Prepositions after "tear"

tear between, from, by, into or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases tear between is used

However I'd torn between the two.

I was torn between the XPS13 and the XPS14.

I had a crisis then and was torn between getting.

But no one could agree what a service was torn between practicability and reusability.

We're torn between the people we love here and the work God has lined up for us to do.

I was initially torn between the two but eventually decided to include the armour skirts.

Elrond (Weaving) urges Arwen to go as well, but she is torn between her love for her father and her love for Aragorn.

Eridan sticks his tongue out at you in a playful manner and you're torn between ignoring him or throwing something at him.

It labelled a child a public failure, leaving him torn between loyalty to his class and friends and loyalty to his family.

Machinefabriek was torn between his natural inclination for uneventful minimalism and Takashi's requirements for more layers and action.

In 10% of cases tear from is used

He gave a cry as the scales tore from his back - then a cry of joy.

She felt as if the last plank of the sinking Glaucus were torn from his grasp.

We will cover it once more with our blood, before we allow it to be torn from us.

The main gearbox was torn from its mountings on impact and fell to the ground nearby.

Produce a folder either on your pc or strips torn from magazines of images that grab your attention.

For every eye that teared from reading this entry, Allah swt reward you for reminding us of our Imam.

This has led to an incalculable loss; whole generations torn from their famiies and alienated from their own cultures.

The independence of the Beta Israel was torn from them just as it was from their Israeli brethren at Masada centuries before.

Whenever I thought of the innocent little children who were torn from home, school friends and congenial surroundings, I was conscience-stricken.

In one night of destruction however, their quiet existence is torn from them and they are thrown into the quest that is the centre of this epic tale.

In 9% of cases tear by is used

In 1092, Malik Shah died, and the Seljuk Empire became torn by civil war.

People tore by hand at the rubble in search of lost family and loved ones, and bodies littered the streets.

May the Lord come to the aid of our world torn by so many conflicts which even today stain the earth with blood.

The land was devastated by war, the economy destroyed, the country torn by political warfare and guerrilla violence.

I guess there is no need to tell you that situation (c) is now happening in the middle eastern countries torn by war.

On those parts of the fences that remained standing and on the ground now torn by the explosions, bodies were lying scattered about.

His jottings reveal, however, that he was frequently torn by conscience and actually chastised himself to banish temptations of the flesh.

Over the globe, mankind has been cruelly torn by violence and brutality and, by the millions, deadened in mind and soul by a materialistic philosophy of life.

Technically there are also shots which would have been nearly impossible to conduct on the field, especially so in an isolated third world country which is torn by war.

In 9% of cases tear into is used

Many are tearing into Jackson and making fun of him.

The plane tore into the water and a 20-foot ball of water tore into the plane.

Ballinakill belied their outsider status as they tore into their opponents, never.

The bullets tore into him, slamming his body into the floor until he was motionless.

The foam is not to be torn into small pieces as this creates dust which can get in the eyes.

Maybe the coach tore into them during intermission, maybe a player stepped up, we will never know.

Augustine tore into the Donatists, arguing that suicide was an unpardonable sin, and leaned on Aristotle to make his point.

Manager Roberto Mancini was again left to rue a costly decision to deploy a three-man defence as the Spanish giants tore into the hosts in the early stages.

She proves to be a somewhat volatile person, though, being kind one minute and then, with the slightest hint of solitude, would tear into the director with fearless abandon.

Typhoon Saola (also known locally as Gener) tore into the region on August 1, met up with seasonal monsoon rains that were already soaking the country, and amplified them hugely.

In 8% of cases tear to is used

But this family has been torn to shreds.

She is torn to bits below, but she will not sink if her after bulkheads hold.

The leaves should always be torn to pieces, rather than cut, in order to keep the flavour.

The luxurious furs that had previously covered the cradle lay scattered nearby, torn to shreds and smeared with blood.

Gough Whitlam came close to being torn to pieces by a crowd of farmers in Perth in 1974 seething with anger and hatred.

What do you expect Spain to do? If they just hurl the ball upfront or play counter attacking football they will get torn to shreds.

Look, Thy sheep around me are torn to pieces and driven away, and that by those robbers, by the orders of the hostile-minded Coroticus.

The heads of the children were cut of and their bodies torn to pieces and their limbs dispersed and the honor of the women violated in front of everyone.

And since then, well, the hysteria at having a carefully constructed fiction of media and the beltway PR being torn to pieces by ordinary citizens writing has been extraordinary.

In 8% of cases tear through is used

I see their shells, bright crimson tracers, tearing through the wings and fuselage.

The stab of hot pain tore through him, convulsing his muscles, triggering a strangled howl.

I tore through the last half of the book, wide eyes, wondering what the hell was going to happen next.

After he fell, wickets tumbled steadily as Walters and fellow off-spinner Gayle tore through the lower order.

Bullets from the shooting spree tore through the theater and into adjoining theaters, where at least one other person was struck and injured.

Early zeal meant you tore through the Gospels and enjoyed the drama of Genesis, but before long you ran into rock solid Romans, or life-draining Leviticus.

In 6% of cases tear out is used

If I was involved in the church I would be wanting the cancer torn out of it once and for all.

He was every girl's wildest dream and could replicate Lanvin dresses from pages torn out of Vogue.

The broken joint surfaces all looked roughly like the ones at left, with chunks of wood torn out of the post and/or rail.

Switch the gold discs for rancid old socks and poster torn out of the NME and you've got the bedroom of the average teenage boy.

Unbelievable; every country in the World which has gone down the green coolaid path has had the economic guts torn out of it: Spain, California, most of Europe, Britain.

It was the fourth that took the breath away, the striker glancing up and weighing up his options in a split second as Joe Hart tore out of his area to head a punt clear.

In 5% of cases tear at is used

With its talons and beak it tore at his flesh, flying off with a prize of human meat.

Attacking the great baleen whales such as blue whale by tearing at and eating the great tongue.

In addition, the strip of the hopper will be torn at the position of the connection with the hopper.

The political consequence of this shift was to tear at the fabric of the left-centre coalition that had given their blood, sweat and tears, and their lives to kick out Ben Ali.

It is this that has bred intolerance, arrogance and complacency at various levels and has helped to bring about much of the fragmentation and tension now tearing at the fabric of the broad church.

In 5% of cases tear in is used

And I saw the new friend tearing in one corner.

A huge hole was torn in the front of it a long time ago.

Everyone was crying and tearing in the presence of God.

Apple's share price has been on a tear, but its tearing in an equity market that is devoid of true fundamental market pricing.

When Jesus was crucified this veil, which was in the temple in Jesus ' day, was torn in two (Matt 27:50-51) because it was then that Jesus ' body was broken and torn for us.

In 3% of cases tear off is used

If the mine is stepped on while buried, it can tear off the foot or the leg.

He said the opposition is tearing off the posters of Mark Woyongo interrupt Mr.

When buildings collapsed, knowledgeable neighbors knew where to tear off roof tiles to get at injured and trapped people.

Maybe putting a small circle of parchment on the bottom will help? I think muffin papers would only tear off the crusts when you peel them off.

It's a little jarring to see this barely formed scab torn off Australia's recent history on Go Back, when everything else plays out like grim fiction.

Before people got to know where the crash bar was coming from, I had made enough money because each time I went; I will tear off the address from where the crash bars were coming.

Perhaps Matisee could have described it in colour, and when the noon day sun turns a rice field into gold, Van Gough would have gone mad and torn off his ears and run riot in colour.

In 2% of cases tear with is used

Lott seems genuinely torn with regard to how he should feel about a team that he says was one of the most passionate he has ever been around.

In 2% of cases tear about is used

I felt extremely torn about this.

I was originally torn about kidneys.

I'd torn about the posting of these private emails.

I'd torn about the cigarette girl/usherette costume that Melissa made, but I don't think it reads Rockette in any case.

In 2% of cases tear away is used

They tore away from old women packages and bedding by force.

The chair's seat had been torn away from the frame on one side when it hit the floor.

But that authority can not be affirmed while fathers are torn away from their children and harvested in wars.

Like clockwork, the Big Man Bolt tore away from the pack to take the 200m crown, and in a Jamaican sweep, led Blake and newcomer Warren Weir home -- clocking the fourth best time ever -- 19.

In 1% of cases tear of is used

Hinduism is the soil into which India's roots are struck, and torn of that she will inevitably wither, as a tree torn out from its place.

He explained because of the scarring and my body going through Menopause it causes drying and tearing of the scars which can lead to bleeding.

In 1% of cases tear down is used

I do nt want to be tearing down the road at 140kmh, but I do nt want to be stuck at 90kmh full throttle either.

After getting them up I started to go forward again up the track to get a grip of things but was met by a lot of Australians tearing down the track yelling ' Fix bayonets, the Turks are coming.

In 1% of cases tear along is used

This was bad news for the two tykes tearing along the track on their trailies, as they disppeared round the corner straight into the arms of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust guy.

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