Prepositions after "tell"

tell by, of, about, in or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases tell by is used

It was as if told by Paz himself.

Actually being told by a machine is another.

He has been told by police not to contact me.

If you've been told by someone to stop radio transmissions, don't allow such connections.

He claims to have been told by God himself, the Holy Ghost himself to teach these things.

UPDATE: I'd told by the Election Protection coalition that this problem has been resolved.

Here, Image Theatre is used to compare critically two related contents -- that told by the one and heard by the other.

At Linwood Avenue School we've been told by the ministry that it's not about the state of our land or building repairs.

In 2001 I was told by a western ambassador that there was no record of who was Tutsi and who was Hutu in the new Rwanda.

Just like the day I was told by one of my students - Hong Kong people take English seriously, Cantonese is just for fun.

In 17% of cases tell of is used

Pearson; &; also told of a letter Theo.

She tells of her struggles and success.

Upon arrival here, we were told of a disease.

High Middle English version The poem tells of the troubles of the two eponymous lovers.

Upon their return to Hong Kong, we at Midwest Vintage were told of the exchange with Mr.

Was-Salaam, Ali Rasheed Death COMMENT: We are told of Heaven and Hell in the Holy Q'uran.

Case most of the noises that an central heating boiler create, is a simple strategy tell of some forthcoming downfalls.

Many of the stories told of the other countries are just have of the truth to continue to keep Singaporeans in the dark.

The first tells of how the thunder and the lightning came to be: Long ago, Lumawig came to the earth and married a girl.

And the low wages promised to teachers, some say, is telling of the government's true commitment to improving education.

In 16% of cases tell about is used

Amber needed a tale told about her.

That's all I have been told about it.

Don't Text and live to tell about it.

We were again offered refreshments and told about the history of people in this area.

The surface is very resistant to scratches and other damage - it tells about her life.

Policemen ensured that fire-fighters wouldn't be told about arson at Muslim-owned shops.

The museum and Hall of Fame idea is a unscrupulous way of telling about nature and the nature of science itself.

Kennedy replaced Dwight Eisenhower as president of the United States he was told about the CIA plan to invade Cuba.

When King Pasenadi of Kosala was told about it, he sent an elephant trainer to help the elephant get out of the mire.

So many lies have been told about his illness and death, and hopefully I can get these cleared up as time goes along.

In 10% of cases tell in is used

Though it is told in an egyptian view.

They're both stories told in a serialized format.

The story we uncovered is told in my book No Man's Land.

Throughout the novel we follow multiple characters told in the first person perspective.

Watch short films on Youtube and see how an effective story can be told in five minutes.

You may have been told in writing essays that you only start a new paragraph for a new idea.

It has thrilled small children to hear this message told in a Bible class or perhaps from their parents or grandparents.

Historically, there's something suspect about a story told in this manner, the way it tugs the customer to the next ledge.

In fact, this film is based on a true story, and it is a pretty amazing story that deserves to be told in such a nice way.

As David Davis tells in his new book, Showdown at Shepherds Bush, racers had a very different training regime in those days.

In 7% of cases tell from is used

Vanu Gopal Barman I am telling from Bangladesh.

You can tell from my legs that I got a bit of a tan.

This is what I'd told from an old member of The Farm.

It was most likely hard to tell from the outside what a struggle I'd been having, too.

So your argument could be right, could be wrong, but it's hard to tell from what's presented.

Everyone who's bought from them have loved them, as far as I can tell from reading the blogs.

It is possible that around 10% of prisoners in the gulag died each year, although we can not tell from official figures.

He's so Rajai Davis, in fact, that the projection -- as you can tell from the stolen base totals -- has him as a part-time player.

Yet despite of their wackiness, I can tell from the way he looks at her and the way she smiles at him, they are definitely in love.

The plume looks mainly white, which might suggest it is many a steam plume right now, but it is hard to tell from this image alone.

In 7% of cases tell to is used

I was told to contact BT if I was not happy.

All I ask is that the truth is told to power.

It was never told to me that he could not play.

I wonder how many other sufferers are being misdiagnosed and told to just put up with it.

I was told to my face that I was being thrown out because so-and-so person had to be taken.

We must assume that the tale that was told to Herodotus had slowly evolved over the centuries.

Posted by lvent on Friday, Nov 9, 2012 3:49 AM (EDT ): I would bet the ranch that if Romney was told tomorrow morning.

No one blames the child for believing the lies told to them by the adults, and no one would tell her her Papa is high.

It's time for the truth to be told to the American people, but that is not likely to happen unless Congress demands it.

No one makes them feel bad when they say a word incorrectly, and they're not told to practice that word dozens of times.

In 3% of cases tell on is used

Those are the stories he tells on Virtual Honky Tonk -- those and many more.

Either the director or the writer/s has/have a story worth telling on film.

I was told on Friday that there was no problem with the new property's connection.

It wasn't very sensible to tell on the Invincibles They stood up for their principles, day and night.

World By Storm also asks why we could not have been told on Saturday, or any day in the last 6 months.

Someone told on him, and through the unravelling of the situation the school learned about the Facebook page.

As i told one snotty, rude customer the other day-if her dog bites me I'll have it put down! One last point (for now).

Whcn Carey told on Skin-the-goat, O'Donnell caught him on the boat He wished he'd never been afloat, the filthy skite.

We were told on the TV programme that the trees most affected by the virus are those which lie closeby to the walking tracks.

I was told on my first call at 10am that I would get a call from the depot that day confirming that I can pick up my package.

In 2% of cases tell at is used

He was probably told at the time.

His joke was an expensive one told at Rihanna's expense.

I was even told at a few grocers that they accept expired coupons.

The table illustrates what scores may tell at teacher/parent about a pupils achievement in standardised tests.

That said, with a film like TDKR any seat in the house would be awesome! Hey Jess, too early to tell at this stage.

Some of the new people will not know about them, the old ones certainly do, the new ones will be told at some point.

Therefore, it is imperative that the plight of Bantu-speaking indigenous people of western Sudan be told at this time.

Eerie sounds and visuals set the mood before the ascent as stories of London's gruesome past are told at Climb of the Cursed.

Rener, who had just celebrated his 10th birthday and was excited for the trip to Denver, was told at the last minute he wouldn't be going.

Gaga informed the enthusiastic audience that she had been told at the start of her career that she had been trying to ' cater to a niche - weird people.

In 2% of cases tell with is used

Lost in a dream world, Where time is told with a beat.

Jeff Ollerton 11 March, 2011 X5 - Very true, time will tell with regard to the REF.

And funny, wickedly funny, as much as I could tell with my modest knowledge of French.

Can he really afford that or are these guys just living a life of show and tell with no regards for the future.

So speaks Roland Barthes: Caught in his own trap, the lover is rebuffed: a story about castration is not told with impunity.

But despite that, Obama's record, told with excruciating but powerfully persuasive detail, has been far better than is popularly understood.

Maybe his mind was on Craggy Island, who knows? It's hard to tell with Ste, his affections tend to blow whichever way the plot requires that day.

The story of the people who have been sucked into this cynical industry has been told with disturbing realism in the Indian film, Shores Far Away.

The tumultuous and poignant friendship at the heart of this spellbinding tale drives a true story of adventure, survival and growing up, told with honesty and real heart.

In 1% of cases tell as is used

Some brands achieve this by including brand story telling as a tactic.

This is told as a story that she remembers her mother telling her when she was a child.

As the half wore on, Arsenal's numerical advantage began to tell as the hosts dominated proceedings.

In the event you we were told as a psychiatrist or mental health provider that a person's going to kill.

It is not so much a tale for telling as a theatrical monologue, but it should still fit in the context of a storytelling performance.

With every passing season however, this seems to change and one can never tell as to when the heavens are really going to open (or not).

Despite having a great story to tell as a former marine who served in Afghanistan, Mandel is only thirty-four years old and looks much younger.

As for all types of Down's syndrome, it is not possible to say at birth how affected a person will be, only time will tell as the child develops.

In 1% of cases tell before is used

This is all the same bull crap we were told before this election.

So I would tell before bed if she was thirsty that she needed to drink her water because she was not taking it with her to bed.

There is another variation on this format to ' Eid prayer and the congregation will normally be told before the prayer begins as to which one will prayed.

In 1% of cases tell for is used

We weren't told for obvious reasons, but eventually we figured this out for ourselves.

However if war is waged the story must be told for posterity and to ensure it does not happen twice to the same people.

After being told for years to let things go flat before we charge when we don't build up memory we are now being told the opposite.

Where politics is breaking down is that the two non-politician groups have been told for years by politicians that they, separately, would be given priority.

Yet he posed where he was told for $US75 a day and assumed the film, like most of his other acting credits, would swiftly disappear on to remaindered video shelves.

What I am saying is this: there are some lies you just can't tell your parents without being caught, when I mean lies I mean lies like the ones the OP told for 4 yrs.

Where Are You? We all know that herbicides and pesticides are safe, correct? We have been told for years that they are required because we would not be able to feed the world without them.

In 1% of cases tell through is used

It takes place on an Indian reservation and is told through the eyes of a 13 year old boy.

Because a lot of the story is told through the character, through Superman's face as we see him flying.

The narrative -- for the majority told through Keye's eyes -- is informative, crisp and delightfully taut.

Also, the Prophet's coming was told through his mothers dream, the experience of her pregnancy and ease at the time of labour.

His past romance is told through a prolonged flashback involving amnesia, pacts with God, a hit and run, and a warehouse-party dance number.

The story is told through the eyes of an exile, who returns to her homeland to see her family transformed and religious fundamentalism on the rise.

Although the story is told through the narration of Fowler and although in the central debate between them as they sit up all night in the tower (pp.

The story is told through multimedia displays, which offer a fascinating insight into the city's evolution, and the city's treasures can also be viewed.

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