Prepositions after "tender"

tender for, to, in, with or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases tender for is used

MA Mannan (Retd) submitted tender for Tk.

The 2 coin is legal tender for any amount.

The government has floated a tender for the design.

Additionally, the response from the tender for Marcus Garvey Drive is being evaluated.

The ministry had been surprised and pleased at the interest in the current tender for 6.

The Office of Public Works this week advertised the tender for the information booklets.

So it came as a little bit of a surprise that yesterday the Agency issued a new tender for insolvency professionals.

If you could recruit a chartered engineer then you will get much higher registration and tender for large contracts.

In 1804, John Duncan? s tender for building a bridge over the ricer between the Rock and Falmouth for the sum of 426.

A question hangs over the market however after the unsuccessful tender for a third licence in late 2008 / early 2009.

In 11% of cases tender to is used

The area is tender to the touch.

The Fates will be as tender to thee as I should.

Perfectly rendered duck fat, tender to the teeth.

It should be put out to Tender to the best global bidder and all the NBN people fired.

An Argyle purplish red diamond, extremely rare and up for tender to the highest bidder.

A father, though gentle is often strict, but a mother is always tender to her children.

The Royal party will walk past a Guard of Honour of Chelsea Pensioners before they board the tender to HMY Britannia.

My heart, which had once been so tender to my child, was quickly hardening as I attempted to hold my family together.

I also had a painful lump in my armpit which was tender to the touch and had been concerning me for a couple of months.

My upper left arm was swollen and already turning blue--the left shoulder and collarbone stiff and tender to the touch.

In 10% of cases tender in is used

Nielsen won the tender in 2007.

His manner was tender in the extreme.

She was tender in her RIF with guarding.

The first episode was before I became born again while i was tender in my college days.

The first of these petroleum and gas areas would be released for tender in the near future.

There is something indescribably touching and tender in the description of these characters.

Boil the rice until they are almost done but it should not be completely tender as rice will be fully tender in daam).

I love our ability to uncover something inherently human and tender in a thread on Reddit and turn it into film or art.

As mentioned, the soft-tissues, especially muscle, are tenderer in fibromyalgia but the skin is also overly sensitive.

He is compassionate and clement toward those heedless of His remembrance, and loving and tender in drawing them to His door.

In 8% of cases tender with is used

Tender with a buttery succulence.

It was meltingly tender with a great taste.

This flaky and tender with the porkiness coming through.

Be tender with yourself and know that you are stronger than any criticism out there.

A baked chocolate doughnut, tender with ground almonds and rich in chocolate flavour.

All the meat items were cooked to a perfect tender with just the right amount of flavor.

Ayala tendered PNB Ayala tendering Bayan Ayala in tender with Phes Ayala Hedged by 2017 carlorocci I don't know if.

A four and five pickup place is a must stop restaurants, as the CFS will be fresh and tender with good sopping gravy.

It is flavorful without having becoming gamey, it is tender with no getting greasy, and it can be ready just like steak.

I am tender with the children and I humour their childish whims; my own are in a foster home and indifferently cared for.

In 6% of cases tender of is used

Power to direct tender of pardon 338.

But he would be infinitely patient, infinitely tender of her.

A charge was given to the Israelites to be very tender of strangers, ver.

We must be tender of the credit and safety of those that can not help themselves, ver.

Demand or tender of delivery may be treated as ineffectual unless made at a reasonable hour.

The MAMAs has been the most tender of babies but now it's growing and it's time to branch out.

Lucius will bear the risk of loss of goods until tender of delivery at which time the risk of loss will shift to you.

The latter seems to be the case for the leaders of these countries and they are not very tender of the interests of those who dissent.

Calvin Brown from CA united states follows style, and tender of buying honourable as the majority of housewives and appropriation girls do.

We stayed with him (the Holy Prophet) for twenty nights, and as the Messenger of Allah may peace be upon him) was extremely kind and tender of heart, he.

In 5% of cases tender on is used

Land your tender on the beach to the west of the jetty.

My achilles has seemed tender on that side too, so I wonder if.

It was extremely tender on the side and directly above the nipple.

Early experiments with radio took place with a Crossley tender on Epsom Downs in 1920.

Now that is being reinstated and the regulator has recently issued a tender on Quality.

The veal head was light and crispy on the outside, and was soft and tender on the inside.

August 1956, Elvis begins shooting his first movie, Love Me Tender on loan-out from Paramount to Twentieth Century Fox.

On extraoral examination, there was a diffuse bony swelling of the left maxilla which was slightly tender on palpation.

Tendering for a mail contract Australia Post advertises mail contracts for tender on its website and in local newspapers.

In 3% of cases tender at is used

This book was so funny and so tender at the same time.

The seller may withdraw any tender at any time prior to acceptance.

This book, Tender at the Bone ' is the first of two memoirs by Reichl.

I made these today and they tasted great, plus the potatoes were crispy and tender at the same time.

Arthur Tay, chairman of ONE15 Marina Club, headed a group that withdrew their tender at the last minute.

But, overall, I highly recommend Tender at the Bone to anyone who likes to cook, eat, or read a good book.

But it also knows that it has to be tender at times as well so as to not make either Akito or Akiko come across as bad people.

The Pavilions are the first locations in the world to operate on Ven, which can be used as tender at any Pavilion or traded among HubCulture.

They may come and go with your menstrual period, becoming larger and more tender at the beginning of your period and disappearing at the end.

His kiss became more tender at the same time, and it was such an embarrassingly sensual feeling I broke free and buried my face in his shoulder.

In 3% of cases tender by is used

Young game animals are tender by nature.

Marina Bay Sands was built won the tender by Las Vegas Sands.

Cook till potatoes are tender by covering the top of the handi.

A marinade adds flavor to foods and makes them more tender by beginning the breakdown process of cooking.

He said the government has a plan to float tender by November and start the construction work by February next.

Ruz wrote: Under CER Australian firms are able to bid for projects put up for tender by the NZ Government and vice-versa.

Therefore, late submissions are not to be accepted, unless there has clearly been a mishandling of the tender by the agency.

My Thursday treatment was acupuncture and my calf was so tender by the end of the day I figured there was no point in running.

The state-run energy corporation Petrobangla said after getting approval of the model PSC it will invite tender by next month.

She ceased the opportunity when the Kutkut Mwo Materials Recovery Facility was put out on tender by the Kosrae state government.

In 2% of cases tender as is used

The Seekh kebabs - Just as juicy and tender as the first time round.

But the upper lip area? As sensitive and tender as the day I was born.

Now, I sit writing, my body itching and tender as a result of my savage shaving.

So we usually find our green design elements are slashed after tender as the budget is never large enough.

It can easily make the meat more tender as well as tasteful when glazed with the mouth watering berry wines.

My stoma/bowel is incredibly active and quite tender as a result so that's been added to the pain management schedule.

Was Elvis A Racist? Shortly after Elvis died, James Brown recorded Love Me Tender as the b-side of his hit record The Spank.

Lynch, presenting some sort of exposed style inside black-jack shoe; each and every photo seemed to be tender as well as hot.

The position did not have to be advertised or put out for tender as the only legislative requirement when choosing an integrity auditor was that they be a lawyer.

In 2% of cases tender from is used

Could just be tender from the diarrhoea.

I embarked by a tender from the Liverpool pierhead.

Crunchy from the fried cereal yet tender from the shrimp.

On this evaluation, the tender from EcoSecurities Ltd was recommended as the most advantageous.

But he's got a pretty stinging message to a party that's still emotionally tender from last week.

Emily is pregnant, heavier than normal, I'd sure hormonal and tender from the pregnancy, and showing.

The chicken was so tender from the prolonged yet gentle simmering, the meat was practically falling off the bones.

Now it can receive tender from any satellite manufacturer to beef up its stock and market the service all over the world.

I'd still a little bit tender from the morning spanking, but I haven't actually thought about it since Cassie mentioned it.

Select tender from expressions of interest -- to establish a panel through this method, the appropriate notice must be published.

In 1% of cases tender without is used

It was tender without a hint of sinew and had a lovely, natural flavor.

The freshly fried batter never fails to crunch under the bite and the chicken meat is moist and tender without fail.

Meat tenderizer can help to make a steak more tender without overdoing the butter, but usually takes more time to work, ie marinating for 24 hours.

It is arguably risky to focus exclusively on family material, but the gamble paid off because the improvisations were tender without once descending into introspective noodling.

Super 8 is everything you could possibly want from a summer blockbuster: it's accessible without being limp; it's tender without being trite; spectacular without being show-offy.

In 1% of cases tender about is used

There was something tender about the way it was.

I couldn't have been so supportive and tender about it.

There is nothing tender about driving at the age of 12, just scary.

Women prefer men who have something tender about them especially the legal kind.

In 1% of cases tender towards is used

She seemed solicitous and tender towards Sid.

It is natural for us to love our children and to be tender towards them.

See how far you can feel gentle, friendly, tender towards those sensations, just accepting the body as it is.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) was most affectionate and tender towards his family and he exhorted his followers to be the same.

They are also tender towards their clients and also ensure they administer service that is aimed at the well being of the client.

This one is more satisfying, being quite tender towards the lovable main character and really quite heartbreaking in its conclusion.

When dawn broke I could see a channel marker and I upped anchor and towed the yacht with the tender towards it and joyfully discovered my position.

But the most wonderful and important thing about him is that he has a heart that is tender towards the things of the Lord and desires to grow in Christ-likeness.

Loyal to friends and colleagues, tender towards his opponents and nice to everybody -- irrespective of position -- this thoroughly decent man was genuinely liked and missed on all sides.

In 1% of cases tender over is used

Saut onions in butter until tender over medium heat (10 mins).

Dr G recorded that on examination her knee was tender over her medial joint line but was otherwise stable.

Treated dysplastic lesions become red, scaly and tender over several days then erode or ulcerate with continued treatment.

When seen at the local health center, she had pyrexia and was tender over both the left maxillary and left frontal sinuses.

The Blind Biddy Hedge School won the tender over an outrageous bid from Indekon (which the IFTG Board chuckled out of the playground to immense glee).

December 5, 2011 6:31 AM HKT Sore foot: - (Not sure what I have done to it but the ball on my left foot has been really tender over the last few days and has made skipping a killer.

In 1% of cases tender Like is used

Meat was juicy and tender like butter.

Some of the tribes will enter Jannah whose hearts will be soft and tender like the hearts of birds.

It should be soft and tender like braised meat with crispy skin that any chef worth their salt should accomplish easily, but not here.

In 1% of cases tender before is used

A Similarly, the bidder may withdraw his tender before acceptance.

Many healthy women find that their breasts feel lumpy and tender before a period.

With a Defence setting up a tender before action, the sum of money alleged to have been tendered must be brought into Court.

With a defence or affidavit setting up a tender before action, the sum of money alleged to have been tendered must be brought into Court.

The design team engaged by the Department then undertook a serious due diligence of the tender before submitting their report to the Department.

When you are willing to go ask someone trustworthy for advice, it shows that you really are already on the right path and have a heart that is still and soft and tender before God.

One, the Indian company that first won the tender before a fallout in the commission that led to a cancellation alleges that it was struck out for declining to give a Sh30 million bribe.

In 1% of cases tender after is used

We soon began to lose tender after tender even though our price was the cheapest by far.

If you feel tender after your shave a lotion will provide the moisture your skin needs to heal.

I was sore and tender after the surgery, but at least I was safe in the knowledge the operation was a success.

IEBC cancelled the tender after a due diligence team reported none of the two lowest bidders had complied with the requirements.

It made a good meal that B said was really lovely - he does enjoy the beef rib trim as it is SO tender after 8 hours slow-cooking on Low.

Glands can also swell and become tender after an injury, such as a cut or bite, or when a tumour or infection occurs in the mouth, head, or neck.

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