Prepositions after "thrust"

"thrust into" or "thrust upon"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases thrust into is used

She was thrust into it after the downfall of her husband.

The entire world is at their mercy and has been thrust into turmoil.

Conclusion Henderson was thrust into the public spotlight against his will.

No one is benefitting from this scandal, but of course they're all being thrust into the spotlight.

They've been replaced by 23 true freshmen, many of whom are being thrust into playing time already.

He was thrust into the role of commander in chief while war was still underway in Europe and the Pacific.

A window-pane was broken in exactly one place in all the rooms through which the rifles must have been thrust into the room.

It was most unfortunate in the critical derby last season that Park was suddenly thrust into the side, after not starting since January.

Earlier in the day, The Daily Star reached Delowar, who was thrust into the spotlight over the nation's deadliest factory fire in history.

In 19% of cases thrust upon is used

Now UCI is having verification thrust upon it.

If a new task is thrust upon you, you can estimate whether it is practical.

I don't love the almost complete isolation that any chronic illness can thrust upon a person.

So every district in Sri Lanka has its own demographic difference, however if we are to look at the provincial councils, it was thrust upon us.

In the debate over whether America was born great, achieved greatnes or had greatness thrust upon her, the only possible conclusion must be: all three.

The assumptions of the invader had already proven false, and agonizing reappraisal had been thrust upon the planners in North Korea, and in the regions beyond the Yalu and the Tumen.

In 8% of cases thrust in is used

So I stayed at home and practiced straight thrusts in quarte and sixte to a fireside armchair.

Poor old Mauro Boselli, who had never played for a club outside Argentina, was thrust in immediately in August 2010.

Therefore, the construction of state-owned water-points became a second thrust in influencing property rights of pastoralists.

No matter how many times I correct him (usually via a post-it note thrust in his face while he's on the phone ), he keeps making this mistake.

Fowler questions himself:? Was I so different from Pyle, I wondered? Must I too have my foot thrust in the mess of life before I saw the pain? (p.

However, the other three -- James McCarthy, James McArthur and Shaun Maloney were given a period of months before being thrust into regular first team action.

On the one hand I could be met with fistfuls of dollars being thrust in my face, on the other I could be escorted to a van and be kept away from sharp objects for the rest of my life.

In 5% of cases thrust on is used

As is usual with those things, the hope of an expectant British nation was thrust on her slender shoulders.

In 5% of cases thrust through is used

The edge near the tip was thicker to increase the durability during thrusting through harder targets.

And as they did so little bands of black-uniformed men appeared remotely, thrusting through the crowds towards the Council House.

Type XVII featured stiff and narrow blade to thrust through the gap of armor, thus its cross section was different from the cut and thrust or cutting oriented swords.

In 4% of cases thrust onto is used

Within days of his wife's assassination in late December Mr Zardari was thrust onto the political centre-stage.

Thrust onto the international stage last April during the World Twenty20 in the West Indies, Dockrell has shown a maturity and composure which belies his age.

In 4% of cases thrust to is used

Wherever whales were to be found they were very sure to feel the harpoon thrust to their vitals by a Vineyard arm.

And then Dusty bounces upright, riding out with the now trademark Hail Mary claim of arms thrust to the sky, like a gymnast on the vaulting horse.

But over a year ahead of the end date, the subject of Bernanke's position as top dog at the American central bank has been thrust to the fore thanks the US election.

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