 hiding they gave to our wonderful hosts Great Britain.

From the top of Romney's button down to the bottom of the black checkbox beside Obama's name was all active for Romney.

In 4% of cases top in is used

Either could be top in the end.

Oh Coyin was Top in the World AS.

And Ronaldo is top in Europe at the moment.

I was the top in my class, above the chinese and I went on to graduate uni as a teenager.

Shiang was top in AS Level Literature in English, while Zhan was top in IGCSE Level Economics.

Oh yes, plastic surgery is top in South Korea! That's one reason why they have such great skin.

He took a more rigorous class load, was top in many areas (academics, arts/music, athletics ), and was just a plain nice kid.

I was top in my school at the KCPE 's, and I landed somewhere in the middle of the class during my first year of high school.

Each of these, along with Psychology were top in Scotland, and in all, nine subject areas were ranked in the top ten UK-wide.

Anyway, I don't mind if japanese songs become top in Asia because I started to appreciate more of japanese songs few years ago.

In 4% of cases top on is used

Vivien Leigh is top on my list.

Needless to say, Zara was top on my list.

A win for Azam FC will make them top on 21 points.

Even today, the McLaren F1 is still top on the list and outperforms many other supercars.

As it stands, Ennis is still top on 4158 points, ahead of Austra Skujte, who has just jumped 6.

According to the good professor, a research on express bus drivers on crack was not top on its list.

Malaria is usually top on the list of visitors ' worries, and prevention goes a long way towards keeping you protected.

The immediate rehabilitation of the thousands of displaced Nigerians, occasioned by floods should be top on your agenda.

Malaria This is normally top on the list of visitorsT worries, and prevention goes a long way towards keeping you protected.

Malaria: This is usually top on the list of visitors ' worries, and prevention goes a long way towards keeping you protected.

In 3% of cases top with is used

Apple came top with a score of 84.

Its starts att he top with Farrell.

Immediately top with cheese slices.

China are still top with 17 golds, the US second with 12 and South Korea third with six.

Top with the lamb filling, compacting it into an even layer with the back of a wooden spoon.

Whilst family was top with 97%, followed by interests (87% ), religion ranked bottom at 48%.

China was top with 47 per cent, ahead of Japan (31 per cent ), Czech Republic (30 per cent) and France (29 per cent).

Barca are top with 12 points from four games, two ahead of second-placed Malaga who were 3-1 winners at home to Levante.

What's important is that both team are level on three points; they beat Congo 2-0 but we are top with a better goal ratio.

Out of all her pieces, this outfit with its tailored look and collared top with simple yet intricate patterns caught my eye.

In 2% of cases top for is used

Drama - Top for Teaching in the North West.

Sweden currently comes top for both infrastructure and ecosystem.

Aim too low and you will be top for a search that no body performs.

What's interesting is that the school regularly came top for average grades of all subjects.

Backlinks, great content and all the other things in the pyramid are still top for me time-wise.

In 2005 it was top for sound money, but it is no surprise that that has slipped with the printing presses.

Hertha had not beaten Bayern in Berlin since 2001 and the victory took them top for the first time since October 2006.

Keywords: Of course you can also target users based on keywords and ensure your tweet appears top for certain searches.

However, the top set is top for a reason and i would not take my chances in second set if it were not a Utopian setting.

The goal is not simply to be top, but to be top for a reason, which is to drive business growth, revenues and customer trust.

In 1% of cases top at is used

Taliban killed twenty, Nato five Who would be top at the end of the season.

Did I use being top at some university maths subjects as evidence I understand climate modeling? No.

A win on Saturday puts us back on top, with man u travelling to chelsea we could still be top at the close of play on sunday.

I think Chelsea are going to find some harsh truths based on that schedule -- if they are still top at the start of Dec it will be on merit.

In 1% of cases top down is used

Its about commons for Marx not top down bureaucracy.

Looking at your whole program or delivery is top down thinking.

These are top down committees? This has been a real problem up to now.

It is top down corruption, starting with our peripatetic Prez, Dr Dunno-What's-Happening.

There are top down initiatives designed to improve both government and governance in the state.

Churches are not democratic organizations that accept input from all followers, they are top down authoritarian.

It's been top down, mostly behind closed doors, and what appears to be a highly selective process; whatever fits in with their agenda.

Notably, Michael Fullan argues that vision building rests heavily on the shoulders of micro leaders as top down visions can be blinding.

I would argue that the language of commerce with it's top down judgements and the ridiculous drive to value assess ' social capital ' is part of the problem.

I don't think we have top down manipultions by the likes of the Koch Brothers so much as a bottom up movement of people seeking to believe what is comfortable for them to believe.

In 1% of cases top off is used

Another sign is that you have to frequently top off the fluid.

Trouser socks, a belt and a blazer of some sort usually top off the look you are aiming for.

To make an Americano, simply top off the mug with hot water, or add hot milk for a creamy latte.

So by the end of the game you'll be looking for specific mods that really top off your play style.

Not once did the waiter ever come over to see how things were, to apologize or even top off our wine.

Should you be that related to keeping any savings safe and sound, you ' deborah be top off selecting gilts.

Desserts, of course, are amazing, so top off your meal with a slice of taro cake or a dish of mango pudding.

What was the NPRF doing investing with NY based hot shots, Broadway were top off the market, fire, aim later types.

People need to realize that there's absolutely no point in topping off people when the next damage burst is coming in, say, 10+ seconds when you could use efficient heals to slowly top off the raid.

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